Point races

Here are the NYRR Club Point Races for 2008:

February 23 Al Gordon Snowflake 4M M/W
March 9 NY Colon Cancer 15K M/W
April 13 Run as One TGL Classic 4M M/W
April 26 Brooklyn Half Marathon M/W
May 17 Healthy Kidney 10K M/W
June 7 New York Mini 10K W
June 15 WABC...vs Prostate Cancer 5M M
July 19 CPC Run for Central Park M/W
August 16 Club Team Championships M/W Double Points
September 6 Fitness Mag M..,B..,S..Games 4M M/W
October 4 ...Grete’s Great Gallop Half M/W
November 2 NYC Marathon M/W
December ?? Joe Kleinerman 10K M/W

Do you know that at least 4 runners being considered for Runner of the Year in their age groups can be seen training and racing in Prospect Park? Justin Canna, Felipe Vergara, Jose Santiago and Debbie Barchat all made the list. We wish them the best.

Meaghan Horner