PPTC 2017 Fall & Winter Racing Recaps

Happy 2018!

PPTC finished out an amazing year full of fun, races, good times, and great friends. It’s been heartwarming to see all the shout-outs from our members thanking the club and more importantly, the wonderful people in PPTC, for the pushing them to become better runners, whether it be running faster, chasing after PRs, increasing mileage, becoming more consistent, running happily, or simply just being out there. Running is a personal journey and it’s about what YOU want it to be. We’re happy to simply be a part of it.

We wanted to give kudos to our members who ran excellent races all throughout fall and winter of 2017, but haven’t received a spotlight on their accomplishments and to thank our hardworking members who volunteered at the Holiday Party and at Harry’s Handicap.

Mary Turnbach
Marine Corp Marathon
Ran for Semper Fi Charity Team

Jason Smith
Queens Half Marathon
Hannah Southworth
2017 Rock n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon

Johnny Nuzzela

Philadelphia Marathon
PR/BQ & ran faster than Nick Symmonds’s marathon debut (3:00:35)
Johnny Nuzzela
Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon
PR/First race in hometown
Rachel G.

Queens Half Marathon
First HM/PR

Ulla Griffiths
Queens Half Marathon
The first half marathon since 2013. Not a PR, but just glad that I am back at it after 4 years break from racing.

Donna Newton
Al Goldstein 5K 6/21/17
Note: We included it here, since it was Donna ran this before we started regularly featuring members’ races.
Chris Fischer
NYC Runs Cocoa Classic 5K
2nd AG/8th overall
Chris Fischer
Queens RR Turkey Trot 5M
1st AG/7th overallChris Fischer
Happy Jack 5K

1st overall
Matthew Imberman
Trimera Sports Holiday Half Marathon
3rd AG (35-39)/10th overall.
Geovani Valerio
East Brunswick 5K
6th overall

Yulia Yomantayte

Philadelphia Marathon
Leiba Rimler
Passaic Chanukah 5K
1st overall
Lillian Park
Passaic Chanukah 5K
3rd overall
Sara Devine
Passaic Chanukah 5K
1st AG (35-39)/5th overall
Chaya Wolf
Passaic Chanukah 5K
1st AG (30-34)/7th overall
Adam Devine
Passaic Chanukah 5K
3rd overall
Etan Levavi
4th overall
Ben Collier
8th overall
Andrei Fluerasu
20th overall for men
PaFoua Hang
18th overall for women
Lillian Park
Lee Bong Ju Day 5K Run
PR/2nd overall for women
Lillian Park
Wineglass Half Marathon
3-min PR
Lillian Park
California International Marathon
14-min PR & BQ
James Cooper
Baystate Marathon
1-hr PR & BQ
Hilary Pauli
Richmond Marathon
30-min PR
Jimmy Leung
Snowball 5 Mile Run
3rd AG (50-54)
Jimmy Leung
NYC Turkey Trot 5K
1st AG (50-54)
Holly Chase
NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K
Joyce Keener
Jingle Bell Jog 5k
Congratulations to PPTC for coming in 1st for the NYRR Open Women B Group, 3rd for the NYRR Open Men B Group, & 3rd for NYRR 70+ Men.
Big thank you to our volunteers!!!
Holiday Party
Adam Devine
Alison Donnelly
Crystal Cun
Holly Chase
Linus Ly
Murray Rosenblith
Nick Cohen
Oren Efrati
PaFoua Hang
Eric Levenstein
Lisa Maya Knauer
Harry’s Handicap
Jennie Matz
Isaac Josephson
Andy Wong
Jane Yau
Kristen Socks
Donna Newton
Katie Wersdale
Julio Zanale
Anne Perzeszty
Mark Guralnick
Linus Ly
Geoffrey Gertz
Robert Dimock
Lisa Maya Knauer
Rachel G.
Tom Meany
Crystal Cun
Amy Sowder
Trish McNaughton
Eric Levenstein
Michael Ring 
Sara Devine
Kind words from Abigail Myers: Just want to thank the club for all the support as I ran my first marathon! I ran NYC and was so grateful for the speed workouts, the Last 10 Miles run, and all the fun at Camp PPTC at Fort Wadsworth. It was a great experience and I’m thankful to have been part of it with PPTC.

Results – 2015 Harry’s Handicap

Goal was for finishers to cross the line at 10:45. First runner started at 10:00.

Seeding by race directors Matt Strawn and Geoff Vincent.

Rank Name Finish time Start time Total time Pace
1 Kelly Greene 10:40:58 10:15:00 25:58 7:45
2 Maggie Deschamps 10:41:50 10:16:00 25:50 7:43
3 Mickey Newman 10:41:59 10:00:00 41:59 12:32
4 Tifenn Python 10:42:07 10:16:00 26:07 7:48
5 Tony Watson 10:42:19 10:19:00 23:19 6:58
6 David Lansner 10:42:42 10:10:00 32:42 9:46
7 Carolyn Kubitschek 10:42:56 10:07:00 35:56 10:44
8 Max Abrahams 10:42:57 10:10:00 32:57 9:50
9 Tom Byrnes 10:43:03 10:10:00 33:03 9:52
10 Charlene Kohler-Britton 10:43:06 10:10:00 33:06 9:53
11 Michelle Karwejna 10:43:12 10:10:00 33:12 9:55
12 Howard Abrams 10:43:15 10:17:30 25:45 7:41
13 Lennie Nemerovsky 10:43:41 10:11:30 32:11 9:36
14 Andy Wong 10:43:47 10:16:00 27:47 8:18
14 Jill Gregory 10:43:47 10:12:00 31:47 9:29
16 Sarah Carr 10:43:50 10:14:30 29:20 8:45
17 Christine Weiher 10:44:01 10:20:30 23:31 7:01
18 Yves Roger 10:44:08 10:15:00 29:08 8:42
19 Neil Feldman 10:44:21 10:16:30 27:51 8:19
20 Leiba Rimler 10:44:22 10:19:30 24:52 7:25
21 Daniel Campos 10:44:26 10:25:30 18:56 5:39
22 Tyghe Trimble 10:44:32 10:24:30 20:02 5:59
23 Doug Olney 10:44:36 10:16:30 28:06 8:23
24 Spencer Gallop 10:44:59 10:24:30 20:29 6:07
25 Daniel Dougherty 10:45:14 10:22:00 23:14 6:56
26 Bruce Weiner 10:45:37 10:15:30 30:07 8:59
27 Tim Shields 10:45:38 10:22:30 23:08 6:54
28 Anna Reguero 10:45:39 10:18:00 27:39 8:15
29 Rachel Walther 10:45:47 10:20:00 25:47 7:42
30 Lawrence Balick 10:45:54 10:15:00 30:54 9:13
31 Mark Guralnick 10:46:01 10:19:00 27:01 8:04
32 James Cappiello 10:46:02 10:22:30 23:32 7:01
33 Rich Innamorato 10:46:04 10:07:00 39:04 11:40
34 Richard Nolan 10:46:05 10:00:00 46:05 13:45
35 Tom Tobin 10:46:16 10:19:00 27:16 8:08
36 Mark Jennings 10:46:22 10:20:00 26:22 7:52
37 Frank Deleo 10:46:36 10:19:30 27:06 8:05
38 Janice Fuld 10:47:04 10:17:00 30:04 8:59
39 Claire Dougherty 10:47:14 10:17:30 29:44 8:53
40 Tom Greene 10:47:24 10:20:00 27:24 8:11
41 Aaron Koffler 10:47:31 10:10:00 37:31 11:12
42 Rhony Dostaly 10:47:53 10:21:00 26:53 8:01
43 Alan Rosenberg 10:47:55 10:13:00 34:55 10:25
44 Julie Mann 10:49:25 10:18:00 31:25 9:23
45 Kamen Yotov 10:50:31 10:20:30 30:01 8:58
46 Zoe Prawda 10:50:53 10:15:00 35:53 10:43
47 Marianne Prawda 10:53:15 10:00:00 53:15 15:54
48 Justin Wong 10:55:07 10:24:30 30:37 9:08

Results from the 2014 Harry’s Handicap

Pos Runner Finish time
1 Andy Wong 10:42:53
2 Linus Ly 10:42:58
3 Barry Dancher 10:43:12
4 Brad Skillman 10:43:51
5 Cole Farnum 10:43:55
6 Yvetta Barner 10:44:03
7 Kristen Uhrich 10:44:32
8 Tifenn Python 10:44:40
9 Cora Frazier 10:44:41
10 Leiba Rimler 10:44:51
11 Yves Roger 10:44:54
12 Maggie Deschamps 10:44:59
13 Oren Efrati 10:45:02
14 Tim Shields 10:45:05
15 Ruth Gursky 10:45:10
16 Missy Burgin 10:45:14
17 Doug Olney 10:45:17
18 Neil Feldman 10:45:19
19 Wallis Finger 10:45:21
20 Frank Deleo 10:45:25
21 Meghan Cullen 10:45:27
22 Ketherine Shea 10:45:29
23 Tom Tobin 10:45:36
24 Linda Ewing 10:45:42
25 Jason Fleischauer 10:45:46
26 Ed Filusch 10:45:48
27 Rhony Dostaly 10:45:48
28 Alison Hodgson 10:45:58
29 Robert Herel 10:45:59
30 Selina Rutovitz 10:46:01
31 Dan Dougherty 10:46:10
32 Michele McInnes 10:46:37
33 Kamen Yotov 10:46:42
34 Janice Fuld 10:46:50
35 Julianne Yotov 10:46:52
36 Matt Knecht 10:46:53
37 Liesje Hodgson 10:47:00
38 Jim Israel 10:47:41
39 Alan Rosenberg 10:47:47
40 Regina Chan 10:48:02
41 Regina Cahill 10:48:17
42 Tom Greene 10:48:33
43 Terri Kohler 10:48:50
44 Claire Dougherty 10:48:52
45 David Halloran 10:49:01
46 Rina Robinson 10:49:01
47 Rich Nolan 10:49:10
48 Justin Burke 10:49:33
49 Kimberly Powell 10:49:38
50 Michael Kaplin 10:51:09
51 Bruce Weiner 10:52:20
52 Hope Weiner 10:52:27
53 Arthur Gonzalez 10:53:26
54 Aaron Koffler 10:53:27

2013 Harry’s Handicap attracts record crowd

Fifty-nine members and friends took part in Harry’s Handicap on New Year’s Day. Runners and volunteers alike enjoyed friendly skies over Prospect Park before retiring to the Knights of Columbus in Windsor Terrace for a potluck celebration. It was the first “chilly” Handicap in recent memory, although at 35 degrees, the climate hardly felt like an icebox.

After a briefing at the Knights of Columbus, the crew crossed Prospect Park

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Southwest to the start line. Ruth Gursky kicked off the festivities exactly at 10:00:00 a.m.; she would go on to take third, completing the loop at 10:45:05. The first two to cross the finish line were the family team of Lukas and Matthew Griffin at 10:44:15 and 10:44:24, respectively. (Each started at 10:15:00, meaning their actual times were sub-30:00.)

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Letter from the President: Harry’s Handicap

On January 1, 2013 we will not only celebrate New Year’s Day, but also follow in a great Prospect Park Track Club tradition of participating in the annual Harry’s Handicap Race.

This year’s race will celebrate the 20th year of celebrating Harry’s life since his passing. It will be very special. Harry Murphy was a founding father not only of PPTC, but also of NYRR. He wanted us to be more special than them.

Harry wanted his runners to drink less on New Year’s Eve and be focused on giving their best performance on the next morning in a race where each Club member had an opportunity with a handicap to win, instead of watching the back of the faster members’ shorts as in any other race during the year. It was a time to seize an opportunity. He also encouraged Club members to invite friends. The race was for Club members and invited guests, as it remains. The course was always one loop of the Park.

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Harry’s Handicap

Forty years ago, our Club founder, Harry Murphy decided he would like to see less drinking by Club members on New Year’s Eve. So he instituted a special New Year’s Day race with an added incentive: runners would be handicapped according to their ability. He assigned handicaps on one minute intervals from 12 minutes or so to zero or “scratch”. This was a race where you had an opportunity to beat runners whom you would never catch or even see after the gun went off all year long.

The race was for members and their guests, and guests were encouraged.Harry knew how to handicap runners, mostly because he kept track of us all year and over the years and also because he had a gift, which was never passed down to his successors. Now some members believed they could play on Harry’s warm sympathetic side, except on this day he was Ming The Merciless. I remember Bob Muller showing up with a leg bandaged and on crutches, all to no avail. And sometimes some of us were genuinely under the weather or injured, somehow Harry discerned the truth in assigning you a handicap or you were screwed.

Registration was held at the Caton Inn on Coney Island Ave., across from the Parade Grounds and later in a Park’s office in the ball field building across the street. The race was originally held at 8:30 A.M.! Harry was a sign maker so we had hand painted oilcloth reusable numbers. They were white five-inch swatches with green numerals. The pinholes were encircled with rust. Later we used a community room in the basement of Bobby Fisher’s building.Harry would take all the runners to the start and line runners horizontally across the road according handicap time. There would be 60 of us regardless of weather. This was before tights and Gore-Tex, most wore shorts. I remember races with temps in the high 30’s and rain blowing horizontally and Harry would go through the whole lineup twice before the actual start. Kurt Steiner, Harry’s sidekick would be there dressed in a high hat & tails. He had usually officiated at the midnight run in Central Park the night before. There were usually medals for the first 25 and those were treasured awards. Harry kept the results in a green hardcover book. We also ran a handicap race at the June Club picnic until we switched over to a relay race.

None of us inherited Harry’s gift for handicapping, but in the past few years we developed a handicapping methodology. Ralph Yozzo compiled a database for all Club members using the most recent race results beforehand. We used this to assess a runner’s ability prior to race day, according to minute/mile pace for a 5K distance. The range went from the fastest 6:15/mile pace to the slowest 14:45/ mile pace.We had time slots at 30-second intervals giving us 18 time slots. We then calculated the actual finish time for each of the slots and assigned handicap times based on the finish time. So the first runner went off at gun time and 31 minutes the last runner took off.The advantages of our system are that you know your exact starting time to the second upon registering. It minimizes time spent standing out in the cold. The race is scored in a short period of time and we can use the same system each year.So how did we do? Out of 41 runners, we had all finish within 7 minutes and of those, 17 finished within 3 minutes of each other. Our average prediction was within 25 seconds of their actual pace (min/mile).

The other part of Harry’s race is the reception after. It’s a potluck feast with everyone bringing something to eat or drink to feast on. And a new tradition has been added, a kind of biathlon, where some finishers bring their bathing suits and head for Coney Island after the race to participate in the annual Polar Bear swimming event.  The Turkey Trot is the best way to start your Thanksgiving Day, and Harry’s Handicap is the best way to celebrate and start the New Year with your running family.