Member Race Recap: NYC Half

Photos and text by Marta Cabral

My Facebook #pickme post, which got me a bib for the NYC Half!

My Facebook #pickme post, which got me a bib for the NYC Half!

As I made my way around Kings Beer Hall during the NYC Half afterparty with my freshly poured beer in hand, several people reached out to me to say “I saw your Facebook #pickme post! It looks like you got your bib! Congrats! Welcome to PPTC!” The post-run team celebration was one of the highlights of my race.

A few days before the race, I saw a post on the Facebook Member Discussions page advertising the availability of a few PPTC race bibs that would be awarded to members in response to a #pickme post: a post explaining why PPTC should pick each runner for this opportunity. And I applied!

Until that day, PPTC had been an awesome social club to me: I volunteered for Cherry Tree, had so much fun at Awards Night, and even found the membership meetings exciting – but I had yet to actually run with the club. And then I got picked for a NYC half marathon bib.


Had I not already been showered with kindness and “welcomingness,” I wouldn’t have been prepared for the incredible support I got in this race – running, celebrating, and preparing for it.

Had I not already been shown grace and generosity, I would have been surprised by the replies I got to my “will someone please pick-up my bib for me as I will be out of town until Saturday night” email, and by how fellow PPTC member Mary Turnbach kindly got my bib, sent me my number, met with me before the race, and swiftly transferred her white and red hat from her head to mine for a pre-race team photo.

Had I not already been shown enthusiasm and energy, I would have been surprised at the loud cheering I received from the moment I took my long-sleeved shirt off to show my PPTC red (yes, I still have to build up my gear collection from my one singlet!).

I heard the 8 mile mark was off, oh so off (I always just assume it’s my watch or, more realistically, my wandering around the course to high-five small children and the occasional dog); I heard compliments and complaints about the new gels (I have yet to try them!); I heard comments about the glorious weather and how much better this course is (I don't quite remember the old one, but appreciate any race that starts in Brooklyn!).

To me, running in PPTC red, being cheered on as one of us on the course, and celebrating as a team was what made this race so special. The best part: I am already looking forward to what comes next – pub runs, Achilles guiding, membership meetings, group runs, and all the rest. Thank you, PPTC!

Alison Kotch