See Tom Run, See Tom Bike, See Tom Run

No, it wasn't Deja Vu all over again. It was Tom Byrnes triumphantly wrapping up his season with a first place age group win in the Prospect Park Duathlon last Sunday. Tom ran a 5K, biked 4 loops, and ran another 5K. Turning on the jets, he caught the second place finisher with a half mile to go, and took home the medal.
This was Tom's second duathlon this year, and along with 3 tris, a half marathon, and the Cherry Tree 10 miler, it marks a very positive comeback season.
Since being diagnosed w/ skin cancer 7 years ago, and undergoing the ravages of chemotherapy, Tom has steadily worked himself back into shape with single minded resolve. His tenacity and triumph in the midst of a life threatening crisis has set a truly inspirational example for us all.
Feel free to copy this in "The Inside Loop", Tom. You've earned it.