2018 Cherry Tree 10-Miler & Relay Race Recap

Race: Cherry Tree 10-Miler & Relay When:  February 18, 2018

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

We don't call this the Race for the Hardcore for nothing! We never know what the weather might be for the weekend before Presidents Day. In 2016, it was the coldest weekend of the year and in 2017, the weather was positively balmy. What would 2018 bring? We thought we were in the clear when a last-minute winter storm blew in the night before. Fortunately for the runners, it was simply a light fall of snow and the course was cleaned up in time for the race. We were on!

Here are some of the standout PPTC performances for the Cherry Tree 10-Miler & Relay.

Top 3 Male Finishers

  1. Spencer Gallop (1:01:42)
  2. Keith Williams (1:06:02)
  3. Robert Dimock (1:06:24)

Top 3 Female Finishers

  1. Katherine Poor (1:14:02)
  2. Aungwara Barteaux (1:14:03)
  3. Holly Chase (1:14:10)

The Snobbyjoggers (Jana Trenk, Noah Devereaux, & Shan Haq) came in 2nd for the coed relay division (59:32). Team Born to Run #1 (sorry, I don't have your names, please identify yourselves!) came in 1st for the masters relay division (1:09:48).


  • Hannah McCormick came in 3rd (20-29) at 1:15:30.
  • Pam Ritchie came in 3rd (50-59) at 1:19:30 (this was also a PR!)
  • Claire Dougherty came in 2nd (60-69) at 1:39:05.
  • Charlene Kohler-Britton came in 3rd (60-69) at 1:45:53.


  • Suriah Fattah (1:31:04 - over 9-min PR - thanks to Coach Tony & Coach Charlene)
  • John McElroy (1:00:17)
  • Eliza Varner (1:20:46)

If you missed Larry Sillen's photos of the event, don't worry, you can get to them right here.

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