PPTC 2015 elections: the candidates

The submission period has closed and we are proud to announce our candidates for the Board of Directors in this year's election cycle. The voting period ends Tuesday, April 28 at 11:59 p.m. All members as of March 2, 2015 (the day before the Notice of Election) should have received an email from noreply@opavote.org with a special link and instructions on how to vote.

Household memberships are given two votes; only the person who actually registered received an email. If you are the head of your Household membership and you'd like for another member of your Household to vote, please email elections@pptc.org with that person's name and email address.

If you did not receive an email, please first check your Spam folder. If there is still an issue, please email elections@pptc.org.

See the Bylaws of the Club for the responsibilities of each position.

No one submitted a Letter of Intent for the Secretary position, so that role will remain unfilled until the new Board is seated in May. At that point, the new Board will decide how to handle the vacancy

Thank you to all of our candidates!

The Elections Committee

Top (L-R): Belcher, Meany, Mules, Olney Bottom: Perzeszty, Ring, Seaforth, Wolf

Candidates for President

Running for a two-year term starting May 2015

Tom Meany

[spoiler title="Click to read Tom's statement"] This will mark I believe the 4th time I am asking to be chosen for this position. A lot has changed since the first time. Our leadership team has accomplished a lot since then. I’d like to list a few changes:

  • Membership went from 250 to 750+.
  • We attained 501C3 status.
  • PPTC rents space in the Armory from November to March.
  • There is a very successful volunteer recognition program that successfully helped us with last year’s Turkey Trot without the past volunteer help from Bishop Ford.
  • There is a quarterly new members run!
  • There is a tech & public relations committee!
  • There is a clothing committee that outdoes itself in terms of outfitting the membership in our colors.
  • Marathon activities have expanded from servicing 50 members post race to 250+.
  • There is a social committee that does donut runs, Friday night fireworks run, Dyker Heights lights run and throws a great picnic after the Brooklyn half and much more.
  • There are men’s and women’s team captains coordinating the Club’s racing participation.
  • The Al Goldstein Speed Series has grown from an average of 60 runners to close to 300!

No one person does all these things; it’s the result of a great leadership team, which goes beyond our hard working Board and Officers.

Recently a number of Club members participated in an essay contest: “Why do PPTCers love the Club.” I gleaned a few key words from their writings: unselfish, caring, inclusive, welcoming, friendly, supportive, a special camaraderie, motivating, encouraging, value fitness & health, my running family.

These are the values that I will continue to work to support.

I humbly request your vote for the honor of continuing to serve as your President.

Tom Meany[/spoiler]

Candidates for Vice President

Running for a two-year term starting May 2015

Michael Ring

[spoiler title="Click to read Michael's statement"]I have honestly lost track of how many times I've run for positions in the Prospect Park Track Club. I was a board member since the early 90s and was appointed vice president when Sarah move away about five years ago. I don't think I've ever run opposed and I'm not sure if that will happen this time. But this time is different. I've had quite a tough year and being a member of the Prospect Park track club made it enormously easier.

It's something I should have known all along but it became apparent to me in the past year that the Prospect Park Track Club is a lot more than a running team. PPTC is a community. It is a diverse community that came together to help me in more ways than I could've imagined. I hope the club will continue to let me be vice president so I can repay this kindness.

Michael Ring[/spoiler]

Candidates for Treasurer

Running for a two-year term starting May 2015

Doug Olney

[spoiler title="Click to read Doug's statement"]Once again I am pleased to submit my name in candidacy for the position of PPTC Treasurer. Since the years have flown by, I thought it would be a good idea to confirm exactly when at the request of our late past President Bobby Fisher, I first took on the responsibility of Treasurer. It turns out that it was June 1996, which means this will be the 10th time that I've had to prepare a candidate's statement!

Over the past 20 years, our club has truly prospered: membership is at record levels; our races continue to grow in popularity; we have an excellent speed workout program which manifests itself in our competitive results; and our social program is expanding in many new and exciting ways. Our financial picture has prospered as well. For many years PPTC scraped by from event to event. But now we have a robust bank account that allows us to fund a greater variety of events and activities. I feel lucky that I was able to play a part.

It has been my privilege to serve all of you as PPTC Treasurer. I hope that you will allow me to continue to be of service to Brooklyn's very best running club!

Doug Olney[/spoiler]

Candidates for Director

Three terms available, all starting May 2015: First receives three-year term Second receives two-year term Third receives one-year term (special election)

Gary Belcher

[spoiler title="Click to read Gary's statement"]My name is Gary Belcher and I would like to run for one of the available Director positions in this year's Election.

I've been a member of the club for a little over three years now. I had been running for about a year and was interested in joining a running club. I decided to come to a Saturday group run and check it out. It was a cold, late December morning and only 4 people showed up for the run. One of them was Michael Ring. After running 11miles with Michael and hearing what the club had to offer, I really had no choice but to join!

Over these years I've enjoyed the many benefits the club has to offer. Speed Work, Friday Fireworks Runs, Harry's Handicap, Al Goldstein 5K, the Turkey Trot and Cherry Tree just to name a few. In the process I've met a group of great people, many of whom I consider family.

I've volunteered at packet pick-ups and I've done bag check and Finish Line break down for Al Goldstein races. I've volunteered at the Turkey Trot (Great Jackets!) and most recently was a Volunteer Coordinator and Co-Manager for the relay teams at the Cherry Tree Race.

I trained for and ran my first marathon with PPTC. Then my second. Then my third. This October will be my fourth time running a marathon wearing the Red & White.

I've enjoyed giving back to this club that has given me so much and see this Director position as another way of doing just that.

Thank you for your consideration!

Gary Belcher[/spoiler]

Lynda Mules

[spoiler title="Click to read Lynda's statement"]Thank you, teammates, for considering me for re-election to the PPTC Board of Directors.

I joined PPTC in 2009, just a few months after running my first race (the Al Gordon 5k in Prospect Park). I wanted a lot from my PPTC membership, so I jumped right into club activities -- I joined Coach Tony's speed workouts, helped Gil Torres with a weekly class for beginning runners, attended monthly meetings, and volunteered at the Turkey Trot and the Cherry Tree. In 2011, I stepped into the role of Women's Team Captain, encouraging team participation in local races and helping to lead our women to division victory in the NYRR club points series. I became active on several committees, and, in 2012, was elected to serve on the PPTC Board of Directors; I'm currently Chair of the Board.

Working with others in the club, I've helped introduce new clothing options, laid the groundwork for new social activities, including the Brooklyn Half Beach Bash, the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights run, and our Holiday Party, which are now annual events, and aimed to enliven our monthly membership meetings by scheduling speakers on a variety of topics. Recently, I've pursued coaching certification through USATF and RRCA so that I can provide sound and informed guidance as my teammates turn to "Mama Mules" for training plans and advice.

PPTC has grown in the past three years, not only in numbers, and there is much we can do collectively to ensure that the future of PPTC is as rich as its history. I hope to continue serving our dynamic club on the Board of Directors and to help foster a culture of meaningful engagement with and volunteerism for the club.

Lynda Mules[/spoiler]

Anne Perzeszty

[spoiler title="Click to read Anne's statement"]I ask for your vote for election to the position of Director.

I have been a member of PPTC since 1993 and, in the past, have served as PPTC vice president and as president for the years 1998-2006. After a hiatus (to catch my breath!), I ran for the position of Club Secretary in 2011, a position I currently hold but recognize it is time to move on. During the time I was not on the Board, I continued to be involved especially as co-director of the Turkey Trot and as a member of the Race committee, activities I plan to continue. I am proud to say that running and PPTC have earned my loyalty because the sport changed my life and the Club enhanced it.

As the Club’s Secretary since 2011, my primary responsibility has been the Club’s minutes, being mindful of their importance as official and legal documents. This perspective has been developed by a personal and professional history of Board service. I also believe my involvement in every aspect of the Club’s governance over a long period of time, when we experienced and embraced change brings with it a perspective on what is possible as we look toward the future.

Speaking of the future, my vision for the future is to keep the focus on member services and to embrace future opportunities while honoring PPTC’s rich tradition and history. Thank you for your consideration.

Anne Perzeszty[/spoiler]

Juan Seaforth

[spoiler title="Click to read Juan's statement"]With this letter I would like to confirm my willingness and availability to serve in the Board of PPTC.

I will like to extend my help and my future service to the club, I’m a new member and hope that I can provide new ideas and work hand and hand with everyone hopefully I will have the opportunity to get more involve with the club in the near future.

Juan Seaforth[/spoiler]

Chaya Wolf

[spoiler title="Click to read Chaya's statement"]Hi! My name is Chaya Wolf.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to consider a position on the board of directors.

In 2012 I was a new runner and a consistently injured one. With little understanding from my non-runner family and friends, I joined PPTC looking for support. Instead I found a family. It took time getting to know the members, but once I did, I never looked back. I’ve made new friendships and found a group of people who are passionate and inspiring.

Since joining PPTC I have volunteered at the Turkey Trot and Cherry Tree races, Al Gordon Summer Series and NYCM post-race party. I joined the social committee, helping create and organize social events for our runners. Past events we’ve organized include a donut run, pi(e) day run, foam rolling clinic, pre-marathon race tips and nutrition Q & A. We have also teamed up with Mile High Run Club and received steeply discounted classes for our members. These events help our members stay active, social and committed to something they already love. Most recently, on recommendation of some group members we started a “PPTC Run Commuters” Facebook group where members can share routes or request company on a run commute. In addition to the social committee I have been active on the PPTC blog.

I’d like to help expand and grow the sea of red and white, creating new opportunities for runners to bond. I would find ways to reach out to new runners and/or members who may not know who we are and hopefully open them up to an incredible group of people. I hope that as a member of the board I will be able to pay forward everything people have given me – a running family who holds me accountable and challenges me to do what we all love.

Chaya Wolf[/spoiler]

Elections Committee