PPTC Turkey Trot 2017

Name: PPTC Turkey Trot Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

When: Nov 23, 2017

For many New Yorkers, particularly Brooklynites, the PPTC Turkey Trot is an annual Thanksgiving tradition that's right up there with the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Without fail, this "little" local race sells outs when the weather is still warm and we're wondering when fall is going to start. For the first time this year, PPTC offer 100 bibs for $100 for the people who missed out on the early pricing. That $10,000 was donated to CHiPS, a wonderful local community organization which provides food and shelter to those in need.

Thanksgiving morning, the weather was not at all frightful. Instead, cool crisp weather ideal for running greeted the 2204 runners who came out to trot their stuff for five miles.

The Top Three PPTC Women Runners

  1. Leiba Rimler (34:46), 9-sec PR, 2nd AG (30-34)
  2. Holly Chase (35:22)
  3. Chloe Free (37:04), 5-min PR

The Top Three PPTC Men Runners

  1. Yves Nozil (25:36), defended his title in winning the PPTC Turkey Trot for the second year in a row
  2. Etan Levavi (28:37), 2nd AG (25-29)
  3. Alan Lawn (31:30), PR

Other notable running accomplishments

Anthony Watson 36:00 3rd AG (55-59)

Lillian Park 37:37 1.5 min PR & 3rd AG (40-44)

Neil R Feldman 42:41 3rd AG (65-69)

Tyrone Sklaren 41:59 1st AG (70+)

Nancy Wagner-Wetzel 47:46 1st AG (65-59)

Charlene Kohler-Britton 50:32 3rd AG (65-69)

Photos of the Turkey Trot taken by Larry Sillen can be seen here:


Thank you to the staff at NYC Runs and to Modell's for having their store be the site for the packet pick-up. Big thank you to our club members who volunteered the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and the day of the race, from medal assembly, stickering bigs, manning the packet pick-up, schlepping goods, manning bag check, and much, much more. This race could not have happened with your enthusiasm, skill, and dedication.
Adam Devine
Alexis Davidson
Alison Donnelly
Andrei Fluerasu
Andy Wong
Anh-Tuan Tran
Aniella Zaslavsky-Tang
Anne Perzeszty
Aung Barteaux
Beth Moran
Bianca Merbaum
Brittney Laryea
Carlos Vazquez
Christine Goh
Cressida Robinson
Crystal Cun
Danielle Fagenblat
Fran Kotkov
Dave Leslie
David Chen
David Coleman
David Hantman
Donna Newton
Doug Olney
Emily Perillo
Eric Levenstein
Gary Belcher
Geoffry Gertz
Heather Isiminger
Hilary Pauli
Holly Chase
Holly Goddu
Isaac Josephson
Isaac Murchie
Jack W. Wang
Jackie Ore
 Jane Yau
Jenn Adams
Jennie Matz
Jim Wengler
Jimmy Leung
Joanne Guralnick
Joe Habib
Joe Lyons
Joelle Reeves
Julie Rwan
Julio Zavala
Junior Passee
Kathleen Lewis
Keight Bergmann
Kevin Abraszek
Kristen Stocks
Larry Balick
Leala Vazquez
Lillian Park
Lindsay Turley
Linus Ly
Lisa Maya Knauer
Louis Wiggs
Marek Stepniowski
Margaret Gambaro
Maribel Pena
Mark Arce
Marvlyn Baptiste
Megan Dee
Melissa Lee
Michael Murphy
Michael Silver
Missy Burgin
Monique Hamilton
Murray Rosenblith
Nathan Kisin
Nicoletta Neragis
Noah Devereaux
PaFoua Hang
Pam Ritchie
Paul Lace
Priscilla Upshaw
Rachel G
Rebekah TonThat
Regina Chan
Rich Nolan
Roshan Leslie
Rosie Cortijo
Ruth Gurksy
Sam Smullen
Sandra Ferrari
Sara Devine
Sara Rafiy
Steve Oxley
Tanya Saltzman
Tom Greene
Tom Meany
Tricia Naughton
Vanessa Guida
Vanessa Russell
Victoria Shan
William Stenhouse
Zadine Richardson
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