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2017 Awards Celebration essays

The following four essays were submitted for the annual essay competition. All were judged to be winners!

Alison Donnelly:

I met Michael Ring right after I underwent emergency back surgery for an injury that left me with nerve damage in my legs and feet.   Very new to PPTC prior to surgery, I felt awkward being in a running club when I couldn’t actually run. “Join Achilles!”, he said. “Nobody cares if you can run or not.” And with that, Achilles Brooklyn became my second family, with Michael in the role of the gruff but lovable big brother that doesn’t enable self-pity.

Michael helped me stop dwelling on what I lost, and focus on what I still had. His progress is a constant reminder that my only limitations are the ones that I create for myself. He’s taught me to believe in myself and inspired me to help others. I am proud to call Michael my friend and I look forward to the day that our defunct feet RUN across the finish line!

Allan Co:

Beyond racing and training, we are inspired by people who represent the values aspire to: friendship, family, kindness, open-heartedness. Many teammates motivate us with their hard work and swift times, some by their hearts and minds, warmth and compassion. These are all embodied by a group affectionately known as the Wolfpack. Aditi, Aisha, Colleen, Selina and Trish show us the power of the relationships we build when we run. They support each other’s goals, successes, fears; they rally together; they celebrate each other’s PRs, careers, loves, new apartments; they console, advise, listen when needed; they’re unfailingly kind, supportive, welcoming. The Wolfpack is a diverse group that supports one another as training partners and in their lives off-road. They show us how trivial running is, by demonstrating the power of the friendships we make; they inspire us to be great runners and better people; they inspire me to be my best.

Ruth Gursky:

Why does a gal from Queens join PPTC? For several years, Anne Perzetzky was in my Galloway training group. I began running late in life, and often wondered if I would have to give up my sport at some point. By racing half marathons, Anne answered that question with a resounding NO!

Through PPTC, I met Michael Ring. A few years ago, I registered for a 5K in Prospect Park, but come race day, I wasn’t in the mood to get outta bed…but I did…and I was rewarded when I saw Michael run across the finish line for the first time since he developed GBS!

I also got to know Nice Guerrero. It was upsetting to hear about his near-death injury, so when he announced he was running the Suffolk Marathon, I joined PPTC’s cheer squad and witnessed his triumphant comeback!

All three runners continue to inspire and motivate me!

Chaya Wolf:

It’s been three years of competitions and a couple of gift cards, so I feel compelled to keep the tradition going. But in all seriousness, PPTC continues to be a constant in my running.

Running has its highs and lows. It’s usually enjoyable, but sometimes miserable. Running has been entertaining, educational and completely exhausting. I’ve recognized the incredible pay off dedication, consistency and persistency have. But more importantly I’ve recognized that I wouldn’t be where I am today without my team.

Running a route solo becomes colorful and exciting with company. Encouraging words and sage advice are rarely, if ever, forgotten. And when you listen, push and motivate it’s noticed. Finishing anything would never be possible without a multitude of people and army of support.

So Emily, Jennie, Shan, Juan, Tifenn and many more of you – I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve all been to me these last few years. It takes a village to raise a runner. Thank you for being in mine!

The Inside Loop — June 2016

PPTC was on the roads and behind the scenes at the NYRR Mini 10K in Central Park on June 11. Red singlets and shirts crossed the finish line in droves, and Jill Gregory, Paula VandeNes, and Kimberley K Jones (one of PPTC’s best friends!) were volunteering with USADA as notifying escorts.  This involves a conversation that begins, “Nice race, second place, your position has been selected for drug testing and I’ll be your escort to Doping Control…”

At this year’s Kenny Dolan 5K we saw a young man, all of eight years old, break a world record. Before the rain came pouring down, Prospect Park Youth Runner (PPYR) Tam Gavenas gave  it his all, taking a world  record-setting pace to the finish line. Since there are years to go before he can celebrate his accomplishment with a post-race beer at Ford, I sure hope he had his fill of  hamburgers and hot dogs as a consolation prize! Congrats to PPYR coaches Sean and Fi Rice on helping  Tam (who’s been with PPYR since age 5) get to where he wants to go. As with any gifted and talented young runner, Coaches Sean and Fi will be guardian angels over his eligibility status as an amateur for some years to come.

This sure sounds like something that’s found in Scripture, but during a conversation about the number of newer, younger PPTC members, the phrase,  “Before you were […],  I was […]”  was bandied about while  struggling to maintain the pace during a recent run.
Hard to imagine that Keith Williams was still a figment of the world’s imagination when some of us were already huffing and puffing, chasing after that personal best.    Certainly not complaining, just thinking at the keyboard — how time flies when you’re having fun!

At this year’s second Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series 5K race on Wednesday, June 8,  Achilles Brooklyn shared the road with the rest of us and participated in a fund-raising effort for the PPTC’s Red Hook Initiative. Know anyone who might be interested in hooking up with Achilles  Brooklyn? Give out a shout and start the conversation. Achilles Brooklyn meets at 6 PM on Thursdays in the rear of  the JackRabbit store, located on 7th Ave. at Garfield Place. From the store, we head up Garfield to the PPW park entrance and the inside loop roadway for a quick intro and chat before starting to run — whatever pace and distance feels comfortable to the attending athletes. No fee to attend! Lots of good karma though!

Many thanks to Fran Kotov for her donation of running shoes and clothing for Ian Grey’s running groups in Belize. Ian takes shoes of all makes and models, in all sizes (for youth and for those who wish they were still youth), so don’t toss ’em, donate ’em! Get in touch with me if your closets are yearning to be free of shoes you no longer need. From the back of closets in Brooklyn to fast  feet in Belize!

Mark the date, PPTC: Sunday, June 19th! We’ll celebrate our sport and our friendships at the annual PPTC relay and picnic. More details will be available online as the time approaches!

Thought I’d seen it all — until I read the announcement that Oren and Susan were setting up PPTC’s clothing shop at Connecticut Muffin on Saturday, June 11. There’s a long history behind PPTC gear, ranging from Bob Muller’s infamous “stick figure” runners on yellow PPTC  shirts, to the present singlets and long- and short-sleeve tech shirt options in both red and white. Over the years some designs and shirt illustrations were more effective than others in soliciting shout-outs from spectators on the race course. I well remember speeding along the NYC marathon route with a friend who wore a white BVD shirt with “GO MIKE” scrawled across the front in magic marker, and wondering why he was getting many more  “Go, Mike”s than “Go, PPTC”s than I did with my red shirt.  PPTC clothes at Connecticut Muffin… hey, “coffee, tea , or tees.”  Anything goes!

See you on the roads!

Coached Speed Workouts – Summer 2017

The Summer Speed Series will begin on 7/11/17 and 7/13/17. Sessions are offered for beginner/slower runners (Thursdays 7/13 to 9/14) and experienced/faster runners (Tuesday 7/11 to 9/12). You must be a PPTC member 18 years of age or older. The class will meet each week at 7:00 PM by the Bartel-Pritchard Square park entrance, or at the Red Hook Track.

Coach Tony Watson and Assistant Coach Charlene Kohler-Britton offer a 10 week speedwork session which is $50 for the entire series and each session is one hour long. While the Speed Clinics are geared to all runners who favor all distances, they are also an excellent way to perfect your goal for those planning for a fall marathon.

The  ten week session will begin on July 11 st & 13th and will run through Sept 12th & 14th.  Sign up here:

(Note, an active membership in the Prospect Park Track Club is required to participate in this program.)

Each week a suggested training program will be sent by email after each session. Each includes a program for those runners training for 10K distance and under, as well as a program for those who are training for half to full marathons.

Attached you will find the Info Sheet that we need each runner to complete, even if you’ve run with the coached speed program before. Please carry it with you for your first session and we will collect them before we begin. If the speed workouts are new to you, please bring your race history (2014-present).

Again, we wish you a warm welcome and look forward to working with each of you.

Coach Tony & Charlene

The Inside Loop – June 2016

While many PPTC runners swarmed across the finish line at the Healthy Kidney 10K in Central Park on Saturday, May 14, special thanks go out to PPTC’s Wayne Bailey, Doug Olney, Nicole Importico, and Aisha Qamar for their stellar drug-testing assistance in serving as volunteers with USADA.

And who was that shirtless runner crossing the finish line at the SuperHeroes Half Marathon on Sunday, May 15th, in Morristown, New Jersey?  He didn’t waste any  time with  post-race stretching; instead he headed directly to the finisher’s cool-down area and proceeded to shake, rattle, and roll out the kinks and the tightness to the accompaniment of rock music. Though he’s flown below most of our radars for a number of years, Sergio Cano used to be a prominent figure at our events in Prospect Park, and even more of a presence on the dance floor at the annual PPTC awards parties. “Say hi to everyone and anyone who might remember me!”  So if you remember Sergio from on the roads or on the dance floor at PPTC  parties in  Shepherds Hall at Holy Name — this means you!

Although May was Melanoma Awareness Month, our concern for the dangers of unprotected sun exposure should not end as we run into June.  Whether you’re out and about on the roads, at the beach, or on your bike, make sure to be sun-safe. Any areas of exposed skin are susceptible to the rays of the sun, which unfortunately can cause skin cancer. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so cover up with a broad-brimmed hat, clothing with SPF, and lather exposed shoulders, arms, and legs with at least SPF 30 sunscreen. As the season progresses, be exceedingly mindful of the outdoors between 10 AM and 4 PM, when the deadly effects of the sun’s rays can be at their most perilous. If you notice any lesions on your skin that cause you concern,  get thee to a dermatologist and let him or her check it out.  Better safe than sorry!

The Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series is upon us! Every other Wednesday night at the Lakeside Center, check in for the 5K race that starts at 7:10 PM. Run or volunteer, but be there! For those of us who may have just returned to this planet, the Lakeside Center is the site of the ice skating rink, close to either the Ocean Ave./Parkside Ave. intersection, or the Lincoln Road entrance/exit. And now that you have been told, you may never ask again.

I know you’re fast, we all are (ahemmm), but have you glanced over your shoulder and slowed long enough to see the large sculptures at the side of the inside loop roadway? GAP’s triangle has one!

Mike Ring received a call recently from Emma Blascovich, who sadly informed him that her husband and long-time Broadway Ultra Society Member, Sam Soccoli, has passed away. He apparently had been suffering from lung cancer for the past several months. He was 84. Rest in peace, Sam.

Congrats to Steve and Stacey Lastoe, who really made the last weekend in May a special one. Congrats also to Paula VandeNess and Monica Holmes on their life together. May the times to come bring only health and happiness!

Have shoes and lightweight running clothes that you’d love to see put to better use than sitting buried in your drawers and closets,  yearning to be free? I’m always collecting for Ian Grey’s runners in Belize. Send me an email (  and we’ll hook up. Don’t dump ’em, donate ’em!

Despite the heat, a record Summer Speed Series turnout

On a gorgeous Wednesday evening in Prospect Park, a record 378 runners finished the first installment of the 2016 Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series. Here are the full results.

And, courtesy of Larry Sillen, here are photos! Feel free to download and share as you wish.

The second of seven races is June 8; to register, please visit our main page.

2016 Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series
Recaps: Register:
May 25 June 8 June 22 July 6 July 20 Aug 3 Aug 17

Participants often find the Summer Speed Series, with its midweek schedule and relatively short distance, hard to resist. “I like that it’s quick – just the nuts and bolts,” said longtime PPTC member Jim Israel, who claimed second in the men’s 70+ division. “It’s unadorned.”

“For me it’s special because everyone knows who I am and it’s a familiar crowd,” said Michael Ring, PPTC vice president and one of the race directors of the series. “I love the excitement at the starting line. Plus, the crowd gets my jokes.”

The series has grown rapidly over the past few years; in 2011, for example, the average turnout was around 125, and everyone was scored by hand. Working behind the scenes, a large contingent of PPTC members kept things smooth at bib pick-up, along the course, and at the after-party.

“We had more help than we expected,” said Club President Tom Meany. “It’s always gratifying to have such an outpouring of volunteers.”

Getting ready for the first Al Goldstein 5k. @prospectparktc #gopptc #runbrooklyn #pptc5k

A photo posted by Keith Williams (@wmskeith) on

DWRT’s Olivier Wijtenburg was the first to cross the finish line, winning the men’s division in 16:12. He has used the Summer Speed Series as a benchmark for improvement.”Two years ago I ran my first 5K ever here in 18:50. Last year, it was 16:48,” Wijtenburg said. “You see the same group of people each week, so you know how to pace yourself.”

The temperature, which hovered around 80 degrees at the start, was a common talking point, but some runners found solace along the course. “It was a little hot, but there was a good breeze,” said Tom Anderson, who took third among men in 17:10. “The toughest part is staying strong after the big hill – pushing the pace is really difficult.”

PPTC’s Joelle Reeves started running in October, but finished third on the women’s side tonight. Her previous race experience included this February’s Cherry Tree 10-Miler, which featured single-digit temperatures. “It was good in the cold,” she said. “I thought so much about the weather that I wasn’t thinking about the running.”

As for dealing with the heat, Wijtenburg had the best solution: “I’m going to buy a beer,” he said.

The Inside Loop – May 2016

The competition was tough, but congrats to the newly-elected members of the PPTC Board of Directors:

  • Aisha Qamar — one year as Secretary
  • Missy Burgin — 3-year term
  • Keith Williams — 2-year term
  • Michael Koplin — 2-year term

In addition to being elected by the membership to the club’s Board of Directors, Michael K is also to be recognized for having recently garnered his credentials as a USATF Level 1 Track and Field Coach! I can’t wait to ask him about… [insert random training questions here]

Let’s keep Peggy Casey in our thoughts and prayers as she faces some tough miles in the road ahead.

The Inside LoopLou Stern recently turned 82! Back in the day, Lou was one of PPTC’s toughest road warriors.  Now living in the Bahamas, he does come up every so often to visit his adult children. He just can’t seem to resist the lure of the inside loop roadway. Let’s keep him in our thoughts and prayers — as you may well understand, piling on the years often does bring additional health concerns.

There’s a morning runners’ group, others who meet to run in the evening, and although they don’t appear to advertise it, Jack Stetch, Dennis Sivack, and Aaron Kofler seem to get out often for a midday easy-paced run from Bartel Pritchard Square. Morning, noon, and night, PPTC is on the roads!

PPTC, as well as Achilles Brooklyn, congratulates PPTC’s Patricia McNaughton upon receiving the Achilles Brooklyn’s volunteer of the month award. Achilles Brooklyn runs strong every Thursday night, meeting and greeting at JackRabbit at 6pm before proceeding to the park pedestrian entrance at Garfield Place and PPW to the inside loop roadway for the workout. Achilles athletes and the Guides decide on the individual workouts for each session, whether it’s a full loop, a half loop through Center Drive, or perhaps just a short down-and-back from Garfield to Bartel Pritchard. Know someone you’d like to see involved with Achilles Brooklyn? Bring ’em there to get their feet on the road! There is no charge, only a simple release form, and all are welcome — athletes and Guides alike. Need more info on Achilles Brooklyn? Patricia McNaughton, Mike Ring, Nicoletta Nerangis, Andy Wong, Jackie Lee, and Tom Byrnes are among those who can fill you in.

The Kenny Dolan 5K, slated for Sunday, June 5th, is a race with lots and lots of runners and lots and lots of paces. Lou Vazquez and family coordinate the best of races and the very best post-race party BBQ with burgers and hot dogs and anything else you might want. Music, dancing, rocking and rolling — hey, what a race!

On behalf of the youth involved in his programs in Belize, Ian Grey extends his heartfelt thanks for the shoes, singlets, and running gear that PPTC members have been so kind to donate. If you have shoes (men’s, women’s, or children’s) and/or lightweight running clothing that’s gathering dust in your closets and you’d like to see it put to better use, contact me and we’ll do our best to hook up and get it to Ian for those runners in need. Ian has a sister who lives near the tennis courts and both have contacts with airline personnel who will facilitate the shipping from Brooklyn to Belize. Don’t dump it, donate it!

Were they wedding bells we heard chiming for Emma Roman recently? They came through loud and clear on Facebook, so felicidades!

Another one of our veteran runners is facing medical issues, but at this point, I’ll wait before providing further info. Shit happens, as they say. For now, please keep a beloved PPTCer in your thoughts and prayers for a healthy recovery.

Here’s some great news! Mike Ring is now the coordinator and spokeperson for the Guillain-Barre Syndrome Support Group: Brooklyn. Everyone else in our world probably knows this already but hey, as always, go Michael! You rock!

Anyone else have a friend who needs his or her watch fixed? Because after hearing the splits, you know you just could not have been running that slowly…

See you on the roads!

Got any juicy news? Email to let Tom & Friends know!

Safety Tips

In response to the recent attacks in and around Prospect Park, here are a few safety tips to help you avoid dangerous situations. These are merely suggestions; whether to follow them is at your discretion.

Thanks to Janet Gottlieb and Tom Meany for their help compiling these.

  • Consider finding a partner. If you would like a running companion for a given day and time, you can post in the PPTC Open Forum.
  • It’s safer during the day. Darkness makes it more difficult to identify potential threats; there are also fewer people around. Particularly before sunrise or after sunset, it’s best to run in populated and well-lighted areas with clear lines of sight.
  • Trust your instincts. If your first impression is that someone might pose a threat, avoid that person and keep moving. Better safe than sorry.
  • Be loud, if necessary. Don’t be embarrassed to yell to call attention to the situation. Some runners carry a whistle or an inexpensive personal alarm that will let out a loud shriek at the pull of a ripcord.
  • Know your route. Many places can serve as refuge: subway stations, businesses, police precincts, etc. Consider plotting your run in advance (such as by using MapMyRun) to see where these are, and to avoid routes that run through isolated areas.
  • Keep your valuables at home. Most attacks in the park are muggings, in which the criminal is seeking your property. If you must carry your phone, it’s best to keep it out of sight; leave flashy jewelry on your nightstand.
  • Headphones are problematic in multiple ways. Not only do headphones significantly restrict your awareness, they also indicate you are carrying something valuable. It’s better to save them for the busier times of day, and when you do wear them, keep the volume low enough so that you can hear what’s going on around you.
  • Carry a few essentials. Having your ID (either a card or a wristband, like RoadID) can be invaluable. Write your blood type on the inside of your shoe. You might also consider bringing a MetroCard and a small amount of cash, just in case.


Coached Speed Workouts – Spring 2016

For the spring 2016 only, Coach Tony & Charlene will conduct a weekly 2-hour boot camp of intensive speed training over 5 weeks. Each session will include warm-up, drills, core & strength work and speed work, ending with cool down and stretching.

We guarantee that each 2-hour workout will work and train your body not only to run faster, but to be stronger, better balanced and more efficient overall.

Tuesday evenings are for faster, more advanced runners (April 26th – May 24th)
Thursday evenings are for beginners and intermediate runners (April 28th – May 26th)

All sessions will meet at 7:00 p.m. at either the Bartel Pritchard Square entrance of Prospect Park (15th Street and Prospect Park West) or the Red Hook Track; the location will be announced before each session. A car will always be available for storing gear. Water will be provided.

Spots will be limited, so secure your place now! Sign up here.

PPTC 2016 Elections: The Candidates

We are proud to announce our candidates for the Board of Directors in this year’s election cycle.

The voting period ends Sunday, April 17th at 11:59 p.m. All members as of April 4th, 2016 will be receiving an email from with a special link and instructions on how to vote.

Household memberships are given two votes; only the person who actually registered received an email. If you are the head of your Household membership and you’d like for another member of your Household to vote, please email with that person’s name and email address.

If you did not receive an email, please first check your Spam folder. If there is still an issue, please email

See the Bylaws of the Club for the responsibilities of each position.

Thank you to all of our candidates!

The Elections Committee

Candidates Running For Secretary

Aisha Qamar  PPTC_Aisha

I moved to New York five years ago, and it didn’t feel like home until I joined PPTC. Now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. This group has supported me in my running, as well as provided me with a group of tremendous friends and teachers.

I would like to contribute to PPTC as the Secretary. I have been an active member of the Social Committee, leading events such as the International Women’s Day group run, Pi(e) Day run, and the Washington Heights 5k post-race cool down/brunch. I was Santa at last year’s Turkey Trot and hope to reprise my role this year. I am confident that my skills, commitment, and enthusiasm make me an ideal candidate for the Secretary position and I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to the club in a new capacity.

 Sheldon Sucre   PPTC_Sheldon

My name is Sheldon Sucre. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, then moved to queens where I live for approximately 12 years and now I am back in Brooklyn; living in Sheepshead Bay. I would like to run for the position of Secretary. I have been a secretary of the Physical Education Major Club at Adelphi University. I am was also a Secretary for the Aquatics Section in New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (NYSAHPERD). I graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Adelphi University in Physical Education. I graduated with a Masters Degree from Adelphi University in Sports Management with a concentration in Sports Based Youth Development. Currently, I am attending Teachers College at Columbia University to obtain my second Masters Degree and also my Ed.D. (Doctorate of Education) in Curriculum and Teaching in Physical Education. I am currently employed by the State of New York as a Professor at Hostos Community College, CUNY  (Bronx); I am also an Aquatics Director at the Brooklyn Sports Club (East New York), and during my free time I am an Assistant Swim Coach for Riverdale Country School (Riverdale). I believe that I  meet the qualifications for the position of Secretary for Prospect Park Track Club (PPTC). I hope to be your next secretary.


Candidates Running for the Board of Directors

Missy Burgin  PPTC_Missy1

It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for the 2016 PPTC Board of Directors election.

In 2013, I moved to Prospect Heights with a Booklynite network of zero. As I did my research in local running clubs, PPTC was the clear choice for me. Fast forward 2.5 years, and never have I given so much of my time and energy to a single organization, but the friendships, the team bond, the camaraderie, and the personal growth have been tenfold.

In my time with PPTC, I have already helped contribute in the following:

-2015 Cherry Tree – Volunteer Coordinator

-2015 Al Goldstein Speed Series – Junior Race Director 2015

-2015 Turkey Trot – Co-Race Director

-2016 Cherry Tree – Co-Race Director

-Team Captain, 2014-Present

-Coordinator, Inaugural Runcation – 2014 Finger Lakes

-Instrumental in creating the Marathon Training Group

-2014 & 2015 Awards Night Planning Crew

This club has so much to offer local runners. New runners, lifetime runners, young, old, and everywhere in between, pace is irrelevant. And I look forward to serving on the Board to improve member experience, continue to help create new offerings, and lead our Club to growth, prosperity, speed, and health.

I kindly ask for your vote as I look to work with other great leaders to serve this awesome common-bond community we call PPTC.


Missy Burgin

Michael Koplin  PPTC_Michael

Please consider this my statement of intent to run for one of the open Board of Director positions.  I’ve been impressed with the dedication of all the past and present officers of PPTC.  I wish to join the Board of Directors and help guide and support the club into the future.  After 21 years as an Operations Director, I’m aware of the responsibilities and nuances of management.  PPTC members see a seamless administration of activities, from club races, social events, community activity, and social media.  I’m ready to join the Board of Directors and become involved with administration of the club.

Thank you,

Michael Koplin

Colleen Lynch  PPTC_Colleen

I am very excited to run for PPTC’s Board of Directors. Over the past five years, I have seen immense growth and change for PPTC, as well as myself as a runner. From bonding during long runs, to pushing ourselves on the track, to cheering through injuries, to celebrating glorious pain at finish lines, being a member of this club has transformed me into a runner I never expected to become.

I’ve taken an active role on the Social Committee for the past three years and the Communications Committee for one. I seek to join the Board to further increase club involvement across all paces, ages & distances, and help shape the club to serve our members. Working to continually improving our races, training offerings, membership benefits and team spirit, we can ensure that every member can grow as a runner and find their place in our community.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue building our PPTC family together – and sharing a donut, of course!


Colleen Lynch

Keith Williams  PPTC_Keith

Dear PPTC teammates:

It has been a privilege to serve on the Board these past three years. Some of the initiatives I’ve helped bring to life include:

– the Grants Program, which has given PPTC a new way to invest in the greater Brooklyn running community

– an improved membership experience, including the revamped volunteer program, and technical enhancements to make processes smoother for everyone

– a more proactive communications structure, which has led to better customer service (and national television exposure!) for our races

There is still a lot of work to be done, on these projects and several others. I’m asking for your vote so that I may continue to help the club be all that it can be – not only for our members, but for Brooklyn running as a whole.

I thank you for your consideration.

Keith Williams




Notice of Election: March 2016


Have you considered serving on the club’s Board of Directors? It is a tremendous responsibility, but a rewarding one!

Four of the nine seats on the Board are up for election this April: one Officer position (a special election for Secretary) and three Director positions. Officers serve for 2 years: Directors, for either 2 or 3 years (more info below).

For descriptions of each position, please refer to the club’s by-laws. You may only run for one position; all candidates for the vacant Director spots will be placed into a single pool.

To declare your candidacy, please send a Statement of Intent to by Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. We will publish the Statements on the PPTC website on Sunday, April 3rd. Voting will open on Monday, April 4th and be will be open for 2 weeks.

To be eligible, you must have one year of service to the club (i.e., you must have been a member in March 2015).

If you have any questions about the election, please direct them to

We’re looking forward to a great turnout!
Gary Belcher & Nicole Importico
Co-Chairs, Elections Committee

Positions for Election
The Board has amended the by-laws to change the duration of Directors’ terms and the method for voting. A full explanation of the amendments can be found here.

Each year, there will be two Director positions scheduled to be open:
▪ The top vote-getter will receive a three-year term
▪ The second-highest vote getter will receive a full two-year term

In addition, there is a vacant Director position, the term of which ends in April 2018 (it had been held by Lynda Mules, who resigned in February). In this election, the third-highest vote-getter will fill the remainder of the vacated term (two years).

The Secretary Position is a special election this year for a one year term.