APRIL 2010



Thanks to Bobby Fisher and Coralie Dartiques for catching mention of PPTC in a recent Runners World magazine article. The few lines on Harry's Handicap on page 99 were part of a piece called 'Sweat Equity'. As Coralie Dartiques says, “Yay PPTC!!” Hey, let’s have a French pastry to that!

The mid March weekend storm certainly did lots of high wind damage to many of the older trees in Prospect Park. Instead of rocking and rolling in the reported 70 mph winds, many of these older taller trees just belly flopped down. An overwhelmed Park’s Department’s call for help saw several PPTCers stepping in, among them Geoff Vincent and Patty Perlo.

Let’s keep PPTC’s long time friend and Broadway Ultra’s President for Life Richie Innamorato in our thoughts and prayers with his mom’s passing mid-March. The death of a loved one is always a sad loss and hopefully Richie and family will find solace in the memories of mom’s 97 years.

Looks like PPTC’s Susan Kegg Eastman’s working as well as living on the Navajo res out in Nevada. She still runs some, mostly after her cute two year old son Gabriel, works some, and misses Brooklyn pizza a whole lot!

Any interest in Birkam yoga? Maria Green usually knows the when’s and the whereas of these interesting sessions that certainly will keep you flexible and limber.

PPTC was not only on the roads but behind the scenes as well at March’s New York Half. Race results for those who ran are posted on PPTC’s website but behind the scenes volunteering with USADA and Doping Control were PPTC’s Lynette Gonis,Maria Green, Natasha Ferrari, and Tom Byrnes .Thanks also to Sandy Ferrari and Lynda Mules who offered to volunteer if and when there were last minute volunteer spots.

Great job that Geoff Vincent is doing coordinating upcoming races on PPTC’s calendar of upcoming events on the website. You really can’t say that you don’t know where to race given all the hard work Geoff is doing on this. Check it out and see what I mean!

Catching the Brooklyn Irish Day Parade on Sunday March 21st brought back memories of PPTC’s group run in the park and then settling in to a Sunday brunch at Circle’s restaurant before getting out watching the parade from PPW and 15th street. Hey, used to be a great chance to sit down and break bread. Flying pieces of French toast, dropped pieces of ketchupped fries, member’s kids not wanting to sit still, food orders getting mixed up.Fun? Yes, it actually was!

PPTC’s presence at the Scotland Run on Saturday April 3rd certainly wasn’t any left over April’s Fool joke. Some 27 odd runners! No, no, not that the runners were odd, that’s just an expression, you see…………….hey, .see you on the roads!