Bitter winds no match for warm spirits

Photo by Pamela Quinlan.

Over 2,200 runners braved the cold to cross the finish line in this morning's Turkey Trot! The event was sponsored by JackRabbit Sports, supported by New York Methodist Hospital, and organized in partnership with the track teams of Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School.

You can find results here.

News 12 Brooklyn was in attendance and broadcast a piece on the event!

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Blog wrap:

This runner really liked our turkey-shaped medals (so did we!) - and because she didn't get one (sign up early!), this runner had some "trot envy".

Another was scared of the wind but knocked out a really great PR (congrats!).

We'll join RoseTintedVisor in saying, "YAAYYYYYYYY."

Two of these runners started their "Holiday Streaks" off in our park! Glad you had a good time (and enjoyed the hot chocolate)!

Some photos from Team Runstreet.

Also from our new friend Larry Sillen there are 2 huge collections of photos, they can be seen here and here.

Keith Williams