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PPTC Race Results for 2018 NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K

Once again, much thanks and gratitude to Logan Yu of NBR for providing this report to us.

Date and Time: March 4, 2018, 9:00 AM
Location: Washington Heights, NYC
Weather: 40 Degrees, 58% Humidity, wind 14 mph with gusts of 22mph.

Open Men

19th Place 01:34:52
Johnny Nuzzela 00:17:03
Noah Devereaux 00:17:55
Seth Reznik 00:19:33
Dan Ubilla 00:19:56
Adam Devine 00:20:25


Open Women

18th Place 01:57:09
Patricia Daly 00:20:54
Shao Ling Tong 00:22:56
Yulia Yomantayte 00:23:48
Camilla Gale 00:23:59
Jennifer Shirazi 00:25:32

Masters Men (40+)

19th Place 01:04:15
Matt Knecht 00:21:16
Carlos Vazquez 00:21:25
Anthony Watson 00:21:34

Masters Women (40+)

24th Place 01:22:54
Valarie Hing 00:25:33
Tanya Saltzman 00:28:19
Mary Turnbach 00:29:02

Grand Masters Men (50+)

14th Place 01:12:38
Anthony Watson 00:21:34
Sam Smullen 00:23:02
David Coleman 00:28:02

Grand Masters Women (50+)

17th Place 01:37:25
Mary Turnbach 00:29:02
Charlene Kohler-britton 00:30:33
Kathleen Lewis 00:37:50

Senior Grand Masters Men (60+)

8th Place 01:27:51
David Coleman 00:28:02
Murray Rosenblith 00:29:54
Michael Koplin 00:29:55


PRs (15)

*by NYRR races only

Name PR Time Previous Best Time Previous Best Race Previous Best Date
Johnny Nuzzela 17:03 17:38 2017 Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run 2017-08-26
Noah Devereaux 17:55 18:58 2017 NYRR Brooklyn R-U-N 5K 2017-07-17
Seth Reznik 19:33 22:20 2017 NYRR Jingle Bell Jog (5K) 2017-12-02
Dan Ubilla 19:56 20:18 2016 Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run 2016-08-27
Rob Dekker 20:35 21:02 NYRR Bronx 5K 2015-09-27
Brian Curtin 20:49 22:53 2017 Abbott Dash to the Finish 5K 2017-11-04
Michael Mcgowan 21:10 21:41 NYRR Virtual Resolution Run 5K 2018-01-15
Scott Wade 21:20 22:34 2017 NYRR Jingle Bell Jog (5K) 2017-12-02
Carlos Vazquez 21:25 21:46 2017 NYRR R-U-N 5K 2017-07-27
Shao Ling Tong 22:56 26:14 2016 Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run 2016-08-27
Yulia Yomantayte 23:48 24:33 2017 Abbott Dash to the Finish 5K 2017-11-04
David Oxley 24:53 25:33 2016 Abbott Dash to the Finish 5K 2016-11-05
Katie Dadarria 25:40 27:52 2017 NYRR Jingle Bell Jog (5K) 2017-12-02
Rebecca Wolkiewicz 27:06 28:17 2017 Abbott Dash to the Finish 5K 2017-11-04
Murray Rosenblith 29:54 30:27 2016 Percy Sutton Harlem 5K Run 2016-08-27

Age Group Top Ten (1)

*actual AG places. NYRR sometimes removes elites and prize money winners from Age Group Awards so NYRR AG places might be higher. If you are close to top 3, check the NYRR official results page. And for claiming top 3 award plaques, submit the form at https://help.nyrr.org/customer/portal/articles/1936966-claiming-age-group-awards

Age Place Name Age Gender Time
4 Charlene Kohler-britton 66 f 30:33

First race with PPTC! (4)

Knox Martin
Rebecca Wolkiewicz
Diana Richardson
Rosemarie Cortijo

First NYRR 3.1M Race (4)

Camilla Gale
Andrea Baldi
Kayley Hoffman
Rosemarie Cortijo

46 Total Finishers

Women (21)

Overall Gender Age Name Gender Pace Net Time Age AG Gender AG Percent City State Country
537 79 26 Patricia Daly f 06:44 20:54 29 130 70.69 brooklyn ny usa
1040 193 52 Shao Ling Tong f 07:23 22:56 25 290 64.43 brooklyn ny usa
1285 255 69 Yulia Yomantayte f 07:40 23:48 32 380 62.14 brooklyn ny rus
1357 276 75 Camilla Gale f 07:44 23:59 34 404 61.84 brooklyn ny usa
1876 461 84 Jennifer Shirazi f 08:13 25:32 39 562 59.13 brooklyn ny usa
1885 465 32 Valarie Hing f 08:14 25:33 49 304 64.01 brooklyn ny guy
1928 484 108 Katie Dadarria f 08:16 25:40 31 663 57.58 brooklyn ny usa
2413 713 130 Holly Goddu f 08:42 27:00 35 898 55.06 brooklyn ny usa
2452 734 171 Rebecca Wolkiewicz f 08:44 27:06 27 955 54.51 west babylon ny usa
2526 772 140 Christy Johnson f 08:49 27:22 36 958 54.50 brooklyn ny usa
2834 929 174 Diana Richardson f 09:05 28:13 35 1118 52.69 brooklyn ny usa
2868 945 123 Tanya Saltzman f 09:07 28:19 41 1003 53.91 brooklyn ny usa
2950 979 179 Michelle Starr f 09:11 28:32 39 1102 52.90 brooklyn ny usa
3116 1078 32 Mary Turnbach f 09:21 29:02 56 447 60.91 brooklyn ny usa
3286 1179 244 Kayley Hoffman f 09:31 29:34 31 1413 49.97 brooklyn ny usa
3537 1332 4 Charlene Kohler-britton f 09:50 30:33 66 247 65.48 brooklyn ny usa
3608 1379 284 Abby Horowitz f 09:57 30:54 30 1619 47.81 brooklyn ny usa
3629 1393 259 Heather Isiminger f 09:59 30:59 37 1565 48.29 brooklyn ny usa
3748 1470 294 Amelia Vogler f 10:08 31:28 29 1705 46.94 brooklyn ny usa
4841 2225 70 Kathleen Lewis f 12:11 37:50 58 1615 47.83 brooklyn ny usa
5155 2441 230 Rosemarie Cortijo f 13:38 42:19 48 2406 38.22 brooklyn ny usa


Men (25)

Overall Gender Age Name Gender Pace Net Time Age AG Gender AG Percent City State Country
72 72 31 Johnny Nuzzela m 05:30 17:03 28 122 76.20 brooklyn ny usa
142 135 38 Noah Devereaux m 05:46 17:55 32 201 73.12 brooklyn ny usa
311 277 49 Seth Reznik m 06:18 19:33 36 373 68.27 brooklyn ny usa
357 313 91 Dan Ubilla m 06:25 19:56 32 496 65.70 brooklyn ny usa
441 381 71 Adam Devine m 06:35 20:25 35 545 64.97 brooklyn ny usa
470 404 90 Rob Dekker m 06:38 20:35 27 708 63.11 brooklyn ny usa
517 443 129 Brian Curtin m 06:42 20:49 33 705 63.14 brooklyn ny usa
582 495 84 Ernie Hershey m 06:47 21:05 38 616 64.15 brooklyn ny usa
613 520 90 Michael Mcgowan m 06:49 21:10 37 684 63.44 brooklyn ny usa
633 537 57 Matt Knecht m 06:51 21:16 43 486 65.86 jersey city nj usa
641 544 156 Scott Wade m 06:52 21:20 33 835 61.63 brooklyn ny usa
661 563 63 Carlos Vazquez m 06:54 21:25 42 549 64.96 brooklyn ny usa
702 596 12 Anthony Watson m 06:57 21:34 59 191 73.44 brooklyn ny usa
770 650 117 Jason Fleischauer m 07:02 21:50 38 809 61.93 brooklyn ny usa
1068 869 22 Sam Smullen m 07:25 23:02 56 420 67.14 brooklyn ny usa
1179 954 103 Robert Demasco m 07:34 23:29 46 879 61.00 brooklyn ny usa
1351 1077 162 Knox Martin m 07:43 23:58 26 1489 54.18 brooklyn ny usa
1659 1266 177 David Oxley m 08:01 24:53 42 1325 55.89 brooklyn ny aus
1675 1278 182 Douglas Gordon m 08:02 24:56 43 1291 56.20 brooklyn ny usa
1677 1280 146 James Wengler m 08:02 24:56 49 1065 58.73 brooklyn ny usa
1934 1449 204 Andrea Baldi m 08:16 25:41 41 1522 53.78 brooklyn ny ita
2770 1883 49 David Coleman m 09:02 28:02 61 1192 57.44 brooklyn ny usa
3375 2146 37 Murray Rosenblith m 09:38 29:54 66 1293 56.20 brooklyn ny usa
3379 2147 12 Michael Koplin m 09:38 29:55 70 1091 58.41 brooklyn ny usa
3473 2182 260 Javier Potes m 09:45 30:15 47 2093 47.69 brooklyn ny usa

PPTC Race Results for 2018 NYRR Al Gordon 4M

Much gratitude to Logan Yu of North Brooklyn Runners for creating this race report.

PPTC Race Results for 2018 NYRR Al Gordon 4M

Date and Time: February 24, 2018, 8:00 AM
Location: Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Weather: 48 Degrees F, Humidity 80%, Wind 07mph

Open Men

8th Place 02:05:29
Etan Levavi 00:23:46
Robert Dimock 00:25:00
Joseph Iannazzone 00:25:10
Ben Crowder 00:25:43
Seth Reznik 00:25:50


Open Women

3rd Place 02:24:18
Mai Truong 00:27:48
Carmen Cramer 00:28:12
Lindsay Turley 00:29:09
Camilla Gale 00:29:27
Pam Ritchie 00:29:42


Masters Men (40+)

6th Place 01:17:48
Robert Dimock 00:25:00
Jason Smith 00:26:09
Brian Schwartz 00:26:39


Masters Women (40+)

1st Place 01:32:07
Pam Ritchie 00:29:42
Marcia Brown 00:31:12
Kirsty Carroll 00:31:13


Grand Masters Men (50+)

3rd Place 01:25:20
Anthony Watson 00:27:40
Timothy Shields 00:28:31
Tom Sheridan 00:29:09


Grand Masters Women (50+)

1st Place 01:34:46
Pam Ritchie 00:29:42
Marcia Brown 00:31:12
Eliza Evans 00:33:52


Senior Grand Masters Men (60+)

2nd Place 01:45:00
Tyrone Sklaren 00:33:36
Marc Silverman 00:35:28
Frank Deleo 00:35:56


Senior Grand Masters Women (60+)

1st Place 01:50:26
Marcia Brown 00:31:12
Donna Newton 00:39:04
Charlene Kohler-britton 00:40:10


PRs (34)

*by NYRR races only

Name PR Time Previous Best Time Previous Best Race Previous Best Date
Joseph Iannazzone 25:10 26:51 2016 Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M) 2016-06-26
Ben Crowder 25:43 27:15 2017 Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M) 2017-06-25
Seth Reznik 25:50 26:36 2018 NYRR Gridiron 4M 2018-02-04
Ben Allison 26:05 30:56 NYRR Gridiron 4M 2015-02-01
Jason Smith 26:09 31:06 Niketown Run for the Parks 1998-04-04
Dan Ubilla 26:12 26:58 2016 City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks (4M) 2016-04-10
Rob Dekker 26:36 27:12 2017 1 for You 1 for Youth 2017-07-08
Adam Devine 26:38 27:42 2016 Gridiron 4M 2016-02-07
Brian Schwartz 26:39 27:08 2016 NYRR Al Gordon 4M 2016-02-20
Scott Wade 27:47 28:57 2018 NYRR Gridiron 4M 2018-02-04
Carmen Cramer 28:12 29:28 Jingle Bell Jog 2013-12-07
Nicholas Cohen 28:15 28:39 2017 Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M) 2017-06-25
Lindsay Turley 29:09 29:11 2016 NYRR Al Gordon 4M 2016-02-20
Sam Smullen 29:18 31:22 2017 NYRR Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M 2017-02-25
Camilla Gale 29:27 31:33 Jingle Bell Jog 2013-12-07
Robert Demasco 29:39 30:01 2016 City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks (4M) 2016-04-10
Pam Ritchie 29:42 31:05 2017 NYRR Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M 2017-02-25
Jimmy Leung 29:56 32:03 2017 1 for You 1 for Youth 2017-07-08
Kirsty Carroll 31:13 31:35 2017 NYRR Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M 2017-02-25
David Oxley 31:14 31:41 2017 Race to Deliver 4M 2017-11-19
Isaac Josephson 31:20 31:41 2017 NYRR Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M 2017-02-25
Conlan O’rourke 32:01 32:59 2017 Run as One (4M) Presented by JPMorgan Chase 2017-04-23
Courtney Newhouse 32:56 33:08 2017 NYRR Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M 2017-02-25
Hilary Pauli 33:47 35:12 2017 Run as One (4M) Presented by JPMorgan Chase 2017-04-23
Eliza Evans 33:52 36:15 2017 Race to Deliver 4M 2017-11-19
Michael Kaltenborn 34:08 36:15 2017 Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe (4M) Brought to You by UnitedHealth 2017-04-01
Jessica Shahpar 35:42 36:10 2018 NYRR Gridiron 4M 2018-02-04
Jacqueline James 36:06 36:37 2017 Achilles Hope & Possibility (4M) 2017-06-25
David Der Sarkisian 36:51 37:07 NYRR Gridiron Classic 2012-02-05
Murray Rosenblith 38:35 39:33 NYRR Retro 4-Miler 2016-06-05
Kayley Hoffman 38:46 38:54 2017 Run as One (4M) Presented by JPMorgan Chase 2017-04-23
Jessica Bari 40:39 42:36 2017 NYRR Al Gordon Brooklyn 4M 2017-02-25
Vanessa Russell 42:26 43:30 2016 Run as One (4M) Presented by JPMorgan Chase 2016-04-24
Lisa Maya Knauer 44:49 46:56 2016 NYRR Al Gordon 4M 2016-02-20


Age Group Top Ten (12)

*actual AG places. NYRR sometimes removes elites and prize money winners from Age Group Awards so NYRR AG places might be higher. If you are close to top 3, check the NYRR official results page. And for claiming top 3 award plaques, submit the form at https://help.nyrr.org/customer/portal/articles/1936966-claiming-age-group-awards

Age Place Name Age Gender Time
7 Anthony Watson 59 m 27:40
10 Mai Truong 33 f 27:48
1 Pam Ritchie 53 f 29:42
1 Marcia Brown 61 f 31:12
10 Yvetta Barner 47 f 31:47
1 Tyrone Sklaren 70 m 33:36
9 Eliza Evans 50 f 33:52
9 Michael Koplin 70 m 38:45
5 Donna Newton 60 f 39:04
3 Charlene Kohler-britton 66 f 40:10
4 Francisca Daza 73 f 1:01:38
5 Mollie Spiegel 75 f 1:04:33


First race with PPTC! (15)

Ben Crowder
Jason Smith
Mirza Rahman
Sebastian Kaupert
Conlan O’rourke
Jennifer Nalewicki
Andrea Baldi
Courtney Newhouse
Eliza Evans
Michael Kaltenborn
David Der Sarkisian
Kayley Hoffman
Donna Newton
Alexis Davidson
Adam Rabiner

First NYRR 4.0M Race (10)

Robert Dimock
Evan Stone
Fraser Reid
Mirza Rahman
Michael Mcgowan
Carlos Vazquez
Rachel Guinn
Isabel Burton
Jennifer Nalewicki
Andrea Baldi

125 Total Finishers

Women (52)

Overall Gender Age Name Gender Pace Net Time Age AG Gender AG Percent City State Country
447 54 10 Mai Truong f 06:57 27:48 33 76 69.08 brooklyn ny usa
505 62 14 Carmen Cramer f 07:03 28:12 35 87 68.40 brooklyn ny usa
708 108 20 Lindsay Turley f 07:18 29:09 39 110 67.20 brooklyn ny usa
786 126 31 Camilla Gale f 07:22 29:27 34 161 65.30 brooklyn ny usa
827 138 1 Pam Ritchie f 07:26 29:42 53 18 74.94 brooklyn ny usa
1161 224 1 Marcia Brown f 07:48 31:12 61 11 78.65 brooklyn ny usa
1165 226 15 Kirsty Carroll f 07:49 31:13 44 175 64.86 brooklyn ny gbr
1210 239 60 Rachel Guinn f 07:51 31:24 30 330 60.99 brooklyn ny usa
1309 277 10 Yvetta Barner f 07:57 31:47 47 151 65.50 brooklyn ny usa
1380 309 50 Isabel Burton f 08:01 32:01 38 341 60.89 brooklyn ny usa
1411 319 12 Valarie Hing f 08:02 32:08 49 132 66.19 brooklyn ny guy
1549 369 55 Jennifer Nalewicki f 08:10 32:40 37 434 59.42 brooklyn ny usa
1553 370 56 Jane Yoon f 08:11 32:41 35 469 59.00 brooklyn ny usa
1619 390 123 Courtney Newhouse f 08:14 32:56 28 520 58.15 brooklyn ny usa
1621 392 125 Martina Rudolf f 08:15 32:57 25 522 58.13 brooklyn ny usa
1751 447 68 Jennifer Shirazi f 08:21 33:24 38 508 58.37 brooklyn ny usa
1790 468 126 Joyce Campos f 08:23 33:32 33 593 57.24 brooklyn ny usa
1864 496 136 Hilary Pauli f 08:27 33:47 32 633 56.75 brooklyn ny usa
1882 507 140 Leslie Brand f 08:28 33:50 32 648 56.67 brooklyn ny usa
1890 511 9 Eliza Evans f 08:28 33:52 50 222 63.50 brooklyn ny usa
1910 518 40 Tanya Saltzman f 08:29 33:56 41 507 58.37 brooklyn ny usa
2021 559 85 Holly Goddu f 08:35 34:17 35 678 56.26 brooklyn ny usa
2043 564 34 Isabel Santiago-gordon f 08:36 34:22 46 399 59.97 brooklyn ny usa
2111 596 92 Christy Johnson f 08:39 34:36 36 709 55.91 brooklyn ny usa
2465 765 187 Jessica Shahpar f 08:56 35:42 31 924 53.66 brooklyn ny usa
2487 775 70 Holly Cohen f 08:57 35:47 43 687 56.14 brooklyn ny usa
2571 820 128 Amanda Labusohr f 09:01 36:03 35 943 53.49 brooklyn ny usa
2585 830 24 Jacqueline James f 09:02 36:06 51 376 60.27 brooklyn ny usa
2667 877 137 Amy Greenwood f 09:06 36:21 36 975 53.20 brooklyn ny usa
2745 920 90 Carrie Goldberg f 09:10 36:38 40 913 53.76 brooklyn ny usa
3050 1089 107 Jennifer Brown f 09:26 37:43 43 969 53.27 brooklyn ny usa
3099 1116 275 Marisa Russell f 09:28 37:51 33 1245 50.72 brooklyn ny usa
3129 1131 185 Michelle Starr f 09:29 37:56 39 1132 51.64 brooklyn ny usa
3336 1251 316 Kayley Hoffman f 09:42 38:46 31 1419 49.42 brooklyn ny usa
3419 1303 5 Donna Newton f 09:46 39:04 60 283 62.02 brooklyn ny usa
3651 1448 3 Charlene Kohler-britton f 10:03 40:10 66 164 65.27 brooklyn ny usa
3666 1456 402 Amelia Vogler f 10:04 40:15 29 1615 47.59 brooklyn ny usa
3730 1499 260 Jessica Bari f 10:10 40:39 38 1578 47.96 brooklyn ny usa
3890 1608 428 Alaina Waagner f 10:23 41:31 28 1758 46.13 brooklyn ny usa
4041 1712 167 Vanessa Russell f 10:37 42:26 42 1672 46.99 brooklyn ny usa
4285 1876 189 Leslie Carrion f 11:05 44:17 44 1796 45.73 brooklyn ny usa
4307 1894 138 Robin Hessman f 11:08 44:31 45 1788 45.87 brooklyn ny usa
4340 1919 16 Lisa Maya Knauer f 11:13 44:49 61 799 54.75 brooklyn ny usa
4600 2087 508 Nadia Santos f 12:03 48:11 34 2177 39.91 brooklyn ny usa
4619 2101 221 Yanira Sanchez f 12:09 48:36 43 2106 41.33 brooklyn ny usa
4714 2165 370 Caryl Pierre f 12:30 49:57 38 2214 39.02 brooklyn ny usa
4721 2169 371 Lisa Neesemann f 12:32 50:05 35 2246 38.51 brooklyn ny usa
4882 2285 183 Jin Min Oh f 13:34 54:16 48 2233 38.76 brooklyn ny usa
4903 2301 45 Kathleen Lewis f 13:41 54:44 58 2000 43.17 brooklyn ny usa
4930 2319 31 Janet Gottlieb f 14:01 56:02 63 1864 44.94 brooklyn ny usa
5033 2396 4 Francisca Daza f 15:25 1:01:38 73 1669 47.05 brooklyn ny usa
5054 2408 5 Mollie Spiegel f 16:09 1:04:33 75 1743 46.32 brooklyn ny usa


Men (73)

Overall Gender Age Name Gender Pace Net Time Age AG Gender AG Percent City State Country
73 67 12 Etan Levavi m 05:57 23:46 26 119 71.12 brooklyn ny usa
123 113 12 Robert Dimock m 06:15 25:00 44 80 73.12 brooklyn ny usa
139 127 18 Joseph Iannazzone m 06:18 25:10 26 226 67.19 brooklyn ny usa
177 163 44 Ben Crowder m 06:26 25:43 33 263 66.29 brooklyn ny usa
184 169 34 Seth Reznik m 06:28 25:50 36 240 66.87 brooklyn ny usa
189 174 49 Ben Wernberg m 06:29 25:54 31 305 65.47 brooklyn ny usa
195 179 51 Evan Stone m 06:30 25:58 33 295 65.63 brooklyn ny usa
219 201 39 Ben Allison m 06:32 26:05 37 252 66.59 brooklyn ny usa
223 205 22 Jason Smith m 06:33 26:09 44 136 69.90 new york ny usa
231 213 58 Dan Ubilla m 06:33 26:12 32 341 64.86 brooklyn ny usa
267 244 71 Fraser Reid m 06:39 26:35 32 402 63.93 brooklyn ny usa
269 246 40 Rob Dekker m 06:39 26:36 27 436 63.55 brooklyn ny usa
279 255 50 Adam Devine m 06:40 26:38 35 361 64.52 brooklyn ny usa
281 256 27 Brian Schwartz m 06:40 26:39 41 234 67.07 brooklyn ny usa
324 292 53 Mirza Rahman m 06:46 27:01 27 516 62.59 brooklyn ny usa
352 315 21 Oren Efrati m 06:48 27:12 46 195 68.24 brooklyn ny usa
396 352 103 John Zarrillo m 06:53 27:30 34 544 62.20 brooklyn ny usa
426 377 7 Anthony Watson m 06:55 27:40 59 64 74.52 brooklyn ny usa
444 391 114 Scott Wade m 06:57 27:47 33 612 61.34 brooklyn ny usa
465 408 78 Michael Mcgowan m 06:59 27:55 37 538 62.25 brooklyn ny usa
496 436 46 Elliot Piatetsky m 07:02 28:08 42 394 64.00 brooklyn ny usa
501 440 48 Carlos Vazquez m 07:03 28:10 42 400 63.95 brooklyn ny usa
525 460 34 Nicholas Cohen m 07:04 28:15 46 292 65.70 brooklyn ny usa
573 502 12 Timothy Shields m 07:08 28:31 55 134 69.93 brooklyn ny usa
707 600 22 Tom Sheridan m 07:18 29:09 52 244 66.75 brooklyn ny usa
710 602 52 Kevin Gross m 07:18 29:10 48 352 64.64 brooklyn ny usa
741 626 17 Sam Smullen m 07:20 29:18 56 184 68.60 brooklyn ny usa
776 652 54 David Brenner m 07:22 29:26 47 433 63.56 brooklyn ny usa
784 659 25 Tony Ellis m 07:22 29:27 52 273 66.05 brooklyn ny usa
809 676 58 Robert Demasco m 07:25 29:39 46 515 62.60 brooklyn ny usa
863 720 31 Sebastian Kaupert m 07:28 29:51 54 267 66.24 brooklyn ny ger
886 739 32 Jimmy Leung m 07:29 29:56 51 365 64.46 brooklyn ny usa
904 753 131 David Chen m 07:31 30:01 39 821 58.68 brooklyn ny usa
964 799 72 Gerard Luna m 07:35 30:19 45 655 60.74 brooklyn ny usa
1055 861 227 Edward Morgan Laird m 07:42 30:48 33 1116 55.34 brooklyn ny usa
1162 938 138 Stephane Dapsanse m 07:48 31:12 43 869 58.13 brooklyn ny usa
1168 942 139 David Oxley m 07:49 31:14 42 907 57.65 brooklyn ny aus
1174 946 53 James Cappiello m 07:49 31:16 51 581 61.72 brooklyn ny usa
1189 956 140 Isaac Josephson m 07:50 31:20 44 848 58.34 brooklyn ny usa
1247 997 93 Christopher O’brien m 07:53 31:32 48 736 59.78 brooklyn ny usa
1302 1028 27 Jonathan Rouner m 07:57 31:45 57 411 63.85 brooklyn ny usa
1381 1072 271 Conlan O’rourke m 08:01 32:01 30 1380 52.87 brooklyn ny usa
1552 1182 301 Kevin Dugan m 08:11 32:41 31 1495 51.88 brooklyn ny usa
1559 1188 302 Eric Levenstein m 08:11 32:42 33 1473 52.13 brooklyn ny usa
1571 1193 173 Douglas Gordon m 08:11 32:44 43 1112 55.41 brooklyn ny usa
1615 1227 179 Andrea Baldi m 08:14 32:56 41 1229 54.29 brooklyn ny ita
1803 1329 1 Tyrone Sklaren m 08:24 33:36 70 205 67.86 brooklyn ny usa
1962 1428 207 Dario Vivona m 08:32 34:06 42 1387 52.80 brooklyn ny usa
1970 1434 208 Michael Kaltenborn m 08:32 34:08 43 1341 53.16 brooklyn ny ger
2100 1510 47 Douglas Olney m 08:39 34:34 58 786 59.14 brooklyn ny usa
2184 1557 222 Dexter Miranda m 08:42 34:48 41 1558 51.36 brooklyn ny usa
2344 1646 92 Chris Carr m 08:50 35:18 53 1100 55.56 brooklyn ny usa
2406 1676 19 Marc Silverman m 08:52 35:28 69 432 63.58 brooklyn ny usa
2532 1730 26 Frank Deleo m 08:59 35:56 64 717 59.92 brooklyn ny usa
2614 1768 184 Joseph Roeder m 09:03 36:11 47 1511 51.69 jersey city nj usa
2743 1824 191 Tor Ekeland m 09:10 36:38 48 1547 51.46 brooklyn ny usa
2776 1840 314 Patrick Huang m 09:12 36:45 36 2001 46.99 brooklyn ny usa
2801 1856 316 David Der Sarkisian m 09:13 36:51 37 1990 47.15 brooklyn ny usa
3044 1960 445 Brent Archer m 09:26 37:42 31 2172 44.96 brooklyn ny usa
3058 1967 30 Lawrence Balick m 09:26 37:44 64 962 57.06 brooklyn ny usa
3298 2067 26 Murray Rosenblith m 09:39 38:35 66 987 56.81 brooklyn ny usa
3335 2085 9 Michael Koplin m 09:42 38:45 70 810 58.84 brooklyn ny usa
3469 2134 27 Michael Scourby m 09:50 39:17 66 1073 55.80 brooklyn ny usa
3649 2203 28 Louis Wiggs m 10:03 40:09 66 1198 54.60 brooklyn ny usa
3698 2222 139 Joseph Francis Lundy m 10:07 40:25 54 1835 48.92 brooklyn ny usa
3855 2276 247 Kenneth Wong m 10:21 41:22 46 2181 44.86 brooklyn ny usa
3992 2318 313 Christian Urena m 10:32 42:06 41 2345 42.45 brooklyn ny usa
4127 2359 51 Alexis Davidson m 10:45 42:58 62 1803 49.24 brooklyn ny usa
4313 2414 153 Adam Rabiner m 11:10 44:37 52 2282 43.60 brooklyn ny usa
4430 2456 527 Miguel Valiente m 11:29 45:54 34 2536 37.28 brooklyn ny usa
4809 2573 22 James Israel m 12:59 51:56 72 2166 45.02 brooklyn ny usa
4893 2599 23 Harvey Rothenberg m 13:38 54:29 74 2237 44.20 brooklyn ny usa
5003 2631 356 Ricardo Dias m 14:49 59:16 41 2635 30.16 brooklyn ny bra

NYRR NYC 60K Race Recap

by PaFoua Hang
Nov 18, 2017

On November 18, 2017, PPTC ultrarunners toed the NYRR NYC 60K Ultra-Marathon in Central Park. There were 11 registered PPTC finishers. PPTC won the team award with its top five men finishers, followed by Front Runners in second place, and the Dashing Whippets in third place. Etan Levavi came in fourth overall for his ultra debut. Other outstanding ultra debuts include Ben Collier in eight overall and Andrei Fluerasu in 20th for men overall. For women overall, PaFoua Hang came in 18th. Captain Adam Devine came in 25th overall and was able to knock off a hefty PR margin. Both Etan and Frank Deleo came in second for each of their respective age groups.

The following pages are race recaps from the runners in alphabetical order by first name. Recaps not captured: Kamen Yotov and Manuel Quintanilla.

(L-R: Shan Haq, Brian Schwartz, Manuel Quintanilla, PaFoua Hang, Adam Devine, Kamen Yotov, Sam Smullen, and Andrei Fluerasu. Not pictured: Etan Levavi, Ben Collier, Frank Deleo, and Eric Levenstein. PC: Sara Devine)

Adam Devine

(PC: Jose Baizan)

This is by far my favorite race of the year, because it always feels like more of a team effort than any race, save for maybe the team champs. A bunch of us made it a little more of a to-do this year, and it really paid off. I started with Andrei, and he and I ran the first 18 miles or so together, then he sped up and I slowed a bit. The group run cheer squad met us for a bit and provided some much-needed support, and Rosalba was ON POINT with Sherpa duties. She ran with me right when things started getting rough and helped keep me going when I needed it (and I didn’t realize until after that she ran more than 33 miles in support of us!). I passed several teammates along the way on the course and on the sidelines, and the constant flow of “team” made the whole thing feel like more of a group effort. After finishing I rang my cowbell until my body started to shut down, and then headed home. I feel bad I didn’t stay until the whole team was finished, but I was so proud of everyone, especially the first-timers. I can’t wait to do it again next year. Go, Team!

Andrei Fluerasu


I started running with Adam Devine (see photo) somewhere just below 8min/mi (5 min/km) with the occasional faster mile when we were pushed faster by the overall excitement. Around mile 12, we were joined by the most amazing support crew one can imagine who had run there all the way from Brooklyn – Thanks, Noah, Jana, Matteo, Sarah R, Adam I, Crystal, Anh-Tuan, Rosalba (and I hope I didn’t forget others). It was fun trying to organize a triangular-shaped pace group like in the sub-2 attempt. It definitely made us feel good and miles passed faster. Kept my pace for the first 5 loops (21 miles) but with the 6th loop, after a quick refueling stop, the unavoidable started to happen. With the low mileage a mange to put in this cycle and probably not really fully recovered after the NYC marathon, I started to feel increasingly stiff (same darn glutes) and to slow-down. My goal on the last two laps was simple: just keep running and don’t care about the pace. In the meantime, Rosalba was doing her own crazy run. She ran many loops in opposite direction and then joined many of our PPTC teammates for small sections. I was myself joined by Scott for a mile or so at some point. The last 10k was just a struggle for survival. I knew that if I keep running, I’ll finish in under 5:30, perhaps even 5:20, which was a good goal. Rosalba joined me for those last 6 mi and together we forgot a bit about the suffering. She was approaching the 50km mark herself which makes her a clear winner in the spectator-cheerleader-runners category 🙂

My final time was approximately 5:19:30.

All in all, this was a long, interesting day. The suffering was non-negligible but the overall joy shadows it and only a few hours after the race I’m thinking already that I should do what I need to do to keep the 8 min pace for the whole darn race next year 🙂 Thanks again to all the PPTC teammates, and cheering groups and, of course, a big thank you to all the volunteers.

Ben Collier

(PC Dave Leslie)

Thoughts were that it was such a fun race. I like that it was small, there was great sense of camaraderie and there was a huge PPTC showing. I’d forgotten how hard it was to run the longer distances. My legs were dead for the last 10 miles. NYCM really took its toll. Also, could not have finished without PPTC support.  Scott Edgerton ran the whole of the last lap, I think he really sensed I was fading and took it upon himself to drag me home. He’d probably run some miles himself at that point so even more grateful.

What a club!

Brian Schwartz

(PC Carmen Cramer)

I can’t believe I just completed my first ultra! This was not something that was even on my radar until hearing PPTC members (such as, ahem, Adam) talk about how “fun” they were. So I decided I wanted to give it a try! As far as training goes, I really want to thank the MTG group, Coach Tony/Charlene Speed Training sessions and everyone in PPTC for the support along the way!

And then on to the race: it was really amazing to see such a big group of fellow PPTC runners when I got there. To know that so many teammates were gonna be out in the course with me helped to calm my nerves! The team support was also critical to my finishing as I learned a lot in real time from PaFoua – who I got to run with for the first half. She helped me keep going even through a stomach bug, which I had gotten earlier in the week and plagued me the first couple loops, she helped me figure out my nutrition and she helped to take my mind off what was coming up by chatting about other races we have run. (Thanks!)Toward the end of the run I surprised myself by keeping at it-even when running became more of a shuffle. (Especially on the hills!) Before the 60k, I wondered what it would be like to run cat hill on that ninth loop and though it’s a blur to me now, I remember one thing: it was PAINFUL but not IMPOSSIBLE.

I have to thank all the PPTC-ers who came to cheer and, of course, my wife, Carmen who I thought was crazier than me to stand out in the cold for 6+ hours as my crew!

Eric Levenstein

(PC Dave Leslie)

I never thought that I’d run this race! About a month before the NYC Marathon, after a long training run, I was speaking with a friend about how I think anyone can complete a marathon with proper training. My friend adamantly disagreed, and as an example asked me if I could ever run an Ultramarathon… “NO! I can NEVER run an Ultra!” But, a few minutes later, I thought, “Why not?” I spoke with Adam Devine the next day to get his thoughts, and he was very encouraging (is anyone surprised?) so I signed up right after our conversation.

A few days before the race, I went to an NYRR RUNtalk about Ultras where I met a guy that Adam works with (Christopher), and we chatted for a few minutes and wished each other a good race. A few days later, the race started off great! Lots of encouragement from volunteers and obviously from PPTC members, I brought tons of food which I quickly realized was pointless since it was SO well-supported by NYRR, and Sara Devine and Andy Wong were kind enough to run the 2nd loop with me, offering great conversation and encouragement. They made the 2nd loop so joyous and easy that the 3rd loop really dragged on in comparison! At the end of #3 (approximately a half marathon), I was honestly beginning to get a bit dreary at the thought of so many more repeating loops since I was getting tired, when suddenly I noticed Christopher. We spoke about our expected pace, and decided to run together a little bit.

We had a fine loop #4, getting to know each other better since we were still effectively strangers. We also ran with Melissa Lee, who was kind enough to tell me in advance that she might come out, and I was overjoyed that she made it and offered company/encouragement, which really helped loop #5 pass by effortlessly! Christopher and I then kept going together while the conversation kept flowing. We spoke about work, the PPTC, phones, politics, candy, and plenty of other random things, because we had plenty of time since we wound up finishing six loops (24 miles) together after previously having spoken for only a few minutes!!! It was so much easier to bear through with company during nearly the whole race!

There was plenty of walking, stopping to eat, and hugs from the incredible PPTC cheer sections (thank you, Heather, Katie, Robert, Joelle, Nick, Dave, and anyone else I missed). Everyone was super encouraging, the PPTC members who lapped me made sure to be congratulatory and uplifting, and the rest stops were basically delicious snack buffets. At the end of the day (I finished after the sun went down) I proved myself wrong by finishing, got to know a stranger really well, got to know some incredible PPTC members better, and found another race which I can’t imagine missing next year! If you’re like me and never thought that you’d be able to run this, then I hope to see you there next year when you prove yourself wrong.

And, seriously, thank you SO MUCH Adam, Sara, Andy, and Melissa!!!

Etan Levavi

(PC: Robert DeMasco)

One thing I love about running is that, in terms of performance measures, it is a simple function of time and distance. My goal going into the race was to finish in under 5 hours, which would require about an 8:00/mi average pace. But above all, I wanted to go by feel and was willing to take a chance with this race. As with distance cycling, I love ultra running for the fact that it gives the runner an excuse to run for extended durations of time and be enveloped in the cheers and support of friends and spectators.

Thanks to peer pressure and the intrigue of increasing my distance PR, I found myself registered for the 60K. I have only run for more than 3 hours duration a handful of times. Just a few weeks ago I ran 50K on a treadmill at the NYC Marathon Expo, in 5 hours. It went really well and was the confidence boost that opened me up to the idea of running the 60K at a race effort. My thought was that I have already run for 5 hours – now I just have to do it at a harder effort.

Yes, there is pain – both during the race and much in the 8-10 hours following the race. It’s subsiding rapidly, thanks to compression pants, gentle stretching, sleep, and water. But as masochistic as 9 CP loops may seem, it is not the pain that is the draw, but the elation. Throttling up CP’s hills, and the freedom of rolling down the other side, seeing friends on the course and cheering, seeing the Achilles athletes out there. The high point of the race for me came on the third-to-final loop. About a quarter of a mile past the aid station, I became overwhelmed by emotion. That moment was everything running is to me. I could barely breathe, as I was on the brink of breaking down and bawling my eyes out. For this single experience, it was all worth it. But of course, there was so much more. Knowing that my friends running were putting in the same work that I was, and knowing that my friends who came out to support us were never more than a few miles away.

After the race, it took a few days for NYRR to post the race results. I was proud to see that I placed 4th overall with a time of 4:38:48, average pace 7:29/mi. Congrats to everyone who did the work and put in the miles! This is the best team!

Frank Deleo

(PC: Jose Baizan)

First of all, big thanks to PaFoua for being the primary mover in creating this group. Hey, is it me, or did the PPTC presence at this venerable event reach a tipping point this year? (According to the initial NYRR results, we were the only team that had double-digit participants! Can that be right? Yes!!!) I was both gratified and tickled to see all the club folks who either ran the race or provided some incredible support along the course, up to and including pizza and free hugs. Not to mention the flood of photos pouring in afterward! I’m sure we’ll see many of those who cheered us on from the sidelines wearing race numbers next year.

It was good to see Broadway Ultra Society’s Richie Innamorato still helping out at this race. He founded this race in 1978, collaborating with Fred Lebow and the NYRR, and also gave it the name that many of us old-timers know it as the Knickerbocker 60K (or simply “the Knick”). Fred was secretly a big booster (and occasional participant) of ultras, in spite of the fact that they didn’t bring in a lot of revenue, what with fewer participants back then. Central Park was also a lot less congested, and in its early years the race (then held in March) was six full loops of the park in a clockwise direction, finishing near the Dakota along the West 72nd St exit.

Much of my ultra history has been running these road courses on repeating loops. Unlike point-to-point runs and trail races, the limited scenery might make it harder to stay motivated, but I think there are definite advantages. The camaraderie is great. You pass through “race central” and gatherings of the “ultra-curious” on a regular basis. You get inspired (or discouraged, if you’re one of those glass-half-empty types) by the faster runners lapping you, and you, in turn, can get a chance to encourage the runners you happen to pass.

And I gotta say NYRR provided a great spread this year, with bagels, potatoes, a variety of sweet and salty snacks, and lots of fluids both hot and cold. Thank you, volunteers!

Finally, thanks to whichever geoengineers are responsible for keeping the rain at bay for the better part of the race, even for the slower runners. My preferred ultra conditions skew toward summer days, but I guess that’s just me.

PaFoua Hang

(PC: Sara Devine)

This was my fourth time fun-running the NYC 60K. I was thrilled to see a strong PPTC turn-out this year. Andy Wong graciously offered to drive a few of us to the start line so I felt refreshed and calm when I got to Central Park. Shan Haq warmed up with me and we ran the first mile or so together. Then I started running with Brian Schwartz and Christy, and soon we were joined by Anh-Tuan Tran who ran with us for two loops. By the end of the fourth loop, I found myself alone and at the mercy of the noise in my head. On the sixth loop, I started fading and was relieved when Scott Edgerton joined me for a loop. We saw Joe Lyons and Bobbie DeMasco cheering around mile 25 and it was rejuvenating to see them after fighting against the rolling hills. Captain Adam Devine passed us shortly afterward and it was inspiring to see his energy—he was heading towards a big PR and I was really excited for him.

I ran the last three loops alone. Etan Levavi passed me during the seventh loop and gave me encouraging words as he continued on like a fresh gazelle galloping into the horizon of the rolling sister hills. I pushed onward against the angry hills and was greeted again by the most enthusiastic cheering squad of Joe and Bobbie. I continued to see both of them during another painful lap. On the ninth lap, most spectators have left because it started drizzling, but I was overcome with pressure and guilt that Joe and Bobbie might still be out on the course cheering. As much as I would rather have walked, I felt compelled to at least jog my way towards them JUST IN CASE they were still there and I was selfishly keeping them out longer in the cold just to wait for my hobby jogger’s victory lap. During mile 36, from 100 meters away, I can hear Joe screaming my name and cheering alone. It was incredibly uplifting.

I ran this ultra on a dangerously low mileage training cycle thanks to having fallen out of love with running after getting piriformis syndrome during the NJM training cycle. With the poor mileage, I ran NYCM as a fun touristy run and I also toed the 60K with the same nonchalant mindset. Thanks to everyone who came out to run, cheer, and offer moral support, I unexpectedly PR’d by 15 minutes during this fun run and came in 18 for overall women (WHAT?). Thank you, PPTC! Thank you, Sara Devine, for your encouragement at the end of EVERY LOOP. And Joe – this PR was really because of you since I would have gladly strolled the last loop if I didn’t expect you to still be out there. 🙂

Sam Smullen

(PC: Dave Leslie)

My first 60K felt like my very first marathon, except that for my first marathon the longest run I did was 10K. For the 60K, I ran 7 marathons and after a couple of those marathons, I felt good enough to run another half marathon. However, for the 60K I didn’t have a strategy like I did for my first marathon. My strategy for my first marathon was to do four 10K loops plus 1.4 miles. With each 10K, I reset my mind by saying to myself, “Groundhog Day”.

I was ill-prepared for the 60K and made frequent pit stops, which could have been avoided if I took the 60K seriously. I was toast after mile 30 but kept going because I have never DNF (“did not finish”) in any of the races that I’ve run before. I’ll do the 60K again, but with a strategy next time and be better prepared both mentally and physically.


(PC: Jose Baizan)

Let me tell you about two pizza deliveries that really meant something to me. The first and most remarkable one was in the mid-80s, Pakistan. I was maybe six, hated my grandma’s cooking, and the food didn’t stick to my ribs the same as it did back home.

Dad was coming to visit a week later to join mom, my sister, and me. I still remember the phone call with him, “Anything you want from America that you miss from home?”

“Dad, I want a pizza.”

A week later my father arrives in Islamabad, opened the suitcase and pulled out a pizza box. For a hungry kid who hated the food in Pakistan pooping his guts out every day, I can’t tell you how grateful I was to get that box of pizza.

Well, the second such instance of pizza delivery gratitude happened to me five hours into the race last Saturday, in Central Park NY. One of my favorite running buddies was waiting for me before the final loop of Central Park. She had a box of freshly made, piping hot pizza.

Special thanks to Sarah working the aid station for looking me in the eyes and firmly encouraging me to keep running.

Lastly, thanks for the pizza delivery, Jana.

New Balance Bronx 10 Mile Race Report

Race: New Balance Bronx 10 Mile

When: Sept 24, 2017

Where: Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY

Uncomfortable warm temperature and sticky humidity greeted runners on a decidedly un-fall-like day last Sunday. Was it already autumn? Who could tell? No matter, amost 15,000 runners were ready to storm the Grand Concourse, designed by an Alsatian immigrant named Louis Aloys Risse who became chief topographical engineer for the New York City government, in the Bronx.

Challenging conditions did not scare away PPTC members; 127 runners showed up, which made us the fourth largest team at the Bronx 10-Miler.

Here is Noah not racing. Imagine what he would look like if he were racing.

Congratulations to Dean Gebhardt (1:03:55), Matt Siefker (1:03:55), and Noah Devereaux (1:05:57) for being the three fastest PPTC men. Noah would like us to know that he “wasn’t really racing” the Bronx 10-Miler. He paced Captain Adam for the first 6 miles and practiced grabbing drinks from the aid station tables. For the last six miles, he felt out the paces for the upcoming Staten Island Half. In doing so, he ran an (unofficial) 5K PR and a 10K PR. If running under 66 minutes for a 10-mile race is “not really racing” for Noah, then we can’t wait to see what you can do when you are really racing. Hey team, any predictions for Noah on what he can do for the Staten Island Half?

Congratulations to Junko Matsuura (1:12:39), Leiba Rimler (1:12:41), and Holly Chase (1:14:00) for being the three fastest PPTC women.

It should also be noted that Dean’s, Junko’s, and Tyrone Sklaren‘s (1:30:43) performances garnered them a top-10 finish in their age groups.

Nothing stops PPTC!

Kudos to everyone on this illustrious PR list! Maybe the weather was warm because you guys were HOT!!!

Leiba Rimler (1:12:41) – perfect 1 min PR
Kelly Greene (1:21:44) – almost a 9-min PR
Jonathan Giles (1:11:38) – first 10-mile race
Clifford Tsao (1:19:28) – knocked 5:41 from his time last year
Issac Josephson (1:22:20) – 3:18 PR
Lisa Maya Knauer – 1:14 PR
Adam Iannazzone (1:06:36)
Rob Dekker (1:13:26)
Aung Barteaux (1:16:35) – first race running for PPTC
Sam Smullen (1:26:03)
Carlos Vazquez (1:11:59) – a minute+ faster than his 15K PR.
Michael Abrahams (1:06:44)
Jackie James (1:35:36)

Finally Murray is not the one behind the camera and our Janice is the pacer.

All photos in this post are credited to Jose Baizan.

5th Ave Mile Race Report

Noah Devereaux takes a flying leap. Photo Credit: Adam Iannazzone

Race: 5th Ave Mile

Where: 5th Ave, Manhattan, NY

When: Sept 10, 2017

On a cool crisp day, after a long muggy summer of training, 68 PPTC members were ready to take on the trial of a mile known as the 5th Ave Mile. This course is widely known as an excellent course to set a PR because of its net decline, however, anyone who has run down 5th Ave from 80th St. to 60th St. knows that there’s a slight incline in the second quarter of the race. Such a small incline is usually not a big deal, but in a short distance race like a miler, every second counts.

Women’s Results

Christine Weiher was the fastest PPTC woman (5:39).
Junko Matsuura came closely behind in 2nd for PPTC (5:41).
Alison Restak was not far behind in 3rd for PPTC (5:44).

Men’s Results

Congratulations to Etan Levavi for being the fastest PPTC member for the 5th Ave Mile (4:49). He represented Brooklyn in the 5 Boroughs Heat.
Matt Siefker was 2nd for PPTC (5:01).
Noah Devereaux was right there for 3rd (5:03).

New PRs

Let’s congratulate all these PPTC members who set new PRs for themselves.

Yulia Yomantayte (6:55) – Her first sub-7 min mile
Chaya Wolf (8:46) – She knocked off 22 seconds off her last PR set just three weeks ago.
Erica Niemiec (7:13) – Her first mile race
Kristin Stocks (7:23)
Adam Devine (5:42) – 14 sec PR
Andrew Leonard (6:05)
Adam Iannazzone (5:17)
Sam Smullen (6:36)
Kirsty Carroll (6:46) – Her first mile race and first race repping PPTC!
Isabel Santiago-Gordon (7:44) – Also her first mile race and first race repping PPTC!
Jonathan Giles (5:45) – His first mile race
Alison Restak (6:07) – 21 sec PR

Big thanks to everyone who cheered for PPTC, especially those members who didn’t run the 5th Ave Mile.

Race Report: Michael Ring’s Club Team Championship

I always used to find a way to run this race. I never tried to run my fastest because my fastest cannot ever help the team. Sometimes I ran the men’s race and then the women’s race just to get in the extra miles. A few times I ran all the way to the start because recently it began coinciding with the first day of the Summer Streets program.  Whenever possible, I scheduled my family vacations around this race.

But in May of 2014, I lost control of the ability to schedule vacations and races. I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome; my immune system malfunctioned and started treating the myelin sheets of my motor nerves as enemies. I went from marathon-ready to paralyzed in a few days. (Eventually, I was re-diagnosed with a rare variant of this rare disease. I have acute motor axonal neuropathy. That means my immune system attacked the motor axons themselves.) It was a no-brainer to ask for a medical deferral in the marathon I was going to run the end of that month. But it never occurred to me that I wasn’t going to be able to show up for a 5-mile race in August.

Between May and July I moved from one hospital to another five or six times. Most of them happened with a strange sense of bureaucratic emergency. Doctors and social workers worked together to find me a bed and then with hardly any notice at all, I was transported to a different hospital. But my wife and I had some say in where I was going for the last hospital. At that point I needed to be transferred to a long-term subacute medical facility, known to most people as a nursing home. My wife visited these places and let me know that they would all suck and that there was a facility that had the best physical therapy, and the worst food, but was in Chinatown. The place they came in second on her list was on Fifth Avenue around E 100 Street. Looking back, it was probably selfish of me but I really wanted to be uptown, near Central Park. I had this fantasy that I could get a day pass from rehab and get to Central Park to see the Club Team Championship Race. I wanted to see the race and I wanted to be seen.

On August 2, 2014 I put on my happy face when a few of my teammates ran south on Summer Streets to visit me in Chinatown after the race. After they left I went to my happy place; I reviewed all the times I ran to the start of this race. Running over the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun was rising, running up Lafayette and Park Avenues. I remembered what it was like to run from Brooklyn to the northern end of Central Park arriving just 90 seconds before the race was to start. I also remembered what it was like to run through the Park Avenue Tunnel at 34th St. because the police weren’t looking. Although this disease was able to temporarily take away my bodily functions, it couldn’t touch my memories. But the memory I replayed countless times was what it was like to run that last mile in a race that ends at the 102nd St Transverse – with the hill behind me and that long straightaway past Engineers Gate, then a slight left turn and the sounds of cheering teammates.

In 2015 I got a ride to the race. I had just graduated from using a walker to a forearm crutch to get around. I don’t think anyone knew how challenging (frightening) it was for me that day. My balance was terrible. Well, it wasn’t really a balance issue, I was still suffering from a lack of proprioception in my legs. That meant that while I had the nerve function hold up my body weight and walk, I couldn’t always tell where my legs were. It was weird. I don’t think anyone noticed my tears of joy when I got up to the top of that big rock so I could see everyone run by. I remember looking back at Mount Sinai Hospital to the east of Central Park thinking that symbolically that’s where I was last year and looking forward to Park Drive and knowing that was where I would be next year.

And yes, in 2016 I ran the race. Running isn’t really the word I should use. The New York Road Runners Club allowed me to start behind the women in their race so I could finish among the slowest men. I walked. My body wasn’t ready to run yet.

But this past Sunday, I was able to live the dream that I had three years ago. And Holy Moly, I was incredibly happy with myself because this was a race. I just went to the New York Road Runners Club race results website to see if I met my goal of sub-20 minute miles. Not only did I do that, but I beat someone. I did not come in last!

Okay, back to talking about race strategy. My plan for this race was to alternate running and walking every minute. I actually installed a boxing match timer on my phone for one minute rounds and one minute rest periods. (The Galloway apps that make audible alerts cost money. WTF).  The race started with a little problem. I couldn’t get the app to work and I didn’t want to stand at the starting line fiddling with it. So I decided to just count my steps – 50 walking steps and then 60 running steps. I did that for the first couple of miles but I was beginning to lose my mind. Luckily, I noticed how evenly the cones were put out by the New York Road Runners. So I’d run for three cones and walk for two cones.

Credit: Linda Chen

But then there was the last quarter-mile. That quarter-mile that I ran so many times in my head. I started to think about how glorious it was to be living that this dream. This quarter-mile was better than I remembered it. It wasn’t just the Prospect Park Track Club cheering for me. It started with the cheers zone from North Brooklyn. I saw someone I didn’t even know pointed me and screamed, “Look it’s Michael Ring and he’s running!”  So, I had to clear my head because I had to do two things; I had to run the rest of the way and more importantly I had to not fall down. The not falling down part became a big challenge when one of my favorite teammates slammed into me tapped me on the shoulder.

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m just about to send this off to the Communications Committee. There is something I need to add. At last night’s membership meeting I had intended to stand up and tell my story when Tom asked about recent races. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t do that. I started to choke up as I raised my hand. I’m saving the water works for November’s meeting.

Race Report: NYRR Team Championships 2017

Mary receives high fives from her male teammates, who stayed to cheer for the women. Photo credit: Noah Deveraux

For a period of time, it looked uncertain as to whether the NYRR Team Championships would go on with the rain and lightning in the area, but in the end, lightning decided to stay away, leaving only humidity behind. A team of 74 PPTC runners (43 men and 31 women) ran 5 miles for glory on August 5th. The men’s race started at 8:00 am and the women’s race started at 8:45 am. Here are few PPTC highlights.


Congratulations to Ben Collier for being the fastest PPTC man in the NYRR Team Champs (30:15).

Dean Gebhardt and Matt Siefker came in 2nd and 3rd for PPTC men (30:26 and 31:02, respectively). Dean came in 4th for his age group, which is also the highest age group placement for men in PPTC.

Congratulations to Tyrone Sklaren (43:57) and Dan Dougherty (35:29)  whose performances garnered them top ten finishes in their age groups (5th and 10th, respectively).

Big birthday PR for Jimmy Leung (38:52)! Congratulations, Cronut Prince!

A PR for Ben Allison (32:18)! Congrats!

Congratulations to Sam Smullen (40:48) for his PR!

Noah Deveraux (31:37) raced his first 5-miler and therefore gets an automatic PR!


Congratulations to Jana Trenk for being the fastest PPTC woman in the NYRR Team Champs (31:39).

Mary Johnston and Missy Burgin came in 2nd and 3rd for PPTC women (33:40 and 35:31, respectively).

Congratulations to Charlene Kohler-Britton whose 7th place in her age group is the highest PPTC women finish we have for the age group divisions (53:36).

It should be noted that Mary Johnston and Claire Dougherty (46:21) finished in the top ten for their age group (9th for both).

Carla Benton (38:30) and Hilary Pauli (43:31) both got new 5-mile PRs in this brutal weather. Great job, ladies!

Congratulations to Rachel G. (41:40) for her PR as well!

Big thanks to Linda Ewing, Crystal Cun, Tom Meany, and Eric Levenstein, our “picnic” organizers, for hauling all the goodies to Starbucks because the weather forced them to pre-emptively cancel the picnic. Post-race fun was had with at Ryan’s Daughter.

Race Report: 2017 NYRR Brooklyn R-U-N 5K

Photo credit: Jimmy Leung

RaceNYRR Brooklyn R-U-N 5K

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

When: July 17, 2017

Prospect Park Track Club had an amazing day at the 2017 NYRR Brooklyn R-U-N 5K yesterday at Prospect Park! We had 94 runners run for PPTC, which was just behind Team for Kids who fielded 95 runners. We blew away North Brooklyn Runners, who came in 3rd with 59 runners.

Despite the warm and muggy conditions (and a decidedly PR-unfriendly course), a number of PPTC members had outstanding performances.

Congratulations to:

Matt Siefker (18:29) for being the fastest PPTC member. He came in 26th overall, 25th for men, and 6th for his age group (30-34).

Leiba Rimler (21:29) for being the fastest PPTC woman. She came in 284th overall, 22nd for women, and 5th for her age group (30-34).

Anthony Watson (21:32) came in 2nd for his age group (55-59).

Maggie Deschamps (23:12) came in 2nd for her age group (50-54).

Marcia Brown (23:44) came in 1st for her age group (60-64).

Edwige Sucher (24:11) came in 1st for his age group (45-49).

Tyrone Sklaren (26:05) came in 3rd for his age group (70-74).

Charlene Kohler-Britton (31:53) came in 1st for her age group (65-69).

Francisca Daza (46:49) came in 1st for her age group (70-74).

The PPTC Women’s team came in 2nd for the team competition.