Early each year, PPTC honors some very special members with awards to recognize their outstanding athletic accomplishments and service to PPTC and to the Brooklyn running community during the previous year.  We gather for an annual PPTC Awards Night where we celebrate our accomplishments with food, drink, dancing and merriment.

Some awards categories are nominated or decided by the Awards Committee. In other categories, club members have the opportunity to nominate their teammates for an award, with a final vote by the membership to select the award winners.

Want to see your name on one of these awards? We’ll be on the lookout for you – volunteering, racing, running, and showing your PPTC team spirit!

Top Runner: Performance:  Decided by committee based on top 12 race performance analysis from database.

Year Male Female
1997 Doug Olney
1998 Dan Genova
1999 Deborah Barchat
2000 Noeleen Casey-Tomasi
2001 William Abrams
2002 Patrick Gibbons
2003 Pieter Bezuidenhout
2004 Doug Olney
2005 no award
2006 no award
2007 Anthony Watson Emily Sanderson
2008 Anthony Watson Emily Sanderson
2009 Coach Tony Watson Maggie Deschamps
2010 Michael Frey Helen Dole
2011 Mike Goettig Maggie Deschamps
2012 Rusty Singletary Karen Ziga
2013 Keith Williams Karen Ziga
2014 Sean Micka Andrea Imhof
2015 Daniel Campos Mariela Quintana
2016 Ben Collier Marcia Brown

Bob Mueller:  Performance:  Over age 50, nominated by committee from among top 10 male and top 10 female runners, plus participation as a volunteer in a PPTC event. Final vote is by the membership.

Year Male Female
2005 Frank McAneney
2006 Mickey Newman
2007 Arthur Gonzalez
2008 Gil Torres
2009 Coach Tony Watson
2010 Tom Tobin
2011 Coach Tony Watson
2012 Tom Tobin
2013 Michael Ring
2014 Linda Ewing
2015 Michael Koplin
2016 Michael Koplin

Most Improved:  Performance:  Nominated by committee for improvement in time, and/or consistency and/or versatility in distance raced. Final vote is by the membership.

Year Male Female
1997 Kathy O’Gara
1998 Michael Mark
1999 Michael Mark
2000 Jenet Levy
2001 Gwelda Fairweather
2002 Veronica Antoine
2003 Marvlyn Baptiste
2004 Rosemary Bezuidenhout
2005 Amy Chepaitis
2006 Emily Rieman
2007 Cristin Flanagan
2008 Danielle Hansen
2009 Troy Phipps
2010 Pieter Van Hatten
2011 no award
2012 no award
2013 no award
2014 Luke Redmond Yvetta Barner
2015 Tifenn Python
2016 Sam Smullen

Comeback Runner of the Year:  Performance:  Injured or sidelined by physical limitations for 6 months. Must run 6 races to qualify. Nominated and voted on by the membership

Year Name
2003 William Abrams
2004 Janine Strenta
2005 no award
2006 Gil Torres
2007 Tom Byrnes
2008 N. Wayne Bailey
2009 Doug Olney
2010 no award
2011 Charlene Kohler-Britton
2012 Marianne van Ooij
2013 Tom Byrnes
2014 Juan Seaforth
2015 Lynda Mules
2016 Michael Ring

New Member:  Performance and/or Service:  Needs 6 races to qualify. Noteworthy running or significant contributions to club events can earn a nominee the award. Nominated and voted on by the membership. (Named Rookie of the Year 1997-2008.)

Year Name
1997 Peter Tomasi
1998 Judy Santagata
1999 Patrick Gibbon
2000 no award
2001 Crystal Bueno
2002 Janine Kaste
2003 Nick Schiavo
2004 no award
2005 Helene Roth
2006 Amy Duquette
2007 Helen Dole
2008 Corre Kombol
2009 Coco Dartigues
2010 Yoshie Niltsuma
2011 Nicole Importico
2012 Keith Williams
2013 Chaya Wolf
2014 Melissa Burgin
2015 Shan Haq
2016 Adam Devine

Outstanding Single Contribution:  A standout contribution which improves club image, operations or provides a unique opportunity for member participation. Nominated and voted on by the membership.

Year Name
2005 Tom Byrnes
2006 Tony Watson
2007 Krishna Kumbhar
2008 Ralph Yozzo
2009 Richard Weaver
2010 Michael Ring
2011 Michael Ring
2012 Lynda Mules
2013 Lynda Mules
2014 Jess Yeomans
2015 Allan Co
2016 Oren Efrati

Most Inspirational:  Performance and/or Service: A club member who inspires others through running, racing, or other contributions to the club.

Year Name
2010 Sarah Scott
2011 Tyrone Sklaren
2012 no award
2013 Lynda Mules
2014 Michael Ring
2015 Nick Guerrero
2016 Shan Haq

Most Races:  Performance:  Tracked by reported number of races.

Year Male Female
1998 Manny Chosak
1999 Manny Chosak Patricia O’Hanlon & Maggie Smyth
2000 Manny Chosak Maggie Smyth
2001 Patrick Gibbons Veronica Antoine
2002 Pieter Bezuidenhout Veronica Antoine
2003 Mickey Newman Veronica Antoine
2004 Nick Schiavo Emma Roman
2005 Richard Weaver Sandra Ferrari
2006 Arthur Gonzalez Emma Roman
2007 Paul Soskind Gilant Phillips
2008 Arthur Gonzalez Gilant Phillips
2009 Arthur Gonzalez
2010 Arthur Gonzalez
2011 Arthur Gonzalez
2012 Arthur Gonzalez
2013 Arthur Gonzalez
2014 Arthur Gonzalez
2015 Regina Chan
2016 Alexis Davidson

Ultra-Runner of the Year:  Performance in distances greater than the marathon distance.

Year Male Female
1999 Al Prawda Evelyn DeLiz
2000 Luis Rios Evelyn DeLiz
2001 Al Prawda Evelyn DeLiz
2002 Luis Rios Veronica Antoine
2003 Luis Rios Sandra Ferrari & Natacha Ferrari
2004 Luis Rios Marvlyn Baptiste
2005 Collin Lynch Marvlyn Baptiste
2006 Al Prawda
2007 Al Prawda
2008 Frank DeLeo
2009 Andrew Davenport
2010 Frank DeLeo
2011 Al Prawda
2012 Michael Ring
2013 Frank Deleo
2014 Arnulfo Flores
2015 Matthew Imberman
2016 Adam Devine

Intraclub Competition:  Highest score in the Intraclub Competition.

Year Name
2016 Dean Gebhardt

President’s Award:  A special award presented to a deserving recipient for an unspecified reason solely at the president’s discretion.

Year Name
1997 Tom Byrnes & Tom Meany
1998 Peggy Casey
1999 Myrna McAneney
2000 Christine Boutross
2001 Dianne Clarke and George Miller
2002 Juan Rivera
2003 Diana Ortiz
2004 Marilyn Bucich
2005 Al Goldstein
2006 Tom Meany
2007 Veronica Antoine
2008 Richard Weaver
2009 Jason Horowitz
2010 Geoff Vincent
2011 Tom Tobin
2012 Matt Strawn
2013 Keith Williams
2014 Patricia McNaughton
2015 Theresa Dougherty
2016 Jill Gregory

Composition contest: Members will be invited to submit an essay on a particular theme, and the entries, scrubbed for anonymity, will be judged by a select panel.

Year Theme Winner
2013 “Why I Run” Linda Ewing
2014 “Why I Love PPTC” five-way tie
2015 Poetry Jennifer Bolstad
2016 none four-way tie

There will be no duplication of awards, with the exception of the Composition Contest.  In the event that one member wins 2 awards, s/he will receive the one listed first in the table above. The next nominee with the most votes for the vacated award will then win that award.

Any member who has run for another team during the year will not be eligible for a performance-based award, but will still be eligible for service-based awards. Duathlons, triathlons and other similar events, although they may incorporate running, are exempt from this restriction. 

Retired Award Winners