2019 PPTC Board Elections

It’s almost time to vote for your team’s leadership! Please read the below statements of intent carefully and consider who you want to represent YOU! In a few days, you will receive a link to the email address you registered with to vote for your 2019 Board of Directors.



I am running for 6th term for this position. I’m very proud of who we are presently.

Our leadership team for a number of years has been focused on improving the quality of each member’s membership and not on the quantity of members. Our leadership team has accomplished a lot since the last election. I’d like to list a few of them:

  • Membership has gone from 750 to 1,000.

  • There is a very successful volunteer recognition program that helped us with all our races and now every event when volunteers are needed we have resources. We also have a template for most events.

  • There is a quarterly new members run, which has a great following of new and old members.

  • There is a tech, public relations, grants and social committee!

  • Our Grants Committee awards around $2,500. Grants semiannually to qualifying non-profit groups, mostly young running teams.

  • There is a clothing committee that outdoes itself in terms of outfitting the membership in our colors and now has achieved the goal of online ordering.

  • Marathon activities have expanded from servicing 50 members post race to 250+.

  • There is a social committee that does donut runs, Friday night fireworks run, Pub, Dyker Heights lights run and throws a great picnic after the Brooklyn half and much more. It also has its hand in Harry’s, the Picnic, etc.

  • There are men’s and women’s team captains coordinating the Club’s racing participation. These are our Team Captains.

  • This year we have already started planning of our 50th anniversary with 12 months of celebratory activities.

  • The Al Goldstein Speed Series has grown from an average of 150 runners to close to 300+ . The races are no longer gun timed, but now fully chip timed. We have also instituted a Club memorial remembrance run before the first race of the series each year, where we read a list of all past members

No one person does all these things; it’s the result of a great leadership team, which goes beyond our hard working Board and Officers.

Believe it or not 49 years ago our Club started out as a very competitive, elite group. Membership was by invitation only. We have evolved to a club now known for its inclusiveness, welcoming spirit, camaraderie, and appealing to every level of runner. I also see our members more and more involved in Club volunteering and loving it!

These are the values that I will continue to work to support. I humbly request your vote for the honor of continuing to serve as your President.

Tom Meany



Doug Olney

I am pleased to submit my name as a candidate for another term as PPTC Treasurer.

I know I’ve been handling the Club’s expenses for a long time, so I thought I should check back exactly when I started.  And the answer is: 1996! I can’t quite believe it myself.

The ongoing responsibility for our finances can be a challenge at times, especially as our membership base continues to grow along with the number and variety of member activities.   Both our annual income and expenses have increased ten-fold over the past twenty years. On the other hand, some things have gotten easier – the volume of checks, cash and paper we have to handle is way down.  And thanks to the dedicated efforts of our member volunteers, now more often than not I can be a participant at our events without having to conduct Club business. Regardless of the commitment, I don’t view the Treasurer’s job as a chore. It’s just one way I can give something back to all of you.

It is a great privilege to be a member of PPTC.  We are an amazing group of people. Representing you as a club officer is a task that I am happy to continue to fulfill - with your approval, of course.  Thank you.

Michael Ring

Vice President:


I would like to continue to serve the Prospect Park track club as vice president. I feel it is the least I can do to pay back a running club that for years supported me as a mediocre runner and then help me get through a terrible illness.



PPTC Leadership,

I would have given up on NYC long ago if not for support and camaraderie of PPTC. My involvement with the club has steadily increased since moving to the city and joining in 2015. Online lurking became group runs, which became racing, cheering, training, volunteering, overnight trips, and planning social committee events. Holding a Board position is a natural extension of this list.

Please consider my statement of intent for the position of Secretary. I would like to continue giving back to PPTC, ensuring that other members have as positive an experience as I have had. To me that means facilitating the balance PPTC achieves between fun and intensity, with a frame of inclusivity for all types of runners and interests. It is also important to me that the club leadership reflects this member diversity.

Though I could never completely fill Jennie Matz' shoes, I am confident in my ability to serve as PPTC Secretary. I promise to always take meticulous minutes.

Thank you,



Board of Directors:

Jana Trenk.jpg


Hi team,

I’m running for re-election to the Prospect Park Board of Directors. Please vote for me! Here is some information about the work that I do:

My work with Social Committee:

For the past two years, I’ve served as a liaison between the Social Committee and the Board.  

  • I recruited many of our current Social Committee members and have worked closely with chair Crystal Cun to restructure the committee’s organizational format.

  • I have focused on improving event promotion-ensuring that we have timely invites for each social event and that descriptions are written in ways that are clear and concise for members to read. In 2018, we had 20 active Social Committee members who planned and executed over 44 social events!

Building PPTC community:

I am always interested in starting programs that help our members connect with each other and feel a greater sense of community.  Here are two that I’ve started:

  • I am the creator and admin of Early Morning Runners-the PPTC messenger chat group where members can plan logistics for meeting teammates for morning runs.  This has been successful in helping to match members with teammates interested in running the same pace as them in the morning. Early Morning Runners group has helped members to feel more safe in the park at early hours as well as to stay motivated in their training.

  • I have organized monthly Wednesday night Pub Runs at the Double Windsor.  This continues to be a great way for members of all paces to meet up and socialize.

My leadership style:

As a Director, I believe in member driven initiatives.  I can often be found encouraging teammates to take the lead on their ideas, while assisting with my guidance and support in making those ideas workable.  I’ve assisted on the Clothing Committee—helping to get our new logo approved by the Board and with the Tracksmith singlet order and distribution. I’ve worked on many other projects as well-helping with initial research for our Club Records page and providing ideas for the content on the PPTC website redesign. I’m currently helping out with a project involving the PPTC Blog.  

Do you have a suggestion that could improve our club? Find me at a club event or group run and let’s talk about how to make it happen! (You can always contact me via email, facebook messenger or slack as well).

If I am re-elected to the Board, I will continue to help create and implement programs that support the needs of our runners, connect people and make us the best community we can be.  ~Vote for Jana for re-election!~


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I am writing to express my interest in running for one of the open Board of Directors positions. Quite frankly, this club has made Brooklyn a home for me in a way that no other city has ever been. I want to continue to be as useful as possible to the membership as a way of saying thanks for being such a big positive part of my life.

In my current role as one of the team captains I try to motivate and support the team's running, and relish my made-up position of Director of Cowbell Operations. There are few things that bring me as much joy as seeing a teammate hit a PR or complete a tough race, all while banging away on my cowbell like a madman.

I am also excited about the prospect of learning more about the inner workings of our club and how I can better facilitate some of the activities that go towards our club being such a stalwart of our running community. I have volunteered many times, and chip in where I can, but I know that there is a lot that is done unseen by our board, especially in the planning and execution of our races, and I can't wait to absorb the collective wisdom of the other board members and officers.

Lastly, this will not be my first endeavor into this type of role. I have previously served a two year term on the Board of Directors of a non-profit dedicated to helping people recently released from corrections facilities and institutions re-integrate into society. I recently transitioned out of that role after my term expired, and am looking forward to doing more service in that capacity in my community.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my statement, and look forward to serving the club in whatever way I can be of most use, whatever that ends up being.


Chris Fischer

Esteemed PPTC Elections team et al -

I’m writing to “throw my hat into the ring” during our upcoming election extravaganza.

I’ve run before and depending on the heroism and prestige of our other candidates, I am prepared to run again should I not emerge victorious....

I’m prepared mentally and at least for now physically to outlast every “nay” vote until I am given the opportunity and privilege to serve for our great, wild and weird club of adult race/run/jog/walk enthusiasts.

I’m committed to this because our members are great.  They / You have great ideas and passions for this thing of ours (thanks Tom).  The perspectives are vast and varied and all deserve consideration.

Why me?  I’ve got a lot of energy and team spirit, extensive enthusiasm and unmeasurable excitement for helping others (and me in the process) have a great time.

If elected - I plan to learn about our members more deeply and use whatever skills and wits I have to better our club and represent our fine folks.  I’m naturally curious, open to all ideas, and darned patient. Governance requires curiosity, empathy, intelligence, and the desire to get things done. I’ve got at least 3 of 4 and that ain’t bad.


Chris “most inspirational nominee” Fischer

Colleen Lynch