What's in the bag?

Late Sunday morning Tyrone Sklaren was striding downhill in the park headed for the Park Circle exit. Wearing a water belt,and with his pace on automatic pilot,he was on the home stretch of a 20 miler that took him on Ocean Pkwy to Coney Island, and then to Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, back to the park and home. Ostensibly braving the cold and sobering wind in preparation for the upcoming Boston Marathon, his true motivation was the cinnamon rolls he carried in a plastic bag tucked under his arm. He had been fantisizing about these treats, and the semolina bread from the Union St. market for hours. And now he was so close... Tyrone is one of PPTC's best kept secrets in spite of running a marathon PR of 3:43in Philly last year at AGE 60!!! He also placed in the top 10 in his age group in every half he ran. 2007 marked his second straight nomination for the Bob Muller Award. The plus side to his low profile is that he doesn't have to share those rolls.

Meaghan Horner