Coached Speed Workouts – Autumn 2016

Want to get faster, stronger and more efficient in your running?  Do you want to improve your running form, learn more about injury prevention, stretching and strengthening drills? Coach Tony Watson and Assistant Coach Charlene Kohler-Britton offer 10 week speed work sessions for $50 that includes all the above, and more.

The next 10-week sessions start on September 13 & 15. Sessions are offered for beginner/slower runners (Thursdays) and experienced/faster runners(Tuesday). You must be a PPTC members 18 years of age or older. The training sessions will meet each week at 7:00 PM and held in Prospect Park, at the Red Hook Track. In later November, the clinic will be moved into the Park Slope Armory

While the Speed Clinics are geared to all runners who favor all distances, they are also an excellent way to perfect your goal for those planning for a fall marathon.

Register here. (Note, an active membership in the Prospect Park Track Club is required to participate in this program.)

Each week a suggested training program will be sent by email after each session. Each includes a program for those runners training for 10K distance and under, as well as a program for those who are training for half to full marathons.

Attached you will find the Info Sheet that we need each runner to complete, even if you’ve run with the coached speed program before. Please carry it with you for your first session and we will collect them before we begin. If the speed workouts are new to you, please bring your race history (2014-present).

Again, we wish you a warm welcome and look forward to working with each of you.

Coach Tony & Charlene