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PPTC Committees

Awards Committee

Chairs: Lynda Mules, Jason Horowitz
The Awards Committee handles the awards given out at the annual celebration dinner.

Clothing Committee

Chairs: Nicole Importico, Lynda Mules
The Clothing Committee manages current clothing inventory and selects new options for PPTC garments and gear.

Communications Committee

Chair: Esther Carpenter
Keeping the club and the community informed through various means.

Elections Committee

Chair: Keith Williams
The Elections Committee runs the annual Board elections each April.

Grants Committee

Chair: Keith Williams
The Grants Committee oversees PPTC’s charitable giving endeavors.

Membership Committee

Chairs: Michael Ring, Oren Efrati
Overseeing member benefits, volunteer credits, and other perks of being part of PPTC.

Race Committee

Chairs: Tom Meany, Anne Perzeszty
The Race Committee plans, organizes and executes our quality races throughout the year.

Technology Committee

Chair: Jerry Luna
The Technology Committee managed the design and execution of this new website!

Social Committee

Chair: Nicole Importico
The Social Committee organizes fun events, like the New Members Run and the Donut Run!