PPTC Ultramarathon Records

Prospect Park Track Club has a long history of ultramarathon racing and we wanted to honor that legacy by highlighting just a few of our most accomplished runners at the most common ultramarathon distances. There are no official records for most of our history but we assembled the records below from publicly available data on NYRR and Ultrasignup. There are undoubtedly many results missing so if you have corrections or additions, please contact us at records@pptc.org.





Trail ultramarathons span a wide variety of terrain and elevation. For context, we have utilized Ultrarunning Magazine’s rating system for trail races:

Elevation Surface

1: Flat or nearly flat 1: Paved or very smooth surface

2: Rolling, total climb up to 50 feet per mile (2500 feet in 50 miles) 2: Mostly groomed trail or dirt roads

3: Hilly, total climb between 50 and 150 feet per mile (2500 - 7500 feet in 50 miles) 3: Trail or dirt road with some rocks, root, and/or ruts

4: Very hilly, total climb between 150-250 feet per mile (7500-12,500 feet in 50 miles) 4: Trail or dirt road with substantial rocks, roots and/or ruts

5: Mountainous, total climb more than 250 feet per mile 5: Very rough trail