Prospect Park Track Club

Prospect Park Track Club is an inclusive, open, and diverse group of runners who are dedicated to pushing each other to be the very best that we can be. We welcome runners of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels, and we offer a wide array of training regimens to help you achieve your next personal record. Please take a look at what we offer to our members, and if you are interested, come to a group run to check us out!

Photos from the first annual BTC x PPTC Track Meet, courtesy of Noah Devereaux.


Weekly Group Runs


Guests and prospective members welcome!

Our weekly group runs meet on the sidewalk on the side of Grand Army Plaza closest to the park, near the intersection of Union St. and Prospect Park West. Distances and paces vary according to who shows up to run. We will usually go around and share our names, paces, and distances for the day before splitting up into groups accordingly. This is a great opportunity to meet other PPTC members and connect with new training partners. If you’re looking to run between 8 and 11 min/mile, you will likely be able to find a part of the group to fall into.


Saturday Morning


Most members use Saturday for their long runs. Common routes include: going over the Brooklyn Bridge; heading up to Williamsburg; and running around Battery Park in Manhattan, but we are always excited to try out new ideas, so please share if you have any!

Sunday Morning


Sundays are often a recovery run from Saturday’s long run, although we do sometimes have folks looking to go longer. It all depends on the needs of the people who show up.


Wednesday Night


Though not as well-attended as our weekend runs, runners will often do a few loops of the park with each other (and sometimes polish off the evening with a drink).

Everything Else


Want to run early mornings, late at night, or in the middle of the day? PPTC Members frequently organize informal group runs. If there's a time that you like to run that you don't see listed on this site, you can probably find teammates who would like to join you! Contact to find out more or to be directed to the appropriate subgroup.


Upcoming Events


New York City Marathon

It's the whole reason you looked us up, right? Prospect Park Track Club is happy to provide its members with a few special services for the New York City Marathon in 2018.

"Last 10 Miles" Training Run


Prospect Park Track Club will organize a group run of the last ten miles of the NYC Marathon course on Saturday October 27, 2018. We will meet under the 59th Street Bridge at 1st Avenue at 8am. This event is free, but is for PPTC members and their invited guests only.

At the "finish line” (the Tavern on the Green parking lot) there will be more goodies waiting for runners. However, we will not have aid stations set up along the course, so be sure to bring a water bottle, some money, and a Metrocard.

For those running the marathon, this exercise is crucial. In a few days, you will be running this same route after covering 16 miles. You will have the memory of how easy and fun it was with fresh feet and how close you are to the finish line. This is also a great run for someone who is not running the NYC Marathon – a way to have a taste of the excitement.

Note: while this run is free, registration is required so we can organize pace groups and post-race goodies.

Bus to Fort Wadsworth

The bus is now sold out. Thank you to everyone who registered, and happy training!

Buses will be leaving from JackRabbit Sports in Park Slope and will take you directly to Fort Wadsworth. JackRabbit will be providing a bathroom, a place to be warm and dry, and the opportunity to purchase any last minute items. If you are taking the PPTC bus, you will need to be in front of JackRabbit Sports around 5:15AM to be checked in. The last bus leaves promptly at 5:45AM The cost for bus transportation is $15 for PPTC members and $20 for friends. All seats are prepaid and go quickly, and reservations are required.

We also offer bag check so you can have clean, dry clothes and other belongings waiting for you at the PPTC post-race reunion. Bags (small ones, please) will be driven from JackRabbit to PS 87, so if you need anything at Fort Wadsworth, don’t put it in the bag! Please make sure your name and phone number are on the outside of the bag.

Post-Race Reunion


After the race we have our own Marathon reunion area. You can meet your friends and family at PS 87; it is just 2 blocks from the finish line. We will provide hot chocolate, fruit, cold soda, bagels and an indoor restroom with a place to change. This event is free and open to PPTC Members and their friends who joined us on the marathon bus. We just ask that you let us know if you are going to join us so we can buy enough snacks.

If you checked a bag at JackRabbit, it will be waiting for you at the school. We will be waiting at the school until about 6 o’clock.

Directions to PS 87: after you finish the marathon, exit the park at West 77th St. Walk past the museum, cross Columbus Avenue, and the school will be halfway down the block on your right side. We will be entering through the playground not the front door. (You should see a club banner outside).

If you’re not running the marathon this year, this is a great way to be involved and help your teammates and friends! Check your inbox to find out how to volunteer on this day.