PPTCWoW: McMillan Hilly Broken Tempo Workout

by Adam Devine
WorkoutMcMillan Hilly Broken Tempo Workout
Description of workout:
15-20 min warm up, 3 mile tempo, 3 min recovery jog, 4x30 sec steep hills, 3 min recovery jog, 3 mile tempo, 15-20 min cool down
What distance is this geared towards:
10k/Half Marathon
Goals or Intentions of this workout:
This is great for a 10k or half marathon. The first tempo run should feel relatively steady and the second tempo run should be very tough. The short, steep, hard hills in the middle flood your legs with lactic acid so that you enter the last portion of the workout feeling like you are deep into a hard race. The aim is to run the second tempo run at the same pace as the first one. It teaches you to learn to dig very deep when you are tired and want to stop. This is a valuable thing to learn because we usually face the toughest miles in the end of our races.
Results you have experienced with this workout:
At best, you'll feel stronger and faster in your last miles of a race. At worst, this workout helps strengthen your mental fortitude.
So give this workout a shot if you're up for it, and talk to your teammates afterwards about how it felt. Happy Running, and thanks, Efren!!
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Lillian Park