Board minutes: November 2013


Meeting of Board of Directors

November 25, 2013

555 7th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11215


Attending:  Jason Horowitz, Nicole Importico, Tom Meany, Anne Perzeszty,

Michael Ring, Keith Williams


Meeting was convened at 7:04 p.m.

The minutes of to October 28, 2013 meeting were reviewed and the omission of Keith Williams’ election report was noted.  Nicole Importico made a motion to accept the

minutes contingent upon the addition of the election report.  Michael Ring seconded the

motion and the minutes were accepted unanimously.


President's Report – Tom Meany

Regarding Park safety, a plan is being developed that will include an educational plan    for cyclists and pedestrians related to the new traffic lights.


Treasurer's Report

In the absence of Treasurer Doug Olney, the budget will be delayed until next month.


Communication – Keith Williams/Michael Ring

The following communication items were discussed briefly:

  • Blog posts have slowed down
  • Keith's experiment with race pace chart appears to have encouraged many runner to

show up for the Saturday group run

  • Michaael Rieman's Usual Prospects, the title for his interview series, is well  received
  • Change in time for Wednesday run; more ramifications than at first anticipated.  Tom will follow up with Lynda Mules and with Maggie Deschamps and then a  new           announcement, i.e., a short blog post,will be made
  • Keith will fix the widget

Tech Committee – Jason Horowitz

The runner database for the website still has some issues in that some data needs to be           cleaned up.

Race Committee – Tom Meany

On Turkey Trot race day, Keith Williams will be dealing with NYPD and the media to           schedule interviewing, coordination with ambulance, direct placement of signage, working    with and  coordinating with greeters.

The Turkey Trot is sold out and we have the permit.  In fact, the application for all PPTC permits for 2014 have been submitted.  The need for the sound permit for the Turkey Trot has been waived by NYPD.  By having access to NYCRuns vans, there will be no need to bring      equipment to the Boathouse the day before the race and nothing has to go back to storage      after the race.   There was a discussion about the items on the timeline for the day of the race.

Awards – Jason Horowitz

The date of the Awards Celebration has not been set and some suggestions were offered.        Jason will convene a virtual group to discuss options and will bring information to the next   Board meeting.

Social Committee – Nicole Importico

Nicole described plans for a holiday celebration to be held on December 15 at 61 Local.       After discussion, Nicole made a motion that PPTC allocate $200 towards this event. Keith Williams seconded the motion which passed with a unanimous vote.   Other plans the Social Committee is considering:  group skate in the   new rink in Prospect Park in January; a dance     party, details to be forthcoming.   Michael Ring suggested the  rink for the Cherry Tree          registration and after-race gathering.  Tom will check into the price and availability.

Clothing – Lynda Mules (by email prior to meeting)

Most of the hoodies have been sold and the long sleeved tech shirts have proven to be a popular item.  Gear will be available at next week’s general membership meeting and at Harry’s    Handicap on January 1.

Election – Keith Williams

Keith will send a brief report for insertion into last month’s minutes.

Membership – Michael Ring

Michael said he sent out many renewal notices and has gotten many responses.  He is trying   to get gift certificates from Cousin John’s for the Turkey Trot pies

The next meetings:  December 30 and January 27.

Anne Perzeszty made a motion to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Nicole   Importico.  The meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.

Keith Williams