Volunteer Program

Members who earn 10 or more volunteer points (VPs) in a calendar year are eligible for a reward. Reward options are:

  • 1 year of membership dues
  • Free entry into either the Turkey Trot or Cherry Tree race
  • One piece of PPTC gear

VPs are earned for volunteering at races or other activities. The breakdown is as follows:

Help with charity event or community outreach (e.g. Achilles guide or Prospect Park cleanup) 1
Be an active member of a committee 5
Write a blog entry for the PPTC website 2
Help with an activity (e.g. pace leader, logistics) 3
Volunteer for a small race (Al Goldstein or Harry’s Handicap) 4
Help with large social activity (e.g. Brooklyn Half Picnic, NYCM Activities) 4
Organize activity (e.g. new member run, destination run, etc) 5
Volunteer at large race (Cherry Tree or Turkey Trot) 5

Some things that DON’T COUNT for credit: running races, cheering at races, participating in Coach Tony’s speed classes, attending the monthly meeting.

The Volunteer Committee tracks volunteering for the following activities:

  • Harry’s Handicap
  • Al Goldstein Series
  • NYC Marathon-related events (last 10 mile run, marathon-day bus send-off, and reunion meet-up at the elementary school)
  • Turkey Trot
  • Cherry Tree

For all other activities, members must self-report their volunteering, by emailing a record of their activities to volunteer@pptc.org within 30 days of said activity.

Starting in 2018, members will be notified by January 31 of the following year if they have earned enough points for a reward. They will be given instructions on how to claim their reward.