PPTC WoW: In/Out K's

By Adam Devine

Greetings, fellow warriors! After a one week absence, the WoW is back. To those that are doing MTG you have an awesome set of 400s coming your way, but the WoW could be an excellent second speed day if you are so inclined. Today's workout comes from my fellow team captain, Missy Burgin!

Workout: In/Out K's
Description of workout:
You do a 2-3 mile warm up, and then go straight into a  kilometer at Half Marathon pace. Your recovery is a kilometer at a moderate pace (I did 6:40 HMP and 8 min recovery pace). You do this anywhere from 6-8 times each, straight into a cool down, and before you know it, you're running 13-15 miles for a weekday workout.
What distance is this geared towards:
Marathon distance
Goals or Intentions of this workout:
Long sustained effort toggling between race paces. You become very familiar/comfortable with the paces over long distances. So when you get to the last few fast efforts, your legs are lethargic, but not shot.
Results you have experienced with this workout:
Missy used this workout to fly to an 8 minute PR in the marathon. Great work, Missy!
So give this workout a shot if you're up for it, and talk to your teammates afterward about how it felt. Happy Running!
The Workout of the Week is a way for members to share what has worked for them in their training. The workouts are meant to be suggestive only. Anyone with health concerns should consult a healthcare professional before starting any rigorous training program. Workouts are often most effective as part of a formal training plan, and you may want to consult a certified coach or trainer. Happy running!
Lillian Park