The Inside Loop – May 2016

The competition was tough, but congrats to the newly-elected members of the PPTC Board of Directors:

  • Aisha Qamar -- one year as Secretary
  • Missy Burgin -- 3-year term
  • Keith Williams -- 2-year term
  • Michael Koplin -- 2-year term

In addition to being elected by the membership to the club's Board of Directors, Michael K is also to be recognized for having recently garnered his credentials as a USATF Level 1 Track and Field Coach! I can't wait to ask him about... [insert random training questions here]

Let's keep Peggy Casey in our thoughts and prayers as she faces some tough miles in the road ahead.

The Inside LoopLou Stern recently turned 82! Back in the day, Lou was one of PPTC's toughest road warriors.  Now living in the Bahamas, he does come up every so often to visit his adult children. He just can't seem to resist the lure of the inside loop roadway. Let's keep him in our thoughts and prayers -- as you may well understand, piling on the years often does bring additional health concerns.

There's a morning runners' group, others who meet to run in the evening, and although they don't appear to advertise it, Jack Stetch, Dennis Sivack, and Aaron Kofler seem to get out often for a midday easy-paced run from Bartel Pritchard Square. Morning, noon, and night, PPTC is on the roads!

PPTC, as well as Achilles Brooklyn, congratulates PPTC's Patricia McNaughton upon receiving the Achilles Brooklyn's volunteer of the month award. Achilles Brooklyn runs strong every Thursday night, meeting and greeting at JackRabbit at 6pm before proceeding to the park pedestrian entrance at Garfield Place and PPW to the inside loop roadway for the workout. Achilles athletes and the Guides decide on the individual workouts for each session, whether it's a full loop, a half loop through Center Drive, or perhaps just a short down-and-back from Garfield to Bartel Pritchard. Know someone you'd like to see involved with Achilles Brooklyn? Bring 'em there to get their feet on the road! There is no charge, only a simple release form, and all are welcome -- athletes and Guides alike. Need more info on Achilles Brooklyn? Patricia McNaughton, Mike Ring, Nicoletta Nerangis, Andy Wong, Jackie Lee, and Tom Byrnes are among those who can fill you in.

The Kenny Dolan 5K, slated for Sunday, June 5th, is a race with lots and lots of runners and lots and lots of paces. Lou Vazquez and family coordinate the best of races and the very best post-race party BBQ with burgers and hot dogs and anything else you might want. Music, dancing, rocking and rolling -- hey, what a race!

On behalf of the youth involved in his programs in Belize, Ian Grey extends his heartfelt thanks for the shoes, singlets, and running gear that PPTC members have been so kind to donate. If you have shoes (men's, women's, or children's) and/or lightweight running clothing that's gathering dust in your closets and you'd like to see it put to better use, contact me and we'll do our best to hook up and get it to Ian for those runners in need. Ian has a sister who lives near the tennis courts and both have contacts with airline personnel who will facilitate the shipping from Brooklyn to Belize. Don't dump it, donate it!

Were they wedding bells we heard chiming for Emma Roman recently? They came through loud and clear on Facebook, so felicidades!

Another one of our veteran runners is facing medical issues, but at this point, I'll wait before providing further info. Shit happens, as they say. For now, please keep a beloved PPTCer in your thoughts and prayers for a healthy recovery.

Here's some great news! Mike Ring is now the coordinator and spokeperson for the Guillain-Barre Syndrome Support Group: Brooklyn. Everyone else in our world probably knows this already but hey, as always, go Michael! You rock!

Anyone else have a friend who needs his or her watch fixed? Because after hearing the splits, you know you just could not have been running that slowly...

See you on the roads!

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Tom Byrnes