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#CherryTree2016 results!


Nearly 650 runners braved single-digit temperatures this morning to run the 2016 PPTC Cherry Tree 10-Miler & Relay! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Be sure to check out the official PPTC race report!

Note to prize winners: if you finished in the top three in your age group and did not collect your prize, please join us at the next PPTC General Membership Meeting:

Monday, March 7, 7:00 p.m.
Da Nonna Rosa, 7th Avenue between Carroll and Garfield

“It was a lot more fun than I expected,” said PPTC member Megan Dee, who ran the full ten miles. “It was neat to be out there alone, without any cyclists or other people in the park.”

“I was pleased that I was able to survive this challenge,” wrote Lisa Swan. Check out her full recap here.

If you’d like to share your experience about the race, we’d love to hear it! Email us at

You can also use the hashtag #CherryTree2016 on Twitter and Instagram.

Congratulations to our top individual finishers in the 10-Miler:

2016 cherry tree top males2016 cherry tree top female
L: Thomas Beedell & Matthew Lacey.  R: Catherine Beck.

Top Males:

1 Thomas Beedell Woodford Green AC 54:22
2 Jerry Faulkner New York Athletic Club 55:31
3 Matthew Lacey Central Park Track Club 55:48

Top Females:

1 Catherine Beck Central Park Track Club 1:01:47
2 Paige Yellen Greater New York Racing Team 1:03:20
3 Laura Coogan North Brooklyn Runners 1:03:42

You can find all results here. Use the drop-down menu near the top right to switch between individual and relay results.

cherry tree dropdown

Congratulations to our top relay teams, as well:

Males – 56:43
Short Shorts (Ben Schippers, Jon Schippers, Ricky Reusser)

Females – 1:06:42
NBR Women (Angela Ortiz, Taeya Konishi Schogel, Tien-Tien Yu)

Coed – 1:04:27
Dashing Whippets (Alex Noble, Matthew Wong, Kim Velsey)

Masters Males – 1:03:09
NBR152 (Drew Reynolds, Quinn Batson, Alun Williams)

Masters Females – 1:23:20
Strangers in the Park (Laura Stephen, Mary Haskins, Hilary Lorenz)

Youth Runners – 1:14:15
I.S. 223 Team A (Azwad Sourav, Md Nashir Huddin, Justin Ruiz)

Thanks again to everyone who ran, volunteered, and cheered this morning!

Results – 2015 Harry’s Handicap

Goal was for finishers to cross the line at 10:45. First runner started at 10:00.

Seeding by race directors Matt Strawn and Geoff Vincent.

Rank Name Finish time Start time Total time Pace
1 Kelly Greene 10:40:58 10:15:00 25:58 7:45
2 Maggie Deschamps 10:41:50 10:16:00 25:50 7:43
3 Mickey Newman 10:41:59 10:00:00 41:59 12:32
4 Tifenn Python 10:42:07 10:16:00 26:07 7:48
5 Tony Watson 10:42:19 10:19:00 23:19 6:58
6 David Lansner 10:42:42 10:10:00 32:42 9:46
7 Carolyn Kubitschek 10:42:56 10:07:00 35:56 10:44
8 Max Abrahams 10:42:57 10:10:00 32:57 9:50
9 Tom Byrnes 10:43:03 10:10:00 33:03 9:52
10 Charlene Kohler-Britton 10:43:06 10:10:00 33:06 9:53
11 Michelle Karwejna 10:43:12 10:10:00 33:12 9:55
12 Howard Abrams 10:43:15 10:17:30 25:45 7:41
13 Lennie Nemerovsky 10:43:41 10:11:30 32:11 9:36
14 Andy Wong 10:43:47 10:16:00 27:47 8:18
14 Jill Gregory 10:43:47 10:12:00 31:47 9:29
16 Sarah Carr 10:43:50 10:14:30 29:20 8:45
17 Christine Weiher 10:44:01 10:20:30 23:31 7:01
18 Yves Roger 10:44:08 10:15:00 29:08 8:42
19 Neil Feldman 10:44:21 10:16:30 27:51 8:19
20 Leiba Rimler 10:44:22 10:19:30 24:52 7:25
21 Daniel Campos 10:44:26 10:25:30 18:56 5:39
22 Tyghe Trimble 10:44:32 10:24:30 20:02 5:59
23 Doug Olney 10:44:36 10:16:30 28:06 8:23
24 Spencer Gallop 10:44:59 10:24:30 20:29 6:07
25 Daniel Dougherty 10:45:14 10:22:00 23:14 6:56
26 Bruce Weiner 10:45:37 10:15:30 30:07 8:59
27 Tim Shields 10:45:38 10:22:30 23:08 6:54
28 Anna Reguero 10:45:39 10:18:00 27:39 8:15
29 Rachel Walther 10:45:47 10:20:00 25:47 7:42
30 Lawrence Balick 10:45:54 10:15:00 30:54 9:13
31 Mark Guralnick 10:46:01 10:19:00 27:01 8:04
32 James Cappiello 10:46:02 10:22:30 23:32 7:01
33 Rich Innamorato 10:46:04 10:07:00 39:04 11:40
34 Richard Nolan 10:46:05 10:00:00 46:05 13:45
35 Tom Tobin 10:46:16 10:19:00 27:16 8:08
36 Mark Jennings 10:46:22 10:20:00 26:22 7:52
37 Frank Deleo 10:46:36 10:19:30 27:06 8:05
38 Janice Fuld 10:47:04 10:17:00 30:04 8:59
39 Claire Dougherty 10:47:14 10:17:30 29:44 8:53
40 Tom Greene 10:47:24 10:20:00 27:24 8:11
41 Aaron Koffler 10:47:31 10:10:00 37:31 11:12
42 Rhony Dostaly 10:47:53 10:21:00 26:53 8:01
43 Alan Rosenberg 10:47:55 10:13:00 34:55 10:25
44 Julie Mann 10:49:25 10:18:00 31:25 9:23
45 Kamen Yotov 10:50:31 10:20:30 30:01 8:58
46 Zoe Prawda 10:50:53 10:15:00 35:53 10:43
47 Marianne Prawda 10:53:15 10:00:00 53:15 15:54
48 Justin Wong 10:55:07 10:24:30 30:37 9:08

The Al Goldstein Speed Series Is Coming!

PPTC is gearing up for another great Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series presented by JackRabbit!   The 2014 Summer Speed Series 5K races will be held every other Wednesday evening starting on May 21, followed by June 4 and 18; July 2, 16 and 30; and August 13 and 28.  Online registration for the entire 2014 series or for any of the 8 scheduled races is available here.

Please continue to read for important changes to the staging area, course, and registration process.

For at least the first few races of the series, registration, bag check, and the post race will be at The Peristyle, adjacent to the finish line.  The starting line is just on the main drive in the park near where Parkside Ave. intersects Ocean Ave.  The nearest subway is Parkside Ave.  This map indicates these locations.

We also have a new entry fee structure for 2014. In a nutshell, we’d really like it if you register online. In order to “incentivize” you, we are increasing in-person registration at the park to $10, cash only.  This is due to the additional effort required for last-minute data entry.  It’s a lot easier for us if you sign up in advance. It helps us produce the results quicker and with much greater accuracy – improving the race for all.

Until June 3rd, you can register online for the entire series – all 8 races – for only $25.  When you pay for the entire series up front, you will receive a bib with a timing chip that you will use at each race. Bibs are non-transferable.   **If you don’t bring your bib, you will have to pay the in-person registration fee of $10.**

If you don’t want to sign up for the entire series, you can register online for any of the 8 scheduled dates, until 3 pm on each race day.  Online entry fee is $5.  You’ll still be able to make a last-minute decision to race and save some cash!

Also if you want to sign up a large group and pay all at once, please email in advance of the race.  They will be happy to accommodate you.

Number pick-up and in-person registration start at 6 pm. In person sign up closes at 6:45 pm and the race starts as soon as possible after that. We make an announcement and head to the start as a group.  Timing mats will only be at the finish line, so don’t be late. Following the race we will distribute awards at the Peristyle. Results will be posted at here.

We race rain or shine but thunderstorms make last minute cancellations a possibility. The decision to cancel will be made from the park at the start of the race.  We don’t cancel the race because of a forecast.

You don’t have to be fast to enter, but these races will help you find out how fast you can be. You don’t have to run to have fun either, instead you can support your fellow runners by being a volunteer. Email if you want to volunteer.

For all questions, please email



Good times all around at the PPTC picnic

We had perfect weather for our annual picnic on Saturday, June 15! It was a great morning for camaraderie, laughter, and catching up with friends old and new. The crush of red singlets and shirts contrasted nicely with the beautiful early-summer green of our home park.

Just before 10 a.m., Al Goldstein and Doug Olney pulled 33 slips of paper from a manila envelope, creating eleven random teams for our traditional relay race. Each participant ran or race-walked one 1.7-mile lap around Prospect Park Lake via Wellhouse Drive.

PPTC picnic warm-up

Team G, composed of speedsters Jason Fleischauer, Liesje Hodgson, and Frank DeLeo, led from start to finish. Teams J and H had a showdown coming into the finish line, with team J holding the edge for silver.

Click here for more results!

2013 Cherry Tree: hardcore, indeed

Here are the results for the individual and relay events.

Photo credit: Anne Perzeszty

We bill the annual Cherry Tree 10 Miler and 3 Person Relay as “The Race for the Hardcore”, and Sunday’s 2013 installment showed why.

The thermometer was a few ticks below freezing when the gun went off at 10 a.m. – not a big deal, really. The wind was the bigger story, its gusts of up to 50 miles per hour bringing the chill to the low teens. (Many reported the worst was the ascent up Zoo Hill.) We considered ourselves lucky, though, as the week began with the prediction of another significant winter storm.

650 individual runners and 134 relay teams completed the three loops of Prospect Park. Mike Cassidy (52:18) of Greater New York Running Club and Lauren Perkins (1:03:35) of the New York Harriers took home top solo honors, while four relay teams (two from Central Park Track Club – New Balance and two from Front Runners New York) broke the hour mark.

We’re still thawing out our fingers, so we’ll leave it at that for now. Expect to see more here and on our blog in the coming days.