"Panther" is back

And there he was, without warning, Will Abrams, taking 6th in 50-54M in the Queens Half!! After suffering a near fatal bout of pneumonia, we've seen Will around the park mostly on his bike. He did show up at the picnic, and blistered through the course, huffing and puffing a bit. But his presence at the Queens Half was unexpected, and a 1:29:43 on Sunday puts a smile on our faces. Will is one of our top runners ever, and used to lead speed workouts, and marathon groups some years back for the club members.
Showing in the top 10 in their age groups also were Emily Sanderson (6) and Danielle Hansen (9) in 40-44F, and recent member Liz Canale (5)in 55-59F.
Great run everybody!

Meaghan Horner