by Staci Pierson The PPTC Board of Directors wishes to congratulate Jason Horowitz and Lynda Mules for being elected to three-year director terms in May. Jason Horowitz served during the previous term as director and chairs the clothing and IT committees. This is the first term for Lynda Mules who leads our PPTC women’s team. The 2012 election was the second year that we used online voting; 93 members logged on to vote while we mailed approximately 15 paper ballots to members without access to email. The online ballot was promoted via email and social media (FaceBook, etc.).

As the online ballot is a still a somewhat new format, the elections committee greatly appreciates all of the feedback received so far to improve the process. If you experienced a problem with the online ballot or have a suggestion for improving the process please email suggestions to elections@pptc.org. Looking ahead to 2013, all officer positions will be up for re-election as will a few director positions.

It will be a big election year for PPTC. It’s never too early to start thinking about whether or not you would like to run. We’ll also need volunteers to for the elections committee. If you are interested in helping with the 2013 election, please email elections@pptc.org.

Michael Ring