Better Late than Never...

With my apologies to all the 2007 award winners, I offer this as an example of not seeing the forest for the trees. Having been immersed in the awards selection as committee chairman, and after writing a newsletter article covering the festivities on Jan.25th, I completely forgot to make mention of it on our website. Albeit 2 weeks late, here's a quick summary of all our 2007 award winners who made it a such a memorable year.

New member-Helen Dole
Most Improved-Danielle Hansen
Bob Muller Award-Arthur Gonzalez
Outstanding Single Contribution- Krishna Kumbhar, Ralph Yozzo
Comeback Runner- Tom Byrnes
Ultra- Al Prawda
Most Races(M/F)- Paul Soskind/Gilant Phillips
Most Miles (M/F)- Andrew Davenport, Tom Tobin (tied)/Sandra Ferrari
Top Runner (M/F)- Anthony Watson/Emily Sanderson
President’s Award- Veronica Antoine
Anne Perzeszty Elite Volunteer Corps- (5 or more volunteer assignments)
Antoine, Veronica
Bezuidenhout, Rosemary
Boutross, Christine
Bucich, Marilyn
Byrnes, Tom
Clark, Roland
Deliz, Evelyn
Duquette, Amy
Ferrari, Sandra
Figueroa, Luis
Goldstein, Al
Hammerman, Craig
Kohler-Britton, Charlene
Kumbhar, Krishna
Meany, Tom
Meany, Pat
Mooney, Kathy
O'Brien, Doug
Olney, Doug
Perzeszty, Anne
Phillips, Gilant
Rieman, Michael
Rieman, Lila
Ring, Michael
Skillman, Brad
Soskind, Paul
Tomasi, Peter
Tomasi, Susan
Torres, Gil
Watson, Tony
Weaver, Rich
Yozzo, Ralph
Zavala, Julio
Meaghan Horner