9th Annual Turkey Trot

Yes this will be our 9th Annual Turkey Trot five mile race. In the past 3 years we have grown from 1,300 to 2,000 participants last year. This year we are capping the race at 2,500. There are several reasons for doing this.
One, the old adage the more runners will cover any additional costs incurred. Not true. In fact there is a point of diminishing returns in the expanding costs of supplying all the goods and services to put on a quality race.
Our goal is to have experienced runners put on a quality race for runners to enjoy. Quality, not quantity is our focus. We see the option of increasing sponsorship participation as a growth direction for the event.
Jack Rabbit Sports continues to be our most generous sponsor for the race, although we have and welcome other sponsors. We want to also acknowledge New York Methodist Hospital for their loyal sponsorship that has helped make this race possible. Bishop Ford Boys & Girls Track Team continues to be our partner. Their share of the proceeds continues to go directly to support their track team exclusively.
Additionally, Bishop Ford has decided to make the race a sort of homecoming community service event for track & field alumni, who serve as adult volunteers the day of the race. Their numbers continue to grow each year. Another pleasing sight is that some of those alumni are becoming PPTC Club members. One of our original goals in partnering with BF was to build a bridge between adult and young runners.
The race has become a growing Thanksgiving Day family tradition for many participants. For many of our participants this may be only race for them all year. It is also a great opportunity for PPTC members to volunteer, particularly, in light of our new volunteer rewards program where you can earn credit towards Club clothing, dues or race registration fees.
We are in the Park around 6:30 A.M. and out of the Park before 11. I get directly on the road to meet with my family in Dutchess County, usually beat the traffic, and I’m there for the 1 P.M. kick off. Either way I expect to see you all out there, there is no excuse to not be out there if you’re in or around town that day.
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