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2018 Cherry Tree 10-Miler & Relay Race Recap

Race: Cherry Tree 10-Miler & Relay

When:  February 18, 2018

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

We don’t call this the Race for the Hardcore for nothing! We never know what the weather might be for the weekend before Presidents Day. In 2016, it was the coldest weekend of the year and in 2017, the weather was positively balmy. What would 2018 bring? We thought we were in the clear when a last-minute winter storm blew in the night before. Fortunately for the runners, it was simply a light fall of snow and the course was cleaned up in time for the race. We were on!

Here are some of the standout PPTC performances for the Cherry Tree 10-Miler & Relay.

Top 3 Male Finishers

  1. Spencer Gallop (1:01:42)
  2. Keith Williams (1:06:02)
  3. Robert Dimock (1:06:24)

Top 3 Female Finishers

  1. Katherine Poor (1:14:02)
  2. Aungwara Barteaux (1:14:03)
  3. Holly Chase (1:14:10)

The Snobbyjoggers (Jana Trenk, Noah Devereaux, & Shan Haq) came in 2nd for the coed relay division (59:32). Team Born to Run #1 (sorry, I don’t have your names, please identify yourselves!) came in 1st for the masters relay division (1:09:48).


  • Hannah McCormick came in 3rd (20-29) at 1:15:30.
  • Pam Ritchie came in 3rd (50-59) at 1:19:30 (this was also a PR!)
  • Claire Dougherty came in 2nd (60-69) at 1:39:05.
  • Charlene Kohler-Britton came in 3rd (60-69) at 1:45:53.


  • Suriah Fattah (1:31:04 – over 9-min PR – thanks to Coach Tony & Coach Charlene)
  • John McElroy (1:00:17)
  • Eliza Varner (1:20:46)

If you missed Larry Sillen’s photos of the event, don’t worry, you can get to them right here.

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PPTC 2017 Fall & Winter Racing Recaps

Happy 2018!

PPTC finished out an amazing year full of fun, races, good times, and great friends. It’s been heartwarming to see all the shout-outs from our members thanking the club and more importantly, the wonderful people in PPTC, for the pushing them to become better runners, whether it be running faster, chasing after PRs, increasing mileage, becoming more consistent, running happily, or simply just being out there. Running is a personal journey and it’s about what YOU want it to be. We’re happy to simply be a part of it.

We wanted to give kudos to our members who ran excellent races all throughout fall and winter of 2017, but haven’t received a spotlight on their accomplishments and to thank our hardworking members who volunteered at the Holiday Party and at Harry’s Handicap.

Mary Turnbach
Marine Corp Marathon
Ran for Semper Fi Charity Team

Jason Smith
Queens Half Marathon
Hannah Southworth
2017 Rock n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon

Johnny Nuzzela

Philadelphia Marathon
PR/BQ & ran faster than Nick Symmonds’s marathon debut (3:00:35)
Johnny Nuzzela
Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon
PR/First race in hometown
Rachel G.

Queens Half Marathon
First HM/PR

Ulla Griffiths
Queens Half Marathon
The first half marathon since 2013. Not a PR, but just glad that I am back at it after 4 years break from racing.

Donna Newton
Al Goldstein 5K 6/21/17
Note: We included it here, since it was Donna ran this before we started regularly featuring members’ races.
Chris Fischer
NYC Runs Cocoa Classic 5K
2nd AG/8th overall
Chris Fischer
Queens RR Turkey Trot 5M
1st AG/7th overallChris Fischer
Happy Jack 5K

1st overall
Matthew Imberman
Trimera Sports Holiday Half Marathon
3rd AG (35-39)/10th overall.
Geovani Valerio
East Brunswick 5K
6th overall

Yulia Yomantayte

Philadelphia Marathon
Leiba Rimler
Passaic Chanukah 5K
1st overall
Lillian Park
Passaic Chanukah 5K
3rd overall
Sara Devine
Passaic Chanukah 5K
1st AG (35-39)/5th overall
Chaya Wolf
Passaic Chanukah 5K
1st AG (30-34)/7th overall
Adam Devine
Passaic Chanukah 5K
3rd overall
Etan Levavi
4th overall
Ben Collier
8th overall
Andrei Fluerasu
20th overall for men
PaFoua Hang
18th overall for women
Lillian Park
Lee Bong Ju Day 5K Run
PR/2nd overall for women
Lillian Park
Wineglass Half Marathon
3-min PR
Lillian Park
California International Marathon
14-min PR & BQ
James Cooper
Baystate Marathon
1-hr PR & BQ
Hilary Pauli
Richmond Marathon
30-min PR
Jimmy Leung
Snowball 5 Mile Run
3rd AG (50-54)
Jimmy Leung
NYC Turkey Trot 5K
1st AG (50-54)
Holly Chase
NYRR Ted Corbitt 15K
Joyce Keener
Jingle Bell Jog 5k
Congratulations to PPTC for coming in 1st for the NYRR Open Women B Group, 3rd for the NYRR Open Men B Group, & 3rd for NYRR 70+ Men.
Big thank you to our volunteers!!!
Holiday Party
Adam Devine
Alison Donnelly
Crystal Cun
Holly Chase
Linus Ly
Murray Rosenblith
Nick Cohen
Oren Efrati
PaFoua Hang
Eric Levenstein
Lisa Maya Knauer
Harry’s Handicap
Jennie Matz
Isaac Josephson
Andy Wong
Jane Yau
Kristen Socks
Donna Newton
Katie Wersdale
Julio Zanale
Anne Perzeszty
Mark Guralnick
Linus Ly
Geoffrey Gertz
Robert Dimock
Lisa Maya Knauer
Rachel G.
Tom Meany
Crystal Cun
Amy Sowder
Trish McNaughton
Eric Levenstein
Michael Ring 
Sara Devine
Kind words from Abigail Myers: Just want to thank the club for all the support as I ran my first marathon! I ran NYC and was so grateful for the speed workouts, the Last 10 Miles run, and all the fun at Camp PPTC at Fort Wadsworth. It was a great experience and I’m thankful to have been part of it with PPTC.

Bitter winds no match for warm spirits

Photo by Pamela Quinlan.
Photo from Pamela Quinlan.

Over 2,200 runners braved the cold to cross the finish line in this morning’s Turkey Trot! The event was sponsored by JackRabbit Sports, supported by New York Methodist Hospital, and organized in partnership with the track teams of Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School.

You can find results here.

News 12 Brooklyn was in attendance and broadcast a piece on the event!

If you enjoyed the Trot, consider joining us as a member of PPTC! Click here for the details.

Blog wrap:

This runner really liked our turkey-shaped medals (so did we!) – and because she didn’t get one (sign up early!), this runner had some “trot envy”.

Another was scared of the wind but knocked out a really great PR (congrats!).

We’ll join RoseTintedVisor in saying, “YAAYYYYYYYY.”

Two of these runners started their “Holiday Streaks” off in our park! Glad you had a good time (and enjoyed the hot chocolate)!

Some photos from Team Runstreet.

Also from our new friend Larry Sillen there are 2 huge collections of photos, they can be seen here and here.

PPTC recaps from this year’s ING New York City Marathon

Carla Benton:

Yesterday was a great day, despite not running the race I had trained for. My twin sister, Emilia, was here from Houston and we had planned to run together to shoot for my first sub-4. It was the fourth marathon for each of us, but the first time we’d ever run the same one. Unfortunately, my lower body revolted early in the game, and the second half of the race was definitely a physical struggle. Nonetheless, being a part of PPTC certainly made it more enjoyable. As a brand-new member, I was hesitant to wear the singlet for the marathon without being able to test it out for potential chafing issues. In the end I decided to risk it, and I’m so glad I did! Hearing “Go, Prospect Park!” and “Go, PPTC!” all along the course and from fellow club members running was a major boost, especially when the going got particularly tough. New Yorkers are such amazing cheerleaders. Thanks to them, and thanks to PPTC, Emilia and I were able to keep pushing though, and we made it to that finish line hand in hand for the last 100 yards.

Abe Velez:

This native Manhattanite ran his first marathon yesterday. It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. And it was awesome.

And the people of PPTC really helped to make the day! The whole community and camaraderie of it all, the bus, the post-race scene at the school…great, great, great! My 5-year-old daughter was already happily clambering about on the playground as I mummy-walked in from 77th St.

The memory of the “Final 10” really did help, but…holy Toledo was it tough as I rounded back down from the Bronx. Forget about “3 miles to go” kind of thinking — this was “one foot in front of the other” thinking like I’d never had to do before.

Thank you all!!

Michael Ring:

Aditi Naik:

The biggest takeaway that I have from the NYC marathon is how amazing being a member of PPTC is. I would have never been able to run any portion of the marathon without the amazing support of PPTC.

The NYC marathon wasn’t my finest race. You would think that after two previous marathons, I would have been able to get things figured out. On race day however, my nutrition failed me, I struggled, I booted and rallied and was miserable. All I could focus on as I made my way through the boroughs were how proud I was to hear “Go PPTC!” along the course. When I hobbled into the PS 87 cafeteria after my most miserable race ever, to cheers and applause, I burst into tears. I realized that I would have not changed a single thing (except for maybe the whole throwing up thing).

I have made amazing friends, trained with some of the best training partners and coach, improved my running and it is all because of PPTC.

The NYC marathon will go down in my running books as the best/worst race I have ever run. I will have my revenge on the course one day, but for now, I am just happy to be a member of PPTC and to keep running and cheering my friends on as they continue to amaze me with their amazing running prowess.


My first marathon!

It has taken 6 years for me to get to this point.

Starting with the bus and waiting in Staten Island with my teamates was an amazing expariance the time went so fast, at the start and hearing the official song of the marathon “New York, New York” made it real for me, the crowds in Brooklyn made me feel like a rock star, the first 15 miles went so fast until mile 23 were I had a small episode, but I pushed on and I was able to Finish!

The warm welcome at the school made the race for me, I am very thankful to PPTC for all they have done to make my dream a reality.

Yves Roger:

My first thought is how different a race is the marathon, you have to be really prepared, know how to supply your body with essential nutrients before and during, do the training before hand, it is a job!
Another though is that I do not think I would have done it without my teammates who help me when 3 weeks before the race I could not run 1/4 of a mile, during the race asking me how I was doing and finally that warm welcome at the school!

Yet another, BROOKLYN rocks big time, I love all the people along the race, they were great and reachable, Manhattan felt distant but it could be that by that time I was just focusing on finishing the race and not making contact with the crowd!

Drew Butler:

Jessica Bari:

This was my first full marathon — and might as well let it be the NYC Marathon! I was sidelined by the doctor from running last winter and spring — and in physical therapy until June. I NEVER thought I’d be able to run the marathon in November. With a good PT I made a training plan and got (and kept) my head straight with training a slow and steady race focusing on reaching new distance goals — verses new time goals. It’s a pretty humbling experience to train slow, focus on the distance and listen to what my body was healthy doing.

I had an incredible tour of New York City on November 3rd. I took in all the colors of that gorgeous fall day — smiled and teared up probably every other mile when I saw friends and my Minnesota family out on the race course. I’d say I was even overwhelmed at times by the people cheering my name. I heard about the crowds but never imagined how much energy they’d add to my run. SIDE NOTE: I had my name on my shirt — and, I don’t know why, I got a lot of “Yeah Jessica Baby”. ??? I mean I loved being called “Jessica Baby” but it’s kind of hilarious.

Anyways, I finished my first marathon! I reached my goal and I didn’t further injuries during training or during the race day.

And I think marathons must kind of work for me because, even with these janky sore legs, I already want to run next year. 🙂

Attached is my favorite photo from the race. It’s me, Jessica Baby, hugging my big sister at mile 18.

Share your PPTC Marathon experience!

Hi, team! Wow, what a day yesterday.

We’re collecting vignettes about members’ experiences. Send a paragraph or two to news at pptc dot org and let us know how it went! Do it now, while the race is fresh in your memory.

If you ran: Congratulations! I hope you don’t live in a fifth-floor walk-up.

If you cheered: Thanks for your support! You made things so much easier – and dare I say, perhaps more fun – for 111 PPTCers and thousands of other runners.

If you did neither: Did you do something fun otherwise?

Hope to see you all tonight at our monthly meeting! 7 p.m., Park Slope Ale House (6th Avenue and 5th Street, NW corner). President Meany has offered to personally escort each runner down the stairs.

Weekend Preview: July 13-14

by Chayale Wolf
Hey teammates! Anyone racing this weekend? Seems like a quiet weekend around NYC this weekend and perhaps a bit cooler one as well!
NYRR is having the MLB All-Star 5K Benefiting Sandy Relief in our home turf this Saturday in Prospect Park. Will you be coming out to support our fellow New Yorkers?
Elsewhere in the city NYCRUNS is hosting their next Shore Road Summer Classic 5k/10k races on Sunday.
…and of course, the New York City Triathalon is on Sunday. Do we have any members racing and wearing their PPTC colors?
FGR is running tonight from Prospect Park to Coney Island. Bring a friend and have fun!
Happy running and have a great weekend! Tell us below where you are running or racing!

Long weekend, short races

What’s up, team? Are you, too, having the worst … Monday … ever?

With July 4 on a Thursday this year, many New Yorkers took the opportunity to escape the city for an extended period of time. Hoping for cooler climes in the mountains and by the shore, they found the mercury pushing triple digits everywhere. Not a great way to ease into marathon training – or for running a “four on the Fourth”!

All weekend I kept getting jealous of what I had heard about Wednesday night’s Speed Series. A downpour kept things cool for the 192 finishers (amazing) – and powered our very own Lynda Mules to victory on the women’s side! Congrats, Lynda!

How did you beat the heat this weekend? Did you run the NYCRUNS Firecracker 5K or 10K? Did you turn a community July 4th race into an “easy run” after flaming out after 2 miles? Sound off in the comments!

Getting ready for July 4

It’s the longest weekend of the year, and a few local races will whet your appetite for speed!

Tonight PPTC hosts the fourth Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series presented by JackRabbit. That will kick off a little after 7:00; we’re expecting a large out-of-town contingent.

Tomorrow NYCRUNS holds the Firecracker 5K and 10K on Roosevelt Island.

Not to mention the host of “Four on the Fourth” events happening in a town probably very close to wherever you’ll be tomorrow morning.

What’s up for the weekend, PPTC? Let us know in the comments.

Weekend Recap: June 15-16

For many PPTCers, Sunday was not only a day to celebrate our favorite Dads, but also a chance to kick out some fast races!

Over in San Francisco, three club members participated in The San Francisco Marathon weekend. Thanks to our trusty Facebook page, these runners were able to keep a look out for each other and offer cheers out on the course. Congratulations to Glen Gregorio, who ran the 2nd Half Marathon (1:58:01), and Arnulfo Flores (3:31:30) and David Simandl (3:48:31) who both completed the full marathon!

Up in Central Park, PPTC had a successful morning at the Portugal Day 5M. 42 club members covered the course. The mens team placed 14th out of a competitive 37 open team competition, 15th in the 40+ division, 12th in 50+, and 5th in 60+. Our top four men (Michael Olzinski, Sean Micka, Rusty Singletary, and Matt Knecht) all ran sub 31 minutes! The women were no slouch either, with Anna Tattan placing 6th woman overall (32:49), and Lynda Mules placing 2nd in her age group (34:32).

Congrats to everyone who raced– please comment and let us know how it went for you!

Weekend Recap: June 1-2

The Brooklyn Triple Crown Series kicked off Sunday with the Kenny Dolan Memorial 5K in Prospect Park. According to NYCRUNS, it was a fast race– the top two finishers were sub-15:00! Congratulations to several PPTCers who scored age-group awards. Linda Ewing took top female age 50-59 (22:27) and Maggie Deschamps took top female age 40-49 (22:37). William Abrams was the first club member to cross the finish (20:53), plus he scored 6th place in his highly competitive age group (male 13-15). PPTC’s Open Male team (William Abrams, George Feely, Jason Windal) and Open Female team (Emily Dougherty, Regina Cahill, Jill Gregory) both earned 6th place. Our Female Masters squad (Linda Ewing, Maggie Deschamps, Danielle Hansen) claimed 1st place, and our Male Masters team (Dan Dougherty, Frank Deleo, Arthur Gonzalez) took 4th. See all

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the results here!

NYRR’s Celebrate Israel (4M) took place in Central Park on Sunday. It was a sold out event and a super hot one, despite the early start. Anyone PR in the heat?
Congrats to Tyrone Sklaren who came in 7th in his age group with a time of 33:09. Cheers to Ernie Hershey who led PPTC with a time of 27:31 followed by Neil Dubnoff with a time of 28:23.

If you ran we want to hear about it!

Hope to see you cheering, running or volunteering at PPTC’s Al Goldstein’s 5K race in Prospect Park on Wednesday, National Running Day!

Have an awesome week!