Carbo loading redefined

Thursday night, Amy Duquette spearheaded a PPTC carbo loading foray at the Dram Shop in the Slope. The age group spectrum was well represented and there were no DNFs.
Highlights and news of the evening:
--Krishna and Cristin got married in an intimate ceremony in Massachussetts 2 months ago.
--6-week-old Oliver Strobel used a fake ID, and showed up w/ mom Sonia to say hi to the buds.
--Gilant Phillips was shocked to learn that Gil Torres doesn't dye his hair.
--Cristin beat Amy in an arm-wrestle, sending a subliminal message to Krishna. Amy then beat Cristin left handed (with Krishna taking note of the weak side).
--Geoff elicited male admiration for being on a night out while wife Bunny stayed home w/ 4-year-old Michael.
--Gil and Irene's son, Keith, made a rare appearance to hoist a few w/ the club.
--Carolyn joined us solo, while David ostensibly stayed home waiting for a phone call from her sister (this is the layman's version of having to tie your shoelace).
--Sandy joined us after her "roller" class, and fortunately didn't have to be "rolled" home at the end of the night.
--A couple of beers and good company make for a good time out.