The Inside Loop – September 2015

You know it's September when you read on Facebook that Kristin Ulrich has a job teaching preschoolers art. Now we all know that somehow someway she'll get in some interval training for her pre-K charges but we'll have to wait and see how that looks when the paint has dried. It must be September if PPTC Coaches Tony and Charlene have started another ten-week round of workout sessions. Not indoors at the Park Slope Armory yet but count ten weeks ahead on your calendar and you'll see when that will kick in.

The Inside LoopThe Summer Speed 5K series ended last month so many thanks to all those who volunteered to make them happen. These races could not happen without PPTC's spirited and talented volunteers! And let's hope that former PPTC President Al Goldstein will grace the awards ceremonies at the Summer 5k's for many years to come.

Early September saw Mike Ring marking his official return to running by running. Unfettered by canes or chairs with wheels, or holding a tether with a guide but actually running, running unassisted, and on the inside loop where else! Not concerned about pace yet, it's all about the running, covering distances on the inside loop one drop of sweat at a time.

It must be September if PPTC's Nicole Nerangis and family are back from Greece. Although not having solved that country's financial crisis, she returned to resume her championing Achilles Brooklyn Thursday nights on the inside loop. Athletes and guides meet at JackRabbit at 6:00 p.m., store their stuff there if needed, and then make their way to the third street entrance of Prospect Park gathering at the triangle where the inside loop and the vehicle entrance intersect on the inside loop. After a brief introductory go around and then a warm-up, it's off to run or walk at whatever pace is comfortable. If you know an athlete, male or female, whom you feel would benefit from a guided workout, don't just tell them about Achilles Brooklyn, bring them and get them off to a great start. See you there!

You know it's September if somehow someway you learn that someone somewhere is counting down to the start of the NYC marathon. If you're running and not counting down the days and the number of workouts left until you're toeing the line on the Verrazano Bridge Plaza, be assured that there are those who are.

September also sees the start of Maggie Deschamps's youth running program. Contact Maggie for further details about when her groups meet and fees involved.

You know it's September if a number of PPTC are venturing east for the first annual Suffolk County Half and full Marathon. It'll be great to see Nick Guerrero back on the roads joining PPTC runners giving it his all in his 26.2 mile comeback. Fortunately Detective Nick did not have to work this September 13th which affords him the opportunity to get out on the roads and run some. PPTC will join many SCPD officers and brass out and along the course to witness Nick's comeback despite some very "interesting" times. Amen.

September, October, all the months of the years to come, lets keep the PPTC members who are fighting the good fight against a cancer in our thoughts and prayers.

This September marks the first anniversary of Bobby Fisher's untimely passing. Thankfully the tree dedicated to his memory is alive and still doing well in the park. Don't know exactly where it is? Ask around at a PPTC general meeting and find out just where in the vicinity of the Summer Speed 5k finish line it is. And remember, it's not just any tree but "Bobby's Tree Grows in Brooklyn."

See you on the roads.

Tom Byrnes