5th Ave Mile Race Report

Race: 5th Ave Mile

Where: 5th Ave, Manhattan, NY

When: Sept 10, 2017

On a cool crisp day, after a long muggy summer of training, 68 PPTC members were ready to take on the trial of a mile known as the 5th Ave Mile. This course is widely known as an excellent course to set a PR because of its net decline, however, anyone who has run down 5th Ave from 80th St. to 60th St. knows that there's a slight incline in the second quarter of the race. Such a small incline is usually not a big deal, but in a short distance race like a miler, every second counts.

Women's Results

Christine Weiher was the fastest PPTC woman (5:39). Junko Matsuura came closely behind in 2nd for PPTC (5:41). Alison Restak was not far behind in 3rd for PPTC (5:44).

Men's Results

Congratulations to Etan Levavi for being the fastest PPTC member for the 5th Ave Mile (4:49). He represented Brooklyn in the 5 Boroughs Heat. Matt Siefker was 2nd for PPTC (5:01). Noah Devereaux was right there for 3rd (5:03).

New PRs

Let's congratulate all these PPTC members who set new PRs for themselves.

Yulia Yomantayte (6:55) - Her first sub-7 min mile Chaya Wolf (8:46) - She knocked off 22 seconds off her last PR set just three weeks ago. Erica Niemiec (7:13) - Her first mile race Kristin Stocks (7:23) Adam Devine (5:42) - 14 sec PR Andrew Leonard (6:05) Adam Iannazzone (5:17) Sam Smullen (6:36) Kirsty Carroll (6:46) - Her first mile race and first race repping PPTC! Isabel Santiago-Gordon (7:44) - Also her first mile race and first race repping PPTC! Jonathan Giles (5:45) - His first mile race Alison Restak (6:07) - 21 sec PR

Big thanks to everyone who cheered for PPTC, especially those members who didn't run the 5th Ave Mile.