Reminder: Run Brooklyn in 2014 for a chance to win $100!

Run Brooklyn PPTCThe Run Brooklyn program was put in place to encourage team racing and support of Brooklyn races organized by local groups and organizations. PPTC members who participate in 6 scored Brooklyn races in 2014 will be entered in a raffle for a $100 cash prize, and 5 winners will be selected at random at the next annual Awards Celebration to be held in early 2015. Rules for qualification:

  • You must become a PPTC member before July 1, 2014 and race only for PPTC after you join (or for the entire year, if you were already a member).
  • You must race at least SIX (6) scored races set entirely in Brooklyn, with the following stipulations:
    • At most ONE (1) NYRR race may count toward your total.
    • Your total MUST include at least ONE (1) race organized by PPTC (Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series, Cherry Tree, Turkey Trot, Harry's Handicap).
    • Only ONE (1) speed series race (e.g., Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series, Fort Hamilton Speed Series) will be counted from any one series, no matter how many you run.
Keith Williams