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PPTC Committees

PPTC has a number of committees of members that keep our club running and our community fun! There’s something for everyone on every committee, so don’t hesitate to get involved, or start a new group for something new.

Clothing Committee
Oren Efrati (chair), Michael Koplin, Katie Dadarria, Christine Goh, Christian Urena, Kate Dalton, Leiba Rimler, Sherry Wang, Jana Trenk, Rachel G.

The Clothing Committee manages current clothing inventory and selects new options for PPTC garments and gear.

Communications Committee
Esther Carpenter (chair), Jerry Luna, Colleen Lynch, Keith Williams, Michael Ring, Lillian Park, Stuart Kaplan, Adam Iannazzone, Andy Wong, Jana Trenk, Linus Ly, Oren Efrati

Keeping the club and the community informed through various means.

Elections Committee

Keith Williams (chair)
The Elections Committee runs the annual Board elections each April.

Grants Committee
Keith Williams (chair), Aditi Naik, Hilary Pauli

The Grants Committee oversees PPTC’s charitable giving endeavors.

Membership Committee
Oren Efrati, Michael Ring (co-chairs)

Overseeing member benefits, volunteer credits, and other perks of being part of PPTC.

Race Committee

Tom Meany, Anne Perzeszty (co-chairs), Michael Ring, Natacha Ferari, Andy Wong, Doug Olney, Doug O’Brien, Eric Levenstein, James Israel, Jill Gregory, Keith Williams, Mariela Quintana, Tricia McNaughton, Missy Burgin, Nicole Importico, Sandy Ferari, Sara Devine, Steve Lastoe, Jimmy Leung
The Race Committee plans, organizes and executes our quality races throughout the year.

Social Committee
Colleen Lynch (chair), Nicole Importico, Aisha Qamar, Chaya Wolf, Lisa Knauer, Marcie Abrego, Eric Levenstein, Karla Damy, Johnny Nuzzela, Jimmy Leung, Tricia McNaughton, Susie Teal, Theresa Dougherty

The Social Committee organizes fun events, like the New Members Run and the Donut Run!