Weekend Recap: June 15-16

For many PPTCers, Sunday was not only a day to celebrate our favorite Dads, but also a chance to kick out some fast races! Over in San Francisco, three club members participated in The San Francisco Marathon weekend. Thanks to our trusty Facebook page, these runners were able to keep a look out for each other and offer cheers out on the course. Congratulations to Glen Gregorio, who ran the 2nd Half Marathon (1:58:01), and Arnulfo Flores (3:31:30) and David Simandl (3:48:31) who both completed the full marathon!

Up in Central Park, PPTC had a successful morning at the Portugal Day 5M. 42 club members covered the course. The mens team placed 14th out of a competitive 37 open team competition, 15th in the 40+ division, 12th in 50+, and 5th in 60+. Our top four men (Michael Olzinski, Sean Micka, Rusty Singletary, and Matt Knecht) all ran sub 31 minutes! The women were no slouch either, with Anna Tattan placing 6th woman overall (32:49), and Lynda Mules placing 2nd in her age group (34:32).

Congrats to everyone who raced-- please comment and let us know how it went for you!

Karen Ziga