Results of the 2019 PPTC Awards Night

Although all of our nominees are deserving of the coveted cowbell, only one runner came away with the award for each category. Here are the winners and a list of acknowledgments of all the members on standing PPTC committees and board for their hard work and contribution to the club for the 2018 year.

President’s Award

Adam Iannazzone

Volunteer of the Year

Jennie Matz

Most Inspirational

Adam Devine

Outstanding Single Contribution

Crystal Cun & Oren Efrati

New Member of the Year

Jason Smith

Most Improved

Mary Johnston

Comeback Runner of the Year

Joelle Reeves

Male Ultra Runner of the Year

Etan Levavi

Female Ultra Runner of the Year

Holly Chase

Bob Mueller Award

Jimmy Leung

Most Races in the Year

Jimmy Leung

Male Runner of the Year

Ted Brakob

Female Runner of the Year

Jana Trenk

PPTC would like to thank and acknowledge all the members who contribute continuously and tirelessly to the club all throughout the year. This is a list that highlights some of the major accomplishments that the committee members have achieved in the past year.

Clothing Committee

-Re-designed the official PPTC Logo (Katie Dadarria).

-Opened our new online clothing order system.

-Worked with Tracksmith to design our first Tracksmith/PPTC singlet.

-Began our partnership with Jack Rabbit for clothing pickup.

Thank you to: Katie Dadarria, Oren Efrati, Michael Koplin, Kirsty Carroll, Rachel Guinn, Jana Trenk, Will Ngo, Christian Urena

Communications Committee

-Re-designed the PPTC website.

-Launched the new SpeedRead.

-Advertised our races on social media, including our first paid Facebook campaigns.

-Advertised our races on MailChimp and maintained the mailing list.

Thank you to: Adam Iannazzone, Michael Ring, Colleen Lynch, Lillian Park, Will Ngo, Oren Efrati, Caitlin-Marie Ong, Jerry Luna

Social Media Team

-Maintained the club’s Instagram and Twitter feed.

- Created drawings and gifs to advertise social runs and races.

Thank you: Adam Iannazzone, Lillian Park, Caitlin-Marie Ong.

Membership Committee

-Transitioned to new membership platform, Wild Apricot.

-Cleaned up Facebook, Strava and Google Forums to ensure that all people in these groups are registered club members. 

-Answer member queries.

-Drafted code of conduct and privacy policy.

-Implemented membership waiver.

Thank you:  Oren Efrati, Jennie Matz, PaFoua Hang, Adam Iannazzone, Michael Ring

Race Committee

-Planned and organized PPTC's races including Harry's Handicap, Cherry Tree, Turkey Trot, summer social relay race, and the 7 race Al Goldstein summer speed series.  

-Raised the majority of the revenue for the club

Thank you: Tom Meany, Michael Ring, Jennie Matz, Doug Only, Missy Burgin, Eric Levenstein, Patricia McNaughton, Stuart Kaplan, Sara Devine, Veronica Antoine, James Israel, Colleen Lynch, Natacha and Sandy Ferrari. 

Additional Thank you to the many volunteers that help with PPTC races!

Social Committee

-Planned, organized and promoted 44 social events in 2018!

-Events included post race brunches, seasonal celebrations, runs to food/drink destinations and more. 

-Implemented quarterly New Member Runs.

-Implemented monthly Pub Runs with The Double Windsor.

Thank you: Crystal Cun, Jana Trenk, Lisa Maya Knauer, Linda Chan, Mark Guralnick, PaFoua Hang, Nick Cohen, Eric Levenstein, Jason Smith, Will Ngo, Albert Cahn, Erin Reese, Jimmy Leung, Caitlin-Marie Ong, Alison Kotch, Holly Chase, Chris Fischer

Team Captains

-Planned, organized and led MTG (Marathon Training Group).

-Planned and organized Awards Night.

-Arranged for speakers at General Membership Meetings.

Thank you: Adam Devine, Missy Burgin, Linda Ewing, Michael Koplin.

Grants Committee

-Reviewed and voted on applications for grants. 

- In 2018, PPTC gave $3,700 in grants in the spring and $6,000 in the fall

Grants were made to: 

  • Back on My Feet

  • Girls on the Run NYC

  • PS 107

  • Brooklyn Kids Run

  • Prospect Park Youth Running Club

  • Run4Fun’s Brownsville program

  • PS94K

  • 288 Track Club (Coney Island)

  • Through the Grant Committee, Prospect Park Track Club gave IS 223 Young Runners free entries into the AGSS and Cherry-Tree.  

Thank you: Christy Johnson, Joyce KeenerCharlene Kohler-Britton, Kathleen Lewis, Richard Loyd, Michael Ring, Murray Rosenblith, Rebekah Tonthat, Nicole Vaughan

PPTC Board

-Met monthly to discuss and vote on policies and programs.

-Each Board member sits on a committee and serves as a liaison between that committee and the Board.

Thank you: 

Tom Meany-President

 Michael Ring- Vice President

 Doug Olney- Treasurer

Jennie Matz- Secretary

Directors: Adam Iannazzone, Missy Burgin, Colleen Lynch, Jennie Matz, Jana Trenk, Michael Koplin

Lillian Park