Cherry Tree 2008 - Pick of the Crop

On a crisp and sunny winter day, over 40 hard core PPTC volunteers pitched in to put on an outstanding Cherry Tree event. Many new faces were noted this year working alongside seasoned veterans from past years.
Our running cadre distinguished itself on its home turf with notable performances so early in the year.
In the relay, PPTC took 2nd in the coed relay, showcasing 2007 Runners of the Year, Emily Sanderson and Tony Watson, and 2007 New Member of the Year, Helen Dole.
Placing in the age groups were Danielle Hansen (2007 Most Improved), Maggie Deschamps, Jacquie Callender, Charlene Kohler-Britton, Tyrone Sklaren (Bob Muller Nominee), Denis Sivack, and founding club member Jack Stetch.
First PPTC finisher was Chris O'Brien (2007 Most Improved Nominee). Maggie Deschamps (who missed first in her age group by less than 1 second)was first PPTC woman accross.
Meaghan Horner