Run Brooklyn – Win Cash!


The Run Brooklyn program was put in place to encourage team racing and support of Brooklyn races organized by local groups and organizations. PPTC members who participate in 6 scored Brooklyn races in a calendar year will be entered in a raffle for one of five $100 cash prizes at the following year’s Awards Celebration.

Rules for qualification:

  • You must become a PPTC member before July 1 and race only for PPTC after you join (or for the entire year, if you were already a member).

  • You must race at least SIX (6) scored races that start and end* in Brooklyn, with the following stipulations:

  • At most ONE (1) NYRR race may count toward your total.

  • Your total MUST include at least ONE (1) race organized by PPTC (Harry’s Handicap, Cherry Tree, Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series, Turkey Trot).

  • Only ONE (1) speed series race (e.g., Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series, Shore Road Speed Series) will be counted from any one series, no matter how many you run.

*in past years, the race had to be entirely in Brooklyn

Here is a list of upcoming qualifying races. We make no guarantees as to its accuracy; if a race is missing or has incorrect info, please email us.

Click here to see the full archive of Run Brooklyn posts.