PPTC Masters Women compete at Penn Relays

On Friday, April 26, 2013 at 7:15 p.m., in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, twelve masters women's teams lined up on a track. The event was the world-famous Penn Relay Carnival, a five-day celebration of running, with Olympic-caliber competition its highlight. PPTC Penn Relays 2013 start

Set as team "H" were four women sporting a comforting shade of red and four familiar letters: PPTC!

PPTC Penn Relays 2013 runners

Maculene Etienne, Valarie Hing, Jan Vaughn, Zoe van der Wiele were invited to compete in the event, following on the success of a slightly different team in February's Millrose Games.

They turned in a blazing time of 4:53.27, good for 8th of 12. Several New York clubs, including CPTC New Balance. also competed. (Thanks to Lynda Mules for pointing out that the winning team, Athena Track Club, is different from Athena New York.)

Coach Tony and Charlene provided stellar preparation for the event, and a few other PPTCers made the trip to The City of Brotherly Love to cheer, including the alternates, Lynda Mules and Patty ChongTenn.

Congrats, team! Now all you need is a snazzy nickname.

PPTC Penn Relays 2013 full group