New Balance Bronx 10 Mile Race Report

Race: New Balance Bronx 10 Mile

When: Sept 24, 2017

Where: Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY

Uncomfortable warm temperature and sticky humidity greeted runners on a decidedly un-fall-like day last Sunday. Was it already autumn? Who could tell? No matter, amost 15,000 runners were ready to storm the Grand Concourse, designed by an Alsatian immigrant named Louis Aloys Risse who became chief topographical engineer for the New York City government, in the Bronx.

Challenging conditions did not scare away PPTC members; 127 runners showed up, which made us the fourth largest team at the Bronx 10-Miler.

Here is Noah not racing. Imagine what he would look like if he were racing.

Congratulations to Dean Gebhardt (1:03:55), Matt Siefker (1:03:55), and Noah Devereaux (1:05:57) for being the three fastest PPTC men. Noah would like us to know that he “wasn’t really racing” the Bronx 10-Miler. He paced Captain Adam for the first 6 miles and practiced grabbing drinks from the aid station tables. For the last six miles, he felt out the paces for the upcoming Staten Island Half. In doing so, he ran an (unofficial) 5K PR and a 10K PR. If running under 66 minutes for a 10-mile race is “not really racing” for Noah, then we can’t wait to see what you can do when you are really racing. Hey team, any predictions for Noah on what he can do for the Staten Island Half?

Congratulations to Junko Matsuura (1:12:39), Leiba Rimler (1:12:41), and Holly Chase (1:14:00) for being the three fastest PPTC women.

It should also be noted that Dean’s, Junko’s, and Tyrone Sklaren‘s (1:30:43) performances garnered them a top-10 finish in their age groups.

Nothing stops PPTC!

Kudos to everyone on this illustrious PR list! Maybe the weather was warm because you guys were HOT!!!

Leiba Rimler (1:12:41) – perfect 1 min PR
Kelly Greene (1:21:44) – almost a 9-min PR
Jonathan Giles (1:11:38) – first 10-mile race
Clifford Tsao (1:19:28) – knocked 5:41 from his time last year
Issac Josephson (1:22:20) – 3:18 PR
Lisa Maya Knauer – 1:14 PR
Adam Iannazzone (1:06:36)
Rob Dekker (1:13:26)
Aung Barteaux (1:16:35) – first race running for PPTC
Sam Smullen (1:26:03)
Carlos Vazquez (1:11:59) – a minute+ faster than his 15K PR.
Michael Abrahams (1:06:44)
Jackie James (1:35:36)

Finally Murray is not the one behind the camera and our Janice is the pacer.

All photos in this post are credited to Jose Baizan.

2013 NYRR Club Point Races

Here is the list of NYRR Club Point Races for 2013. Let’s try to get as much red as we can at these in our quest for the title!


Race Date
Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K Sun, March 3
Scotland Run (10K) Sat, April 6
Brooklyn Half Sat, May 18
Oakley New York Mini 10K – WOMEN only scored Sat, June 8
Portugal Day (5M) – MEN only scored Sun, June 16
Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run (5M) Sat, June 29
Team Championships (5M) Sat, August 3
Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope Sat, September 7
NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile Presented by Nissan (1M) Sun, September 22
Grete’s Great Gallop in Support of AKTIV Foundation (13.1M) Sun, October 6
The 2013 ING New York City Marathon Sun, November 3
NYRR Ted Corbitt Classic 15K Sat, December 14

Team Target Races

Upcoming local races and NYRR Club Points races are listed on the Target Races Spreadsheet. Add your name if you plan to race with PPTC at these events and include your target pace / finish time if you’re interested in pacing with your PPTC teammates. Feel free to add other events to this spreadsheet so that we can join you on the course or cheer from the sidelines. Contact Lynda Mules or Tom Tobin (email for more information.

Solid results at Coogan’s 5K

PPTC had a good showing at Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K on Sunday. 40 members braved the hour-long trip and chilly conditions to complete the first NYRR Club Points Race of the year.

The PPTC men finished 16th overall, led by Keith Williams (17:23); this should be good for 4th or 5th in the B Division, to be confirmed. Matt Strawn (19:23), Tom Greene (19:27), Coach Tony Watson (19:40), and Gary Wang (19:50) rounded out the team scoring.

Nicole Importico (21:19) was tops for the female team, which placed 15th. Also scoring were  Dominique Gagne (21:29), Susie Teal (21:48), Valarie Hing (23:31), and Yvetta Barner (23:35).

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Run Brooklyn 2012

To encourage team racing, and support of Brooklyn races organized by local groups and organizations, we are continuing PPTC’s “Run Brooklyn” awards for 2012. PPTC members racing 6 scored Brooklyn races will be entered in a raffle for a $100 cash prize at the end of the year.

Rules for qualification:

  • To be eligible, runners must become PPTC members before July 1, and must race only for PPTC in any races they enter.
  • PPTC’s database will be the official source for tracking races. Each runner will be responsible for entering their own races.
  • Any Brooklyn based races that are officially scored will qualify.
  • Only 1 NYRR race in Brooklyn will be counted even if you ran several.
  • The 6 races MUST include at least ONE race organized by PPTC.
  • Only 1 speed series race (ie. Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series, Fort Hamilton Speed Series, etc.) will be counted, no matter how many you ran.

Sample Brooklyn races (not an exhaustive list): Brooklyn Marathon, Music That Heals 5K, Liz Padilla 5K, Irish Fair 5K, Dan’s Run 5K, Hoban 5 Miler, Coney Island 4 Miler, PPTC Turkey Trot, Coney Island Turkey Trot, NYRR Jingle Bell

There will be 5 winners selected at random at the awards gathering held in early 2013.