PPTC 2018 Elections: The Candidates

We are proud to announce our candidates for the Board of Directors in this year’s election cycle.

The voting period opens on Friday June 8th and ends Thursday, June 21st at 11:59 p.m. All members as of June 9th, 2017 will be receiving an email from noreply@opavote.org with a special link and instructions on how to vote.

Members are allowed one ranking vote. Please rank candidates in order of your preferences. The candidate with the greatest number of votes will be elected to a three-year term; the candidate with the second greatest number of votes will be elected to a two-year term.

If you did not receive an email, please first check your Spam folder. If there is still an issue, please email elections@pptc.org. See the Bylaws of the Club for the responsibilities of each position.

Thank you to all of our candidates!
The Elections Committee

Current Board of Directors are:
  • Tom Meany – President
  • Michael Ring – Vice President
  • Jennie Matz – Secretary*
  • Doug Olney – Treasurer
*position subject to a special election in 2018

  • Missy Burgin (2019)
  • Michael Koplin (2018)
  • Colleen Lynch (2020)
  • Jana Trenk (2019)
  • Noah Devereaux (2018)

2018 Board of Directors Statements of Intent

Allan Co
Allan Co
I am very excited to declare my candidacy for the PPTC Board of Directors.

I joined Prospect Park Track Club when I moved to Brooklyn in 2012 and was struck by the diversity and warmth of the team. While my PRs have gone down, it’s this diversity that I cherish. I’ve made some of my dearest friends who come from all walks of life, each of whom have taught empathy and perspective, and who have inspired me to serve more.

I have previously served the club in varying capacities. Most notably, in 2015, I led the beta test and pilot for the first edition of PPTC’s successful Marathon Training Group (MTG) as a volunteer coach. Launched in preparation for the 2015 NYC Marathon, I oversaw the training of nearly 50 diverse runners, working with these runners on both a group and individualized basis. I was humbled, at the years’ end to have been voted my peers for the 2016 PPTC Single Greatest Contribution Award.

I hope to bring a broad perspective to our leadership. While some may judge me a talented runner, I strongly relate to the parents who fit workouts between naps; the professionals who relieve stress by hitting the roads; the newbies who may be intimidated by group runs; and even the retired runners who seek lifelong fitness and ongoing service and involvement with their community. I approach all runners as equals, regardless of pace or ability, open to the possibility that they have something new to teach me.

As a member of the PPTC Board of Directors, I will use this perspective and empathy, as well my years of professional experience working in the non-profit sector, to serve our members and help foster a supportive culture throughout our diverse running community and beyond, regardless of pace, age or motivation. I kindly ask that you support my candidacy.


Chris Fischer 

Chris Fischer

I’d like to be considered for a board seat.

I’ve been a member since 9/16.

I got my start running as a middle schooler back in small town Indiana over 20 years ago.  I was had a pretty tough childhood but running and being part of a team gave me a safe and supportive set of friends.

I mostly kept running never was able to recreate the team environment, support, and love for the sport that existed in my earliest years.  That is until I got active with PPTC!

I’ve lived in NYC 10 years now and at first found running in the city challenging.  Through our local running community and PPTC I’ve come to learn that NYC has some of the best terrain for running / jogging / racing be that in 5ks, marathons, ultras, or just long walks.

It’s been a phenomenal experience learning more about the members of our club, and while I haven’t been a highly active member until this year, I have gotten to know quite a few members very well through our new member runs, weekend runs, social committee, Monday club meetings etc… I’ve also gotten quicker again and its a real trip to be running some of the best times of my life in my mid 30s.

PPTC has helped me rekindle with my love for running through community, openness and inclusion.

I’d like to contribute to the club and help be part of fostering a collaborative, open, and inclusive environment for our current and future members.  I have experience as an active board observer and advisor at several technology companies.  While I’m certain the board dynamics are very different between our club and venture backed companies, working with a diverse group of people with unique perspectives, goals, and concerns is a very rewarding process for me.

Thanks for your consideration.  Let me know if more detail or information is needed!

Liz Grammer

Liz Grammer
Hi! I am interested in serving on the PPTC Board of Directors.

 After moving to Brooklyn and spending over a year running by myself, I finally bit the bullet and started looking for a club to join.  Quite frankly, it was rather intimidating.  However, through a bit of luck I was put in touch with a PPTC member who explained how welcoming and supportive (and well, amazingly awesome) the club is.  It was clear after joining a Sunday morning run (in frigid temps after a Saturday snow storm) that this was the club for me.  I have not only gained a running support system and network of endless training knowledge, but also valuable friendships.

 As a PPTC member, I have volunteered at the Cherry Tree and Al Goldstein 5K series and enjoyed giving back to the team that has provided me with so much. In the past year and a half the club has grown through initiatives by PPTC and its members.  I would love to help keep these initiatives thriving, while also developing and implementing new ideas to further the club’s growth and success.  It would be an honor to serve on the PPTC board.

Adam Iannazzone

Adam Iannazzone
Joining Prospect Park Track Club has been the greatest decision I’ve made since moving to New York (except for meeting my wife 😬, sssh). Over the last year, it has become clear that like many things in life, what you give to the club is directly proportional to what you get out of the club. Volunteering, working on the Communications Committee, and running social media (with the help of the inimitable Lillian Park) has made my experience that much richer and more meaningful, and by joining the Board of Directors, I hope that I can leverage my unique position as a social media wizard to make the club more coherent, connected, and inclusive of all members.

Since joining the club, I have tried to take initiative and improve areas of the organization when I thought that I had the right skillset. A few things that I have accomplished since joining in 2017:

  • Took over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and made highlighting our members a priority on those platforms (with the help of Lillian Park).
  • Ran our first ad campaign on Facebook for the Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series this year, resulting in record registration numbers.
  • Managed the pages on the PPTC website for 2017 Marathon activities and the 2018 Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series.
  • Organized 2017 NYCM wave/corral data collection to help people connect with other team members who would be in the same starting area as them before the race.
Here are a few ideas that I would like to implement if given the opportunity:

  • Create a set of monthly challenges for members to compete for, with winners honored at the end of the month on all of our media outlets. These challenges will not only be speed/distance-based, but will allow for runners of all ages/speeds/experience to be competitive.
  • Create a central database for runners to submit/share their accomplishments, especially for non-NYRR races, since it can be difficult to keep track of all our amazing races.
  • Start a Wiki on our website/elsewhere for common suggestions, tips, and questions (like gear, doctors, exercises, speed workouts, etc.).
Thank you for consideration, and whatever the result, I promise to continue doing my very best to help PPTC remain the best track club in all of New York.

Michael Koplin

Michael Koplin
It has been my honor and privilege to serve and represent the club on the PPTC Board.   It is with a deep sense of humility that I ask the membership to confirm my ongoing participation as a member of the board of directors for another term.

I believe it’s important that membership experience be seamless… from race organization or social events, to the important responsibility of maintaining club history yet participating in the evolution of change.  We are a dynamic club in a diverse community, providing a safe harbor where we can all gather together and enjoy our passion for running.  As a runner, I see this as a responsibility that demands my time and  involvement.

If reelected, I will continue to serve all our club members and help provide a welcome and inclusive environment for runners of all age and abilities.  Thank you for your consideration.


Roshan Leslie

Roshan Leslie
I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Board of Directors. This club means a lot to me.  I was a runner for 15 years before joining PPTC, but being a member of the club has made me feel more like an athlete–and a part of a real running community–than I have ever felt before.  PPTC is not just an athletic club; it’s a diverse community of kind, intellectual, and welcoming people, who provide every member with a strong connection to Brooklyn (and no shortage of amusing internet commentary). The people I have met in this club have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, both physically and socially. You have pushed me to run faster, and have motivated me to participate more.

Since joining the club, I’ve volunteered at AGSS, NYCM last 10 miles, NYCM post race party, and Turkey Trot. I also joined the Race Committee, where I’ve been able to help out while learning about the logistical side of all the fun.

I’d like to join the Board of Directors in order to further develop the programs available for new runners and new members, and to support the club’s mission of being an inclusive running community. This is a great club, and I would like to be a part of the magic that makes it the club of choice for Brooklynites looking for a running crew. I love connecting with others and I hope to be able to show you what I can do!

Thank you for your consideration.

Marek Stepniowski

Dear Teammates, please consider me for a position of director on the PPTC Board.

I’ve joined Prospect Park Track Club in 2015, a few months after moving to New York. Since then I’ve trained for my first marathon with PPTC Marathon Training Group, took part in the coached speed workouts,

group races, as well as countless social runs. Not only have my fitness improved, I’ve also found a group of friends, many of whom I hope to keep for life. You might know me as a guy running everywhere with a huge DSLR camera (at times dressed in a shark onesie).

I feel like it’s time I start giving back to the club. While I’ve never served as a director, I’ve been involved in two NGOs before, leading key projects: Geek Girls Carrots (enabling women in IT) and Modern Poland Foundation (promoting readership and computer literacy in Poland). I’m very fond of both the competitive part of PPTC as well as the fun and quirky social part. As a director on the board, I would make sure to keep both of those parts of PPTC working in tandem, while implementing new ideas to make our club even better.

PPTC 2016 Elections: The Candidates

We are proud to announce our candidates for the Board of Directors in this year’s election cycle.

The voting period ends Sunday, April 17th at 11:59 p.m. All members as of April 4th, 2016 will be receiving an email from noreply@opavote.org with a special link and instructions on how to vote.

Household memberships are given two votes; only the person who actually registered received an email. If you are the head of your Household membership and you’d like for another member of your Household to vote, please email elections@pptc.org with that person’s name and email address.

If you did not receive an email, please first check your Spam folder. If there is still an issue, please email elections@pptc.org.

See the Bylaws of the Club for the responsibilities of each position.

Thank you to all of our candidates!

The Elections Committee

Candidates Running For Secretary

Aisha Qamar  PPTC_Aisha

I moved to New York five years ago, and it didn’t feel like home until I joined PPTC. Now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. This group has supported me in my running, as well as provided me with a group of tremendous friends and teachers.

I would like to contribute to PPTC as the Secretary. I have been an active member of the Social Committee, leading events such as the International Women’s Day group run, Pi(e) Day run, and the Washington Heights 5k post-race cool down/brunch. I was Santa at last year’s Turkey Trot and hope to reprise my role this year. I am confident that my skills, commitment, and enthusiasm make me an ideal candidate for the Secretary position and I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to the club in a new capacity.

 Sheldon Sucre   PPTC_Sheldon

My name is Sheldon Sucre. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, then moved to queens where I live for approximately 12 years and now I am back in Brooklyn; living in Sheepshead Bay. I would like to run for the position of Secretary. I have been a secretary of the Physical Education Major Club at Adelphi University. I am was also a Secretary for the Aquatics Section in New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (NYSAHPERD). I graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Adelphi University in Physical Education. I graduated with a Masters Degree from Adelphi University in Sports Management with a concentration in Sports Based Youth Development. Currently, I am attending Teachers College at Columbia University to obtain my second Masters Degree and also my Ed.D. (Doctorate of Education) in Curriculum and Teaching in Physical Education. I am currently employed by the State of New York as a Professor at Hostos Community College, CUNY  (Bronx); I am also an Aquatics Director at the Brooklyn Sports Club (East New York), and during my free time I am an Assistant Swim Coach for Riverdale Country School (Riverdale). I believe that I  meet the qualifications for the position of Secretary for Prospect Park Track Club (PPTC). I hope to be your next secretary.


Candidates Running for the Board of Directors

Missy Burgin  PPTC_Missy1

It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for the 2016 PPTC Board of Directors election.

In 2013, I moved to Prospect Heights with a Booklynite network of zero. As I did my research in local running clubs, PPTC was the clear choice for me. Fast forward 2.5 years, and never have I given so much of my time and energy to a single organization, but the friendships, the team bond, the camaraderie, and the personal growth have been tenfold.

In my time with PPTC, I have already helped contribute in the following:

-2015 Cherry Tree – Volunteer Coordinator

-2015 Al Goldstein Speed Series – Junior Race Director 2015

-2015 Turkey Trot – Co-Race Director

-2016 Cherry Tree – Co-Race Director

-Team Captain, 2014-Present

-Coordinator, Inaugural Runcation – 2014 Finger Lakes

-Instrumental in creating the Marathon Training Group

-2014 & 2015 Awards Night Planning Crew

This club has so much to offer local runners. New runners, lifetime runners, young, old, and everywhere in between, pace is irrelevant. And I look forward to serving on the Board to improve member experience, continue to help create new offerings, and lead our Club to growth, prosperity, speed, and health.

I kindly ask for your vote as I look to work with other great leaders to serve this awesome common-bond community we call PPTC.


Missy Burgin

Michael Koplin  PPTC_Michael

Please consider this my statement of intent to run for one of the open Board of Director positions.  I’ve been impressed with the dedication of all the past and present officers of PPTC.  I wish to join the Board of Directors and help guide and support the club into the future.  After 21 years as an Operations Director, I’m aware of the responsibilities and nuances of management.  PPTC members see a seamless administration of activities, from club races, social events, community activity, and social media.  I’m ready to join the Board of Directors and become involved with administration of the club.

Thank you,

Michael Koplin

Colleen Lynch  PPTC_Colleen

I am very excited to run for PPTC’s Board of Directors. Over the past five years, I have seen immense growth and change for PPTC, as well as myself as a runner. From bonding during long runs, to pushing ourselves on the track, to cheering through injuries, to celebrating glorious pain at finish lines, being a member of this club has transformed me into a runner I never expected to become.

I’ve taken an active role on the Social Committee for the past three years and the Communications Committee for one. I seek to join the Board to further increase club involvement across all paces, ages & distances, and help shape the club to serve our members. Working to continually improving our races, training offerings, membership benefits and team spirit, we can ensure that every member can grow as a runner and find their place in our community.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue building our PPTC family together – and sharing a donut, of course!


Colleen Lynch

Keith Williams  PPTC_Keith

Dear PPTC teammates:

It has been a privilege to serve on the Board these past three years. Some of the initiatives I’ve helped bring to life include:

– the Grants Program, which has given PPTC a new way to invest in the greater Brooklyn running community

– an improved membership experience, including the revamped volunteer program, and technical enhancements to make processes smoother for everyone

– a more proactive communications structure, which has led to better customer service (and national television exposure!) for our races

There is still a lot of work to be done, on these projects and several others. I’m asking for your vote so that I may continue to help the club be all that it can be – not only for our members, but for Brooklyn running as a whole.

I thank you for your consideration.

Keith Williams




Notice of Election: March 2016


Have you considered serving on the club’s Board of Directors? It is a tremendous responsibility, but a rewarding one!

Four of the nine seats on the Board are up for election this April: one Officer position (a special election for Secretary) and three Director positions. Officers serve for 2 years: Directors, for either 2 or 3 years (more info below).

For descriptions of each position, please refer to the club’s by-laws. You may only run for one position; all candidates for the vacant Director spots will be placed into a single pool.

To declare your candidacy, please send a Statement of Intent to elections@pptc.org by Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. We will publish the Statements on the PPTC website on Sunday, April 3rd. Voting will open on Monday, April 4th and be will be open for 2 weeks.

To be eligible, you must have one year of service to the club (i.e., you must have been a member in March 2015).

If you have any questions about the election, please direct them to elections@pptc.org

We’re looking forward to a great turnout!
Gary Belcher & Nicole Importico
Co-Chairs, Elections Committee

Positions for Election
The Board has amended the by-laws to change the duration of Directors’ terms and the method for voting. A full explanation of the amendments can be found here.

Each year, there will be two Director positions scheduled to be open:
▪ The top vote-getter will receive a three-year term
▪ The second-highest vote getter will receive a full two-year term

In addition, there is a vacant Director position, the term of which ends in April 2018 (it had been held by Lynda Mules, who resigned in February). In this election, the third-highest vote-getter will fill the remainder of the vacated term (two years).

The Secretary Position is a special election this year for a one year term.

Are you PPTC’s next Secretary?

Dear PPTC:

As you know, the Secretary position went unfilled in this year’s election. The Board has decided to appoint someone to fill the two-year term (expiring April 2017).

If you are interested in being considered, please send an email to elections@pptc.org stating why you would like to serve. Any member may submit a self-nomination, regardless of time spent in the club.

Please do so no later than Tuesday, June 2.

Former Secretary Anne Perzeszty, who was elected to a Director position this past cycle, wrote the following about the role:

The Secretary performs all duties assigned to the Secretary by the Board. The primary responsibility is to record the actions of all Board meetings, keeping the minutes and distributing them to Board Members prior to the next meeting. Minutes are reviewed at each meeting and accepted by a vote of the Board Members. In addition, the Secretary notes any edits and makes the necessary changes.

We look forward to your interest.

Keith Williams
Chair, Elections Committee

PPTC 2015 elections: the candidates

The submission period has closed and we are proud to announce our candidates for the Board of Directors in this year’s election cycle.

The voting period ends Tuesday, April 28 at 11:59 p.m. All members as of March 2, 2015 (the day before the Notice of Election) should have received an email from noreply@opavote.org with a special link and instructions on how to vote.

Household memberships are given two votes; only the person who actually registered received an email. If you are the head of your Household membership and you’d like for another member of your Household to vote, please email elections@pptc.org with that person’s name and email address.

If you did not receive an email, please first check your Spam folder. If there is still an issue, please email elections@pptc.org.

See the Bylaws of the Club for the responsibilities of each position.

No one submitted a Letter of Intent for the Secretary position, so that role will remain unfilled until the new Board is seated in May. At that point, the new Board will decide how to handle the vacancy

Thank you to all of our candidates!

The Elections Committee

Top (L-R): Belcher, Meany, Mules, Olney Bottom: Perzeszty, Ring, Seaforth, Wolf
Top (L-R): Belcher, Meany, Mules, Olney. Bottom: Perzeszty, Ring, Seaforth, Wolf.

Click to read the statements >>

2014 Elections: the results are in

We had five outstanding candidates in this year’s election – and, sadly, only two seats available.

2014 PPTC electionsPPTC members cast a total of 114 ballots. Nicole Importico received 80 votes, the most, and will serve a full three-year term.

Receiving the second-highest total was Steve Lastoe, with 61. He will fill the remainder of Jason Horowitz’s term, expiring April 2015.

On behalf of the Board, I’d like to congratulate Nicole and Steve, and offer thanks to our
other candidates: Rhony Dostaly (33 votes), Linus Ly (23 votes), and Janet Gottlieb (19 votes).

Full details of the election can be found here.


Notice of Election: April 2014

If you’ve wanted to serve on our Board of Directors, here is your opportunity!

There will be two seats open in this cycle, allotted as follows:

  • The candidate who receives the most votes will serve for three years. This seat is held by Nicole Importico and is due to expire.
  • The candidate who receives the second-most votes will serve for one year. Jason Horowitz has resigned his seat, and his replacement will fill the remainder of his term, expiring April 2015.

To declare your candidacy, please send a Letter of Intent to elections@pptc.org by Wednesday, March 19. To be eligible, you must have one year of service to the club (i.e., you must have been a member in March 2013).

If you’d like to volunteer to help with this election, please email elections@pptc.org.

Balloting will take place online, with the voting period ending April 6. More details will follow on March 20.

Click here to read our by-laws.

Keith Williams
Chair, Elections Committee