The Inside Loop: September 2013

Myrna, at center, with husband Frank and Joann Guralnick. Thanks to Ron Rice of the Shore Road Striders. We begin with sad news. Myrna McAneney, wife of Frank McAneney and dedicated supporter of PPTC, passed over Labor Day weekend. Myrna was awarded the President's Award in 1999 for her tireless work as clothing coordinator. She and husband Frank would tote a huge wheeled duffel bag filled with singlets, sweatshirts, and other PPTC "stuff" from their home in Marine Park to the club's monthly membership meeting at the former Circle's restaurant next to the Pavillion Theater on Bartel Pritchard where PPW and PPSW meet. Many will remember "Myrna's Boutique" at those meetings. I remember Frank's wishing she had sold out of club merchandise as he would have to pack it all back up and schlep whatever was left back to his car's trunk and then drive it back home. Myrna, rest in peace, you'll always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Jim Aneshansley

We also mourn the August 11 passing of Jim Aneshansley in Germantown, NY. Jim's bout with cancer was as grueling as any of the challenges he faced on our inside loop or in Central Park. Jim was a long time PPTC member in the early days of 70's, 80's and early 90's before he moved to CPTC in the late 90's and became part of the CPTC's World Record 4 x 800 Team for 60 to 69 year olds in 2002. PPTC's condolences and prayers go out to Jim's wife Julia, to Jim's CPTC teammates, and to his friends.

Thank you for bearing with us - now for some happier notes.

Congrats to Tom and Pat Meany on the birth of their first grandson, Nevin Carroll Buckley!!!!

Ian Grey is constantly extending his gratitude to PPTC and friends for the donations of running shoes and running clothing and supplies which he uses with the runners in his groups in Belize. He frequently mentions a marathon weekend there so who knows what the future holds in store for adventurous PPTCers. From Ian and his sister Golda here in Brooklyn, "don't dump 'em, donate 'em."

Thanks to past PPTC president Bobby Fisher for alerting us to the special membership deal at the Park Slope YMCAs on 9th Street and 15th Street in which the hefty joiner's fee has been waved for a limited time. If you're looking for a facility that will enhance your cross-training and provide for year-round access to running, classes, and wellness resources, contact either YMCA membership desk for the details. Don't sleep on this limited-time offer - on October 15, the opportunity is over.

According to David Epstein, Brooklyn resident and author of the Sports Gene, the oral history of northwest Jamaica tells us that the fiercest slaves were brought to this area first by the Spanish and eventually the British because the area is surrounded by cliffs and ocean making it difficult to escape. In 1655, when the British Navy came to Jamaica to wrest control of the island from the Spanish, bands of intrepid slaves took advantage of the chaos to flee into the mountainous highlands of northwest Jamaica which was called the cockpit country because of the configuration of the geography there. The slaves escaped, formed their own communities, and became known as "Maroons" from the Spanish word cimarron, which describes domesticated horses that flee into the wild.

For ten points, which PPTCer can trace his ancestry back to the Maroons? I know, he does too, but do you? Leave your guess in the comments.

If the area high school and college cross country teams are already in the park in the meadows and on the hills, can fall be far behind? Yeah yeah, September 22nd, I know, but in the meantime.....

See you on the roads !

Tom Byrnes