Coached Speed Workouts – Spring 2016

For the spring 2016 only, Coach Tony & Charlene will conduct a weekly 2-hour boot camp of intensive speed training over 5 weeks. Each session will include warm-up, drills, core & strength work and speed work, ending with cool down and stretching. We guarantee that each 2-hour workout will work and train your body not only to run faster, but to be stronger, better balanced and more efficient overall.

Tuesday evenings are for faster, more advanced runners (April 26th – May 24th) Thursday evenings are for beginners and intermediate runners (April 28th – May 26th)

All sessions will meet at 7:00 p.m. at either the Bartel Pritchard Square entrance of Prospect Park (15th Street and Prospect Park West) or the Red Hook Track; the location will be announced before each session. A car will always be available for storing gear. Water will be provided.

Spots will be limited, so secure your place now! Sign up here.

Coach Tony Watson