5M RACE – 8:00 MEN; 9:00 WOMEN
This is a race for everyone!  As an inclusive Club, our strength and pride is in our numbers and we want to have lots of members showing up to run, to cheer, to smile for the team picture.  There will be the PPTC after-race buffet.  And the sight of teammates cheering you to the finish line is. . .priceless!
The sstart is at the 102 Sstreet transverse.  The Club will set up a team meeting place on the LEFT side of the east 102nd Street entrance to the Park. Look for the banner.  You can leave your baggage there.  Note:  If you are driving to the race and have room in your back seat or trunk for food or supplies, please email  You know the old saw – many hands. . .etc., etc.
Here are some more details from the NYRR website:
Only members of established and NYRR-recognized running teams (that’s us!) may enter this race; NYRR membership by itself is not enough to qualify. In addition, entrants must have completed at least one NYRR scored/qualifying race between September 1, 2010 and July 30, 2011 for PPTC.  Note:  if you have changed teams, you may not have competed for PPTC until 90 days have lapsed,
Teams for the NYRR Team Championships are comprised of: • Open: 10 men/10 women (scored by time) • 40+: 5 men/3 women (scored by time) • 50+: 3 men/3 women (scored by time) • 60+: 3 men/3 women (scored by time)
Note:  there are no shirts or other souvenirs for this race.
Go, PPTC – the mantra of the day!
Michael Ring