Notice of Election: March 2016


Have you considered serving on the club’s Board of Directors? It is a tremendous responsibility, but a rewarding one!

Four of the nine seats on the Board are up for election this April: one Officer position (a special election for Secretary) and three Director positions. Officers serve for 2 years: Directors, for either 2 or 3 years (more info below).

For descriptions of each position, please refer to the club’s by-laws. You may only run for one position; all candidates for the vacant Director spots will be placed into a single pool.

To declare your candidacy, please send a Statement of Intent to by Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. We will publish the Statements on the PPTC website on Sunday, April 3rd. Voting will open on Monday, April 4th and be will be open for 2 weeks.

To be eligible, you must have one year of service to the club (i.e., you must have been a member in March 2015).

If you have any questions about the election, please direct them to

We’re looking forward to a great turnout! Gary Belcher & Nicole Importico Co-Chairs, Elections Committee

Positions for Election The Board has amended the by-laws to change the duration of Directors’ terms and the method for voting. A full explanation of the amendments can be found here.

Each year, there will be two Director positions scheduled to be open: ▪ The top vote-getter will receive a three-year term ▪ The second-highest vote getter will receive a full two-year term

In addition, there is a vacant Director position, the term of which ends in April 2018 (it had been held by Lynda Mules, who resigned in February). In this election, the third-highest vote-getter will fill the remainder of the vacated term (two years).

The Secretary Position is a special election this year for a one year term.

Nicole Importico