Board and Governance

PROSPECT PARK TRACK CLUB, INC. is a non-profit organization, organized under the New York Not-For-Profit Corporation Law. We hold elections for open positions each April. Officers have two-year terms; Directors, two or three. Click here for our by-laws. An explanation of the amendments approved February 16, 2015 can be found here.

You can also find our Code of Conduct here.


Our Officers

Tom Meany Profile

President – Tom Meany

I started running at the age of 33 and joined PPTC the same year in 1980, when I trained with club members and was handed a club singlet as we traveled to Fort Wadsworth for my first NYC Marathon.

I am currently married, have two children and four grandchildren. I worked for 25yrs for NYS as a psychologist and hospital administrator and am a licensed in NY & NJ as a mental health professional. I am also a Certified Trauma Specialist.

As Club President, I feels strongly that our Club's leadership team should always be about improving the quality of our membership and not the quantity of members. I love giving back to running some of what it has given me: an added perspective on the love of life, a stress management tool and life long friendships. I remain very blessed and grateful.

Michael Ring profile

Vice President – Michael Ring

I became a runner because I hated going to the gym. Really, as a spaz, nothing was worse than going to gym in ninth grade.

Then one day in the end of September in gym class, all the coaches had set up tables and it was announced that if you made it to any team you wouldn't have to go to gym. I didn't bother talking to the football, basketball, baseball or soccer coaches, as they wouldn't have me. But I asked the track coach what I had to do to get on the team and he said two words that I'll never forget, "SHOW UP."


Secretary – Jennie Matz

I am currently a stay-at-home mother of 2 teenagers. I previously worked as a project manager at a graphic design firm, and as a marketing peon in magazine publishing.

I started running in 2014 to train for NYCM as a one-off bucket list item, however once I joined PPTC, training and racing year-round became integrated into my life. This year I ran my first ultra – a 50K perimeter run around the island of Manhattan.

I love pre-Brexit Morrissey, The Dover Quartet, YA lit, art history, and Klondike bars, and I really dislike camping.

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Treasurer – Doug Olney

I'm proud to say that I've been a runner for over 40 years. It started on somewhat of a whim when I was in high school, but I soon discovered that I had some talent, and I was hooked, and I significantly improved when I ran cross-country and track at the Division III college level. After landing in Brooklyn in the early 1980s I quickly got to know the roads and paths in Prospect Park. I feel so lucky to have this special all-season urban oasis just a few blocks from my home! I also took the time to explore many of Brooklyn's neighborhoods, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island and beyond. I've done more races than I care to count, although I've never attempted anything longer than a marathon (and probably never will).

While my speediest days are behind me, it's still a joy just to be able to get out on the roads, and to line up for races from time to time. Running will always be an integral part of my life.  

That's also true about PPTC. I joined the club in 1984 after competing (and placing) in one of the club's races. I participated in many of the club's activities that still exist today - to name a few, the Handicap, weekend group runs, and NYC Marathon activities. I became Treasurer in the late 1990s, and I keep reapplying for the job because I'm not sure anyone else wants to do it! Our club has undergone an amazing transformation in recent years, with more members, more training opportunities and more activities than ever before. I'm proud to be a member of Brooklyn's oldest, yet most dynamic running team.


Our Directors


Missy burgin – 2019

With my Midwest sensibilities in tow, I joined PPTC in 2013 after moving to Brooklyn.  I was looking for new training buddies (friends) and found so much more. I’m a long time runner and natural motivator, and since my middle school days, friends and teammates have looked to me for advice and encouragement.  I’ve been a driving force in the creation and continuance of the Marathon Training Group (MTG), and beyond my Team Captain duties, I enjoy giving back to the club by helping put on PPTC races and serving on the Board of Directors.

When not running, you can find me frolicking around Prospect Heights eating ice cream (year round), making small batch pickles & jams, and laughing my way through life.

I’m always looking for new training partners, so don’t forget to invite me out for a run!


Adam Iannazzone – 2021

I took up running in college after eating my "second dinner" one too many times. My dad was always a runner, with several marathons under his belt (including NYCM) before switching over to cycling because of his back. It seemed like a natural fit, and I really enjoyed it.

Years later, after many 10Ks and half-marathons, I completed my first round of 9+1 with NYRR and was ready to take on the NYC Marathon. My wife (then girlfriend) suggested that I connect with PPTC, since they offered so many amenities, and I was hooked. The camradere, collective knowledge, and friendship pushed me to be 10x better than I ever thought possible.

Like many things in life, you get out what you put in. It became obvious that volunteering and supporting the club would only serve to enhance my membership and the memberships of my friends. It was for this reason that I ran to be on the board. I am eager to serve and look forward to making the club even better than before.

PPTC has kept me anchored to Brooklyn, and I wouldn't give them up for anything.


Michael Koplin – 2020

Like most Americans, my heritage originates from beyond our shores. I'm a grandson of immigrants from Ukraine. My paternal grandparents came here in 1897 and my maternal grandparents came here in 1914.

In 2009 I finally realized that growing older didn't have to include gaining weight and living a sedentary lifestyle. I began to exercise and lose weight. I discovered the beauty of Prospect Park after being her neighbor for 40 years. I started running in 2010, when I was 63 years old. I then found out about PPTC and joined in 2011.

I've completed 9 marathons, 28 half-marathons, and scores of other races. I appreciate getting older and I've learned to respect the limitations of a masters athlete. It's not been an easy emotional transition... I want to run fast and long distances like most of us. The joy of running goes beyond PR's. My goal is to continue to run healthy. While this has become a challenge, it's worth the fight.

Other than running, my personal hobbies include stamp and coin collecting. These have been lifelong interests. I also like to read books about history and science. I've been married for 45 years and have 2 children and 3 grandsons. Life is good.

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Colleen Lynch – 2020

I became a runner when I moved to Brooklyn and found PPTC. Though I ran a few seasons of middle & high school track, and started running regularly in college, it wasn't until trying to find community in Brooklyn that I truly fell in love with running through PPTC. 

My first race was the 2011 Brooklyn Half, signed up for on a whim. Logging lonely miles lead me to seeking out running buddies, which lead me to Coach Tony's speedwork. Showing up alone at the Armory quickly turned into group runs with new friends, new goals, and all kinds of new gear! Since then, I've raced anything from trails to the track to the marathon, and even gotten my parents on the fitness bandwagon - we completed the 2015 Honolulu Marathon together!

Throughout my time as a PPTC member, I've been a founding member of the Social Committee, chair of the Communications Committee, and even helped out with the Race & Clothing Committees. Now as a Board member, I strive to foster the spirit of this amazing club that's given me so much. 

Though I'm not training for any races this year, I'm always up for a loop of the park, or can be found inside the loop at off-leash hours with my puppy!


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Jana Trenk – 2019

I started running at age twelve after watching my dad finish the 2001 NYC Marathon. I fell in love with the sport and have spent almost every weekend since then racing, running, or spectating at races with friends. As a student athlete, I competed on the Scarsdale High School and Division 1 Fordham University XC and Track teams. 

I have raced every distance from the 800m on the track to a 50k ultra, but my absolute favorite distance is the marathon. I enjoy both the competitive and social aspects of PPTC. I plan to train hard so that I can discover how fast I can be... while still making time for our group fun runs such as pajama run, pie day run, and fireworks runs. 

I’ve met some of the greatest friends and training partners through Prospect Park Track Club and feel that this team is truly my second family.  

As a Director on the Board, I’m passionate about creating and implementing programs that support the needs of our runners, help to connect people, and make us the best community we can be.