The Inside Loop – March 2015

PPTC was on the track at this year's Millrose games on Saturday, February 14th, and behind the scenes volunteering with USADA and their drug testing efforts as well. PPTC's Janice Fuld, Paula Van de Nes, and Wayne Bailey got to be up close and personal with athletes whose finishing positions had been chosen for a visit to their on-site 'doping control.' The Inside LoopPPTC at its best found Lindsey Owens and a friend renting a van for a quick out-and-back to New Jersey to pick up a battery-powered mobility device to schlep back to Brooklyn for a PPTC brother in need. Hoorah!

Gung Hay Fat Choy, the Year of the Sheep! Anyone know just how many 'Baaaaaaaaas...' are appropriate?

The PPTC Disciplinary Committee has been meeting to discuss possible actions against Selina Rutovitz after she posted greetings and pictures of her naked feet from a Caribbean isle during the snow and ice storms that had been bombarding NYC in February. Thinking that solitary confinement with bread and water for the time she spent vacationing might be a bit harsh, the Disciplinary Committee is leaning more towards imposing a penance of cold beers and sliders...

It happens with winter running! Charlene Kohler-Britton was attacked by the roadway surface that seemed to jump up and attack her on a recent workout on the inside loop. Fearing the worse, a broken or sprained wrist, we were all relieved to learn that her X-rays revealed only bad bruising instead. When we saw pics taken at the PPTC general membership posted on Facebook with Charlene trying to control members stampeding toward the free pizza offerings, we knew her mending was on its way and her abilities to hold planks would soon resume to normal.

Congrats to all the winners at our club's recent annual awards dinner celebration! Always tough decisions on whom to vote for but remember that even being nominated is an honor in and of itself. Check the PPTC website for listings.

And speaking of listings, congrats to Tom Byrnes, Mark Guralnick, Ruth Gursky, Michael Koplin, and Chaya Wolf for their winning entries in the annual PPTC composition contest. This year's theme was "Why I Love PPTC." Entries can be found on the PPTC website so check them out.

''Bored of Directors''? No No, its PPTC's ''Board of Directors'' positions that are open for your consideration. There's a deadline for this but please don't submit your intent for one of the seven positions last minute as an April Fool's prank.

They were in the park training hard on Monday, March 2, probably for the rescheduled PPTC Cherry Tree the following Sunday: guys looking like they might be part of a Kenyan Team being chased by a group from PPYR not far behind. We'll certainly have to see who's who at the team awards presentations.

Hey, with Daylight Savings returning the early morning hours of Sunday, March 8th and spring knocking on our doors around March 21st, there's another ten sessions of coached running sessions with Tony Watson and Charlene Kohler-Britton also looming on our horizons. All sessions this go-around will be outdoors either in the park starting at Bartel-Pritchard or at the track at Red Hook, Tuesdays or Thursdays. Build speed, sharpen race pacing, or just wanting to get together with a great group to replace the air in your lungs, heads up for PPTC emails.

See you on the roads!!!!

Tom Byrnes