Voting is now open for the PPTC Board of Directors Election.

Below is the list of candidates and their statements of intention to run for the two open director positions.  Once you have reviewed the statements, you can vote online at The deadline for placing your vote is April 27th, 2012. You may only vote once per category if you have a single membership.  If you have a household membership you are allowed up to 2 votes for each category.  Your ballot will be confidential.  Thank you for participating in the process to select your club’s leadership. Results will be announced at the next general meeting being held on May 7, 2012.
Candidates for Director (in alphabetical order by last name)  
Irene Faye
Hey PPTCers! Thanks so much for considering me for a position on our team's board.  I am really eager to serve our community in a deeper way, and I hope I can count on your vote.
Like a lot of us, I joined PPTC to get the discount on Tony's speed sessions.  Since then, I've worked hard to offer my time and talents where ever I have seen a need.  I have taken on the design and editing of our newsletter, striving to share club news in a way that's exciting to current members and inviting to prospective ones.  I brought some levity and laughter to a monthly meeting with a stand-up comedian (who is eager to perform again!). Most recently, I identified a grant opportunity and wrote a proposal to try to secure funding for a new club website. Although we weren't selected this time around, it was a new experience for PPTC and a great way for us to come together around our goals for the new site.  
Although I'm not the fastest among us, my experience with community organizations allows me to support the club in other ways. I currently oversee all marketing, communications, and events for a (fantastic!) Brooklyn nonprofit, and I look forward to bringing these skills to PPTC.  
With the help of PPTC, running has become more important in my life than I have ever imagined.  I have met amazing and supportive people, become faster and tested my mettle at new distances. I am so grateful to the club for pushing my limits, and I can't wait to give back even more.
Jason Horowitz
My name is Jason Horowitz and I am running for a vacant position on the PPTC Board.  I have been a PPTC Board Member for just under a year and hope to help lead the club's continued growth and improvement. Two of the areas where I think there are opportunities to become an even better club are:

- to increase the amount of socializing among members  PPTC is a premier running and race organizing organization in Brooklyn, but we can do more to promote cohesiveness among members.  To that end, I made the initiative this past year to move our Monthly Membership meetings to the Park Slope Ale House.  Look for more opportunities to mix and bond with your fellow runners over the next few years.

- increase the service component of the club's activity. PPTC has a longstanding partnership with Bishop Ford High School and we also on occasion support other running-related organizations such as Prospect Park Youth Running.  A strengthened community service component of PPTC will not only benefit our group's reputation, but provide team building opportunities.

I have also been responsible for the PPTC Clothing program which I helped start less than two years ago. We are currently in the process of increasing the variety of items offered and working with the vendor to improve customer service.

I look forward to many more years of fitness, socializing and service opportunities with PPTC.

Lynda Mules
Thank you, Team, for considering me for one of the open Director positions. 
My first race ever (and my first visit to Prospect Park) was the Al Gordon 5k in February 2009.  I was hooked.  I signed up for more races and watched with delight as my times improved with each race, but always felt a bit disconnected from the singlet-wearing runners around me.  When I eventually moved to the better borough that summer, I joined PPTC with the goals of connecting more deeply with the New York running community, meeting new people and, perhaps, getting faster.  
Because I wanted a lot from my PPTC membership, I jumped right into club activities -- I joined Tony's speed workouts, helped Gil Torres with the weekly Beginner's Workshop, attended monthly meetings, and volunteered at the Turkey Trot and the Cherry Tree.  In 2011, I stepped into the role of Women's Team Leader, helped organize team participation in local races, and led our women to division victory in the NYRR club points series.  I also joined the Race Committee, the Clothing Committee, and the (unofficial?) Social Committee.
As a Director, I'll continue to do my part to make PPTC the best it can be so that the future of our club is as rich as its history -- that means ensuring that PPTC offers a strong level of competition, a supportive environment for all members, opportunities for people with various abilities to contribute, a positive impact in the community, and an enduring imprint on New York running.  
Michael Ring