New Balance Bronx 10 Mile Race Report

Race: New Balance Bronx 10 Mile When: Sept 24, 2017

Where: Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY

Uncomfortable warm temperature and sticky humidity greeted runners on a decidedly un-fall-like day last Sunday. Was it already autumn? Who could tell? No matter, amost 15,000 runners were ready to storm the Grand Concourse, designed by an Alsatian immigrant named Louis Aloys Risse who became chief topographical engineer for the New York City government, in the Bronx.

Challenging conditions did not scare away PPTC members; 127 runners showed up, which made us the fourth largest team at the Bronx 10-Miler.

Congratulations to Dean Gebhardt (1:03:55), Matt Siefker (1:03:55), and Noah Devereaux (1:05:57) for being the three fastest PPTC men. Noah would like us to know that he "wasn't really racing" the Bronx 10-Miler. He paced Captain Adam for the first 6 miles and practiced grabbing drinks from the aid station tables. For the last six miles, he felt out the paces for the upcoming Staten Island Half. In doing so, he ran an (unofficial) 5K PR and a 10K PR. If running under 66 minutes for a 10-mile race is "not really racing" for Noah, then we can't wait to see what you can do when you are really racing. Hey team, any predictions for Noah on what he can do for the Staten Island Half?

Congratulations to Junko Matsuura (1:12:39), Leiba Rimler (1:12:41), and Holly Chase (1:14:00) for being the three fastest PPTC women.

It should also be noted that Dean's, Junko's, and Tyrone Sklaren's (1:30:43) performances garnered them a top-10 finish in their age groups.

Kudos to everyone on this illustrious PR list! Maybe the weather was warm because you guys were HOT!!!

Leiba Rimler (1:12:41) - perfect 1 min PR Kelly Greene (1:21:44) - almost a 9-min PR Jonathan Giles (1:11:38) - first 10-mile race Clifford Tsao (1:19:28) - knocked 5:41 from his time last year Issac Josephson (1:22:20) - 3:18 PR Lisa Maya Knauer - 1:14 PR Adam Iannazzone (1:06:36) Rob Dekker (1:13:26) Aung Barteaux (1:16:35) - first race running for PPTC Sam Smullen (1:26:03) Carlos Vazquez (1:11:59) - a minute+ faster than his 15K PR. Michael Abrahams (1:06:44) Jackie James (1:35:36)

All photos in this post are credited to Jose Baizan.