PPTC Code of Conduct

You may always send any conduct concerns to conduct@pptc.org

The Prospect Park Track Club is welcoming and inclusive community organization which expects and relies on all members to uphold the Code of Conduct for members, established below. 

Represent the Club

Through my membership in the Prospect Park Track Club, I am committed to representing my Club with the utmost respect. In the community, I am a face of PPTC and will make decisions that positively represent the Club. 

Treat Everyone with Dignity

I know the Prospect Park Track Club is a diverse community organization with many different backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints and I embrace all of my teammates with dignity and respect.

Speak Positively

I understand that my words and actions may extend beyond myself and I will respect my teammates through personal, electronic and social media communications.

As a member of the Prospect Park Track Club, I will refrain from, and report illegal or unethical practices related to training and racing. I am committed to following the rules of the race event organizers whenever I participate in their events. This includes (and is not limited to) bib transfers, following the official course, banditing, and respecting race facilities.

Uphold the Rules

Competitors make me better and I respect and appreciate their presence at races. I know their value and I am committed to acting with proper running etiquette and consideration to my competitors during races. My behavior towards competitors reflects on PPTC as a welcoming and inclusive running club.

Respect Competitors

I will act with the Club’s best interest in mind, and will be supported by PPTC leadership. I understand that my failure to meet the Prospect Park Track Club Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary actions. This Code is set in place to provide an outline of expectations so Club leaders can address behavior(s) that “cross the line."



Privacy Policy

At Prospect Park Track Club, we take privacy very seriously. The Board is putting out an official privacy policy to clear up any misunderstandings among our members.

  • The only people with access to the full contact information of our members are those on the membership committee.

  • Information collected during registration is used only for club-related purposes and is not shared with outside organizations without a member’s express consent.

  • The Google Group and Facebook Member Discussions Page are for members only. Those who apply to join the groups are manually approved by the membership committee after cross-checking their information with our rolls.

  • Members should keep posts primarily related to the club and/or running. Some non-running related posts are acceptable, but users should avoid spamming the forums.

  • Members should not use or share the contact information of other members without their express consent.

Violators of any of these rules will be subject to review by the board and/or membership committee and may be removed from the online forums and/or club.